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Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu 41892.5
on 24 Nov 2021 @ 8:25pm
“That… That evolutionsbremse! D-dünnbrettbohrer! The front page?! For a a-symbiotic power cell?!” K’Rosu stomps around his bedroom fuming. A PADD rests face down on the… View Log
Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu
on 01 Aug 2021 @ 9:02am
“S-start log please…” “I...D-don’t really know the stardate, I’ve been up too long…” He sighs, and shuffles to his bed, falling chestfirst into it, with… View Log
Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu, 41567.8
on 26 Jul 2021 @ 9:35pm
“S-start log now, please...N-need to get this recorded b-before I forget…” “S-so, high energy, l-like high velocity, particles do n-not transfer all of their energy… View Log
Personal Log, 41549.2
on 20 Jul 2021 @ 11:51am
"S-start log please..." "S-so, we just got b-back from this frozen planet, that used t-to support life. Th-the weather wasn't th-that bad, sort of refreshing?… View Log
Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu, 41481.1
on 25 Jun 2021 @ 4:54pm
“Computer begin log…” “It’s b-been… Interesting, th-these last few days. I’m at 61% already… I-I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. If it… View Log
Notes For Morning Presentation
on 11 Jun 2021 @ 10:02pm
Top Few Ideas for Presentation: Torpedo Focussing Lattice: Similar to design used on the Mystic’s Micro Torpedoes, the defining difference in this project is increase… View Log
Personal Letters Log, Ensign K'Rosu: Stardate 41423.1
on 03 Jun 2021 @ 10:23pm
“Personal log, stardate 41422.8…“ “Busy day… First I was in charge of the deflector calibration, first thing in the morning. After that, Iwas back on… View Log
Personal Letters Log, Ensign K'Rosu, Incoming
on 23 May 2021 @ 9:53pm
My dear child, I’m happy to hear you’re settling in well. I know just how busy it can get on a starship, and how hectic… View Log
Personal Letters Log, Ensign K'Rosu
on 21 May 2021 @ 7:38pm
Dear Mom, Things have been pretty crazy on the Boston, I’m not sure how much I should say, for security’s sake, but I’ve already been… View Log