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"In some places they ask, who were his parents? In others they ask, how much is he worth? In Boston they ask, how much does he know?"
~ Samuel Clemens

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» USS Boston RP Log 19

Posted on 06 Mar 2018 @ 12:30am by Ensign Tahna Mira in Out of Character

(Original Log Date: August 13, 2016)
[Fleet] Stardate 39223.9 - 03/23/2361 - U.S.S. Boston - Ship Status: Yellow Alert, In geosynchronous orbit of Rura Penthe in preparation for surface ops - Uniform of the Day, Utility Uniform
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: *Turns, having overheard portions of the briefing* Amped up the power? I wouldn't recommend doing that with the runabout's power source!
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "We won't be using more than 3% power already, sir."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "The scanner's feed has been heavily attenuated."
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: You know... *Interrupting as only a Bolian could* it occurs to me... *tapping his chin, stepping into the center of the workspace* That if you connected the bio-scanner to a Klingon power source, you could draw as much power as you'd need without any risk of detection. *Tapping his chin further, arms folded across his chest* Assuming they don't see you.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "If it were the power itself they were detecting, I'd agree. However, with the increased power, we would be increasing the active scan potential. I would be concerned of them picking up the scan itself."
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: This is... *flutters his hands about* That Klingon bio-scanner that you were working on in here the other day? That we're talking about?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods* "They rarely scan themselves so heavily, sir."
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: So find one of the already installed bio-scanners on the surface, remove it from the mount, and plug your modified one in its place. *Tapping his chin confidently at this* Klingon computers don't even register power fluctuations that last fewer than twenty seconds.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *raises her eyebrow, and turns to Zyris* "How many days will we have on the surface?"
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Hours, Ensign.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles at Mira as she walks up next to him*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *shrugs* "Hooking up a fresh scanner would have us starting over. We would be costing days, when we have hours, to save minutes."
[24thRP] Karlos@Phelpsteruk: *receives orders via his comm* If you'll excuse me. My shift is about to begin.
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: Nonono, Ensign. *Waving his arms about* Don't hook up a fresh scanner. Pry theirs out, and plug your modified one in on the same mounting socket.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins, listening to the proceedings*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles, beginning to like the idea* "I think I see where this is going, but I would require a better understanding of the influence the mounting system has over the scanner and how it will hide the pulse wave modulation generated by the Starfleet interface."
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: It wouldn't require need to hide the pulse wave modulation. It's Klingon technology. Our systems are compatible with theirs. Once it's plugged into their sensor network, it will look like any ole bio-scanner constructed on Qo'noS.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods, beginning to understand the idea*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *appears confused for a moment, turns to the console behind her, and pulls up a graphic* "Well...close. Let's hope they aren't paying too much attention." *pointing to several nearly imperceptible anomalies between the images*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods at Lyras* While we can't be certain, it's highly unlikely they will notice. Being posted to Rura Penthe as a guard is only marginally preferable to being incarcerated there.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: I doubt any Bio-sensor Specialists are included in the watch detail.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods in return, her smile returning* "I see your point, sir."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: How quickly do you expect extracting the Klingon scanner, and re-mounting the modified one will take to accomplish?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "It will cost a few additional minutes. However, we'll have a far greater resolution of scan, and there is a chance I can give you positions on Klingon personnel, but I don't wish to set any false expectations."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: If that can be accomplished, it would render our mission progress much easier, but I will not count on it. Once it is mounted, how long do you expect it to take to locate Doctor Tepin?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Once is is mounted...ten, fifteen seconds?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Barring anything we cannot prepare for?"
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: And afterwards, how long do you estimate it will take to disable the transporter inhibitor systems?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Sounds about right.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "We'd need to find the computer controlling them first, ma'am."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Presumably, in their primary control center.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Presumably.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smirks*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Very well... then, after you have made the connection with the bio-scanner, you shall join Alpha Team. By the time you make it to our position, we will have secured the control center.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, Lieutenant." *Nodding at her*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Sounds like a simple "plug-and-play" op. Let's hope it actually plays out that way.
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: Oh, trust me, it shouldn't give you any trouble. *Flails about as he returns to his work console*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods at the Bajoran* Ensign Tahna, I believe you have some experience with transporter systems?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Yes, ma'am.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Good. Then, once we've disabled the transporter inhibitors, Alpha Team will return to the runabout, and attempt to beam out Beta Team. *Nodding over at the other Andorian*
[24thRP] Tharin@CaptainJamesArcher: *nods at the Lieutenant*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Questions?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Klingon systems don't look to be too complicated. Shouldn't take more than a few adjustments to knock the inhibitors out.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Excellent. If nothing further...
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *raises her hand a bit more meekly than usual* "To join Alpha team, will I need anything?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *gestures to her hips, where a phaser, tricorder, etc.. would normally clip*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Antennae twitch slightly in the direction of Lyras* You have your Cold Environment Suit prepped and calibrated for Rura Penthe, Ensign?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *shakes her head* "I was previously informed I was to remain aboard the runabout. I prepared as such."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Although there's time enough that I can prepare anything."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Then, I suggest you do that as soon as possible. *To all assembled* Mission will commence tomorrow at 1030 hours. You have until then to make final preparations.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods*
[24thRP] Tharin@CaptainJamesArcher: *nods as well*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, Lieutenant." *Nodding affirmatively*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Be sure to check out a phaser from the armory before reporting to the Main Shuttlebay.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Turning to the First Officer, in case he had anything to add* Commander?
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *nods to the Lieutenant* "It would appear that you have this well in hand, Lieutenant."
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *glances over to see how Rezzix is getting on with their previous analysis*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods at him* Thank you, Commander. *Turns to the rest* If nothing else... dismissed.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods, and considers for a moment, talking/whispering to herself almost silently* "Boots, suit, gloves, thermals, and phaser." *repeats this to herself a few times, committing it to memory*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles at Lyras as she memorizes where stuff goes*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Nods to the Lieutenant* "I'll be ready at 1030 hours, Lieutenant. You can count on me."
[24thRP] Tharin@CaptainJamesArcher: *gently nods at everyone as he slowly steps back and turns around as he goes back to work on the ship*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods in agreement*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Turns, heading out of Engineering, tapping away at a PADD*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *walks over to Rezzix* When you get a minute, we should talk, sir.
24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: *Looking down at the petite Bajoran that has appeared at his side* Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: It concerns a shoving incident here last night. Has the shift supervisor talked to you about it?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I don't want to step on her toes, if she hasn't, nor do I want to interrupt your analysis.
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: Shoving? Oh, don't be too serious, Tahna.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I agree, sir, it's normally not, but this one involved our liaison shoving one of our cadets halfway across Engineering.
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: Our "liaison," Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Lady Lakara, sir.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: ((test test))
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: (( Pass! ))
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: .>]pass![<
[24thRP] Rezzix Dlett@gabycee#6848: Oh, the Klingon? You may want to talk to him about that, Ensign. *Jerks his head to the side, indicating the First Officer, and returns to running isolinear system scans*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: ((bridge invite?))
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *breaks his attention from the console, and adjusts his gaze to Mira*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Hello"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taps at the replicator console, about to order, and turns* "Oh, hello!" *she smiles warmly* "We have not yet met, have we?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods and turns to the First Officer* Probably be easier to show you, sir. We have a recording.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "No ma'am. My name is Daish Qiranin, and I just transferred here. You may call me Daish, if you wish."
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *nods* "I should like to see this recording."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Aye, sir. Over here.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *steps forward, offering her hand for a customary shake* "Ensign Lyras, Computer systems specialist." *her smile beams* "Pleasure to meet you, Daish."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *transfers her login to the nearby console and instructs the computer* Computer, begin playback: Stardate Three Nine Two One Nine point Two, time index Zero Two Seven Six.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: ((let's try that again shall we?))
