"A ship in harbor is safe; but that is not what ships are built for"

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» RP Recap - 8/8/2020

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:33pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

After locating a massive shipment of illicit bio-mimetic gel in a warehouse in the Kohol District of Maltabra City on Farius Prime, the covert away team returned to U.S.S. Boston via the gunship shuttlecraft ‘Rocinante’. However, a corrupt official with the Farian Port Authority tipped off a band of Orion…

» Captain's Log, Stardate 40931.4

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:32pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

--|| Captain’s Log, Stardate 40931.4 ||--

After some close calls on Farius Prime, with the away team narrowly avoiding detection by rogue Federation scientists, and then by the Farian Port Authority, I think it is prudent for us to lay low for some time before attempting further covert operations in…

» U.S.S. Boston RP Recap - 5/24/2020

Mission: The Gray Twilight
Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 6:39pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

Following the abortive mission to investigate Lieutenant Commander Tina Santori’s apartment in the Piraktan capital city of Piret, Captain Philip Demarcus was left with a rapidly deteriorating crisis to resolve. While the away team had been successful in gleaning pertinent information as to the rogue Starfleet officer’s whereabouts, Piraktan Internal…

» Captain's Log, Stardate 40789.9

Mission: The Gray Twilight
Posted on 24 May 2020 @ 10:39am by Captain Philip Demarcus

Events are starting to spin out of control. Rapidly. During yesterday’s away team operation, Commander Jaya Raj was abducted by what I can only now assume are Piraktan Internal Security forces loyal to elements within the Directorate other than Director Bentrel. Who or what those entities are still remains a…

Latest Personal Logs

» Afterimage

Posted on 16 Jun 2022 @ 9:52pm by Grenkat

Grenkat marched into his quarters, scowling and his head throbbing. As soon as he made it inside, he finally felt his vision turn red and he grabbed the closest thing to him–a plant encased in a vase–and threw it hard against the opposing wall. The glass shattered on impact with…

» Personal Log, Stardate 41939.8

Posted on 09 Dec 2021 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG James Fox

As Tyler finished a water he had gotten from the replicator after arriving in his quarters, he spoke, "Computer, begin log."

After a pause, he continued, "Adjusting to life back on the Boston is much easier than I thought it would be. I've settled right back in to my routine.…

» Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu 41892.5

Posted on 24 Nov 2021 @ 8:25pm by Ensign K'Rosu

“That… That evolutionsbremse! D-dünnbrettbohrer! The front page?! For a a-symbiotic power cell?!”

K’Rosu stomps around his bedroom fuming. A PADD rests face down on the floor, having remained there since K’Rosu tossed it against his chair.

“Meritorious s-service! A breakthrough in m-mobile weapons endurance! Blödsinn! Months! He’s had m-months in…

» Personal Log, Stardate 41892.8

Posted on 24 Nov 2021 @ 5:54pm by Lieutenant T'Char Le'el

November 22, 2364, Time: 18:21:18
Stardate 41892.8

“Sochya, Skaren. Nam-tor Satesh.”

The Vulcan sits at her desk staring at the screen with a dim expression, uncertain how to respond. Her leg starts to bounce almost as quickly as her shoulders hunch in tension, conveying her status as distinctly uncomfortable.


» Personal Log Stardate 41863.04

Posted on 12 Nov 2021 @ 1:05am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

"You know, there's two things in this Milky Way of ours that scares me the most. That's loosing everyone I care about, and the idea of me becoming a father. The ladder has just recently come true..."

The tall helmsman sighed heavily, his hands clasped behind his back as he…