Ensign K'Rosu

Name K'Rosu

Position Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

Rank Ensign


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24 Nov 2021 @ 8:25pm

Character Information

Full Name K'Rosu
Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 21
Date of Birth 2/1/2342

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1'
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Skintone Black (Fur)
Build Fit but thin
Features Long tail, pointed ears, striped fur pattern over one eye.
Physical Description K'Rosu is tall, thin, but physically fit. His tail nearly reaches the ground, but it is usually wrapped around one leg. His claws are kept well groomed, and his hair is merely longer fur that stands straight up, styled slightly.

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Kid, Kitty, Streuner von München
Homeworld Earth
Residence(s) Munich, Germany, Earth
Father K'Taru
Mother M'Kali
Other Family V'Lana - Grandmother
Languages Known Caitian, German, English


Primary and Secondary Education Homeschooled
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Weapons System Engineering and Design
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training First Aid, Hoverboard construction/operation

Personality & Traits

General Overview Usually fearful and nervous, but deeply focused when dealing with a specific task. Generally shy, tries to make friends through his cooking or surfing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent, creative, occasionally daring
Shy, easily panicked, can be overwhelmed by stress
Ambitions Design and build weapons to defend the Federation from all threats
Hobbies & Interests Surfing, playing guitar, cooking music, learning new weapons technologies.l

Personal History K'Rosu was born to his Catian mother and Ferasan father in 2342 on the U.S.S. Kyushu. His mother, a Starfleet doctor, raised him with the assistance of K'Rosu's father until K'Rosu could move to Earth with his father, who opened a restaurant there. He spent most of his childhood moving between Earth and the Kyushu to spent time with both parents, who were not divorced, but both agreed to follow their individual goals, and meet up whenever possible. K'Rosu learned to begin tinkering with equipment as a child, between homeschooled lessons, guitar practice, and surfing. At the age of 17, he applied to Starfleet Academy, and was accepted.
He joined the Academy surfing team and won them first place in his third year. He took his Cadet Cruise on the U.S.S. Kyushu, and was soon after graduation assigned to the U.S.S. Boston
Service Record Cadet Cruise: U.S.S. Kyushu
First Posting: U.S.S. Boston