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *shakes her hand gently* I am running Conn, so I guess I'll get you where you need to go." *smiles*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *chuckles* "Wonderful! I'd hate to end up in the wrong sector."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Well, I am somewhat of a prankster..." *winks*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *watches as the computer displays footage from the indicated time, showing Lyras, Lakara, Carmen, Nathaniel, and herself. Lyras excuses herself, just before Lakara speaks*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggle* "Well, if you can pull off a piloting prank, with an entire starship, without getting into too much trouble, you'd have my envy."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: "*Snorts* On Klingon ships... *Puts a hand on Carmen's back, shoving her towards the bio-scanner* A Bekk is chosen to be a lab targ."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Challenge accepted. No, there's no way I could pull that off."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *breaks into jovial laughter* "I can't say I'm as much a prankster, as I keep the ships computers online, but...you never know." *winks*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *watches as Carmen lurches forward* "Ack! *Tumbles slightly, as she's shoved into the work table*"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Oh, I'll definitely keep an eye on my terminal when you're around." *chuckles*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "So this place seems pretty quiet. Is this normal?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *backs up and finishes punching in her order, a bowl of broth materializes* "Any minute now it will pick up."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Oh pardon me, don't let me keep you from your meal."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Not at all, you are welcome to join me if you like"
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *his eyebrow manages to raise even further as he watches the playback*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Yeah, I would like that. Thanks."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "What'll you have?" *she clears her meal from the replicator*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Bolian stew, extra meat, please."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taps a pair of buttons, and watches it materialize* "Looks good." *she smiles, and heads for a table* "Here, this table looks neglected."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Thank you." *takes the bowl and follows her to a table*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *takes a seat and slides her food onto the table*
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Has the Captain seen this, yet?"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I hope I'm not crossing a line here, but I see you're Vulcan, yet you were laughing and having a good time over there. Did I miss something?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *shakes her head, stopping playback* No, sir. I made to run it through my local chain, first, which is why I brought it to the shift sup and Chief. *indicates Rezzix with a thumb*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *grin* "I'm only half Vulcan. Father was half human, Mother was half Betazoid." *takes a quiet slurp of her broth* "And no, I can't tell what anyone is thinking."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "That's a good thing. Hard to be a prankster when the other person can see it coming a light year away."
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "I will take this to the Captain. I believe he is in the best position to address this with Lakara" *turns to Mira* "Thank you, Ensign."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Yes, sir.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *takes a couple spoonfuls of his stew*
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Was that the entire incident, or was there anything further?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: If I may, it is only fair that you play the entire thing, sir. I wasn't a happy camper.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* There's a little more.
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Continue, ensign."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "So, what made you get into the Computer Specialist field?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Swallows a mouthful* "Well, when I was young,... having these ears... didn't win a lot of friends. Computers were easier to understand."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Nate heads into the Aft Crew lounge, pausing for a moment, then heads over towards the counter*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The time immediately proceeding from the shove is Cadet Duarte trying on a pack that's been modified to carry our bio-scanner. *as she taps a button, continuing playback*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Chief Reese and I assisted.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "That makes perfect sense. But, as someone who has been where you were when you were younger, don't let people judge you by looks. It just ends up showing how small minded they really are."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *her smile gains a free refill* "Hence the computers. Huge mind, doesn't care how I look."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Takes a mug of coffee, and turns, scanning the lounge as he sips the steaming liquid*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "As I grew up, I learned how to better socialise...but I still feel a bit more at home in the computer core than anywhere else."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *waves to Nathaniel*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I get where you're coming from, I really do. I just think that the people aspect can never be filled by a computer."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *Playback continues: *Lakara, making to leave, cackles to herself, grabbing her helmet, sliding it back on, and klomping back out of Engineering* Bring that little 'Cadet' to Rura Penthe. She may be a child, but at least she can be a beast of burden."*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *turns his head to see who she's waving at and sees a new person and waves himself*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "You're probably right." *looks to Daish curiously* "What's your story, then? Surely you've one of your own."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles, picking Lyras out of the crowd* "Hey, Lyr!"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Me? Well, let's just say that Starfleet is the best thing that could have happened to me."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *looks at the newcomer and extends a hand of friendship* "Daish Qiranin. Glad to meet you."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Hey, Nate." *turns to Daish* "Now, that's a good prelude to explanation if I've heard one before."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *Playback: a livid Ensign Tahna, struggling to contain herself, says, "You will first." She finally fails: "ESPECIALLY IF YOU SHOVE HER, OR ANYONE ELSE, IN ENGINEERING AGAIN, ON MY WATCH!"*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles warmly, taking the mug in his free hand, then gripping the Bolian's firmly* "Chief Nathaniel Reese, but everyone calls me Nate."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: As I said, sir, I wasn't happy.
