Personal Log, 41549.2

Posted on 20 Jul 2021 @ 11:51am by Ensign K'Rosu

"S-start log please..."

"S-so, we just got b-back from this frozen planet, that used t-to support life. Th-the weather wasn't th-that bad, sort of refreshing? R-reminds me of the winter m-my dad and I spent hunting in Siberia. I um, I'm n-not sure how much I should say here, I'm t-trying to get better about information s-security, but the p-people there sort of froze th-the planet, when trying t-to just cool it a bit..."

K'Rosu sighs, setting down one of the many PADDs strewn about his room.

"I d-don't think the other people liked it m-much down there. I g-guess the lack of f-fur can really be hard on th-them, honestly how d-did they survive so long without it? Oh, um, n-now I'm going to l-limit how much raktajino I g-give to vulcans t-too, they seem s-sort of... Sensitive t-to it. N-not as bad as last time, b-but still. Of course, it w-was her, s-so I d-don't feel too bad about it. P-projects are proceeding, I s-suppose as normally as they have b-been in the past, though b-being off the ship for a couple d-days made it hard t-to work on them."

K'Rosu stands, pacing around his room.

"All th-this piraktan stuff is...C-complicated. W-we have a couple on the ship, I d-don't think people like one of th-them much, I've n-never really talked to him though. Everyone s-seems pretty high strung, th-though I'm n-not really one to talk... I'm at 85% n-now... S-starting to get headaches, s-so I guess it's s-spreading more t-towards my brain now. S-still getting occasional spasms, th-they hurt, but the pills help. I W-wonder if it'll be permanent, sick b-bay said because of the speed of the ch-change it was doing s-some damage..."

K'Rosu sits back down, and picks up something fluffy from his bed, laying down with it under his arm.

"I g-guess that's it for now. S-so um...W-well end log, please...Th-thank you computer..."



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