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Indeed."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Nate it is. And please, call me Daish." *turns back to Lyras* "Well, like you, I didn't have the best childhood."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Nate, have a seat if you want. We're just chatting."
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "While your response could stand some improvement, it was provoked. I will ensure the captain understands what has occurred, and that you brought it to my attention personally."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles brightly to Nathaniel, listening to Daish* "Yes, join us."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "In fact, I guess I'm lucky to be here at all. I lost my parents when I was young and with no family, I did what I had to do to survive. I'm not proud of it, but a guys' gotta eat right?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: There's some banter after, as I recomposed.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: That's where things end.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "You guys mind a third nacelle? I haven't had any supper yet, and I'm starved."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "One day I'm scoping out a crowd of people that had just flew in to the docking area, figuring out which would be the easiest mark. Boy, did I choose a good one."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *to Nate* "Grab some food and a chair, I don't mind if Lyras doesn't."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I'd mind it more if he didn't."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods with a growing grin*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I knew I liked you for a reason, Lyr." *As he passes, dropping his coffee mug at an open spot, and heading for a replicator*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Computer, end playback and forward to Chief Engineer, with carbon copies to Commander V'Rul and Captain DeMarcus.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "The guy I chose to *buy me food unknowingly* turns out to be a Starfleet security officer. Needless to say, I should have picked someone else."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *listens as Computer works and completes the operation* Just in case.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I was sure that was going to be my last day drawing breath, when he did something totally unexpected: He took pity on me. Apparently, he knew some people and pulled some strings to get me an application to the Academy... and here I am."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Graduated, with Pilot Honors, with last year's class."
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Thank you, Ensign. Was there anything else?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Now, if only you can charge our next set of supplies to the Klingons, we are all set." *chuckle*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Presses a few buttons on the replicator, then orders* "Chicken and sausage gumbo."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I'm sorry, you lost me on that one."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: That's about it, sir. She left, and we returned to assigned duties.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *takes another spoonful of stew*
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: "Very well, ensign." *pivots to walk off*
[24thRP] V'Rul@umstudios: *pauses, glancing at a console, then heads for the door*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Takes his meal as it materializes, and returns to the table* "Mmmm. Even replicators can't ruin gumbo for me."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *logs off her console and heads off to the aft lounge*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "That does smell pretty good."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *slurps her broth as quietly as one can slurp, while still calling it slurping*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles warmly as he takes a spoonful, savoring the taste, then slides the bowl towards the Bolian* "Try it, if you'd like!"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *steps into the aft lounge, announcing his presence* "Never fear, I have...arrived!" *he confidently strolls over tot he replicator, obviously extra full of himself today*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Don't mind if I do, thanks." *dips his spoon into the bowl and takes a bite* "Wow, that is great! Where did you learn about this?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *rolls her eyes at Qesh with a smirk*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles, happy that the Bolian enjoys the gumbo* "Learn about?" *Chuckles at him, then gets faux-serious, leaning in* "Daish, in my house growing up, my mother's gumbo was a way of life."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *drums his recipe into the food slot, and takes a tray of sweet meats over to the populated table*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Was your mother some sort of goddess? That is some good food right there."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *drops into a seat, and does a quick double take at the Bolian to his side* "Where'd we find this handsome fellow?"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *looks to his left* "Hi, Ensign Daish Qiranin. Glad to meet ya."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Laughs, while smiling at the second Bolian* "She'd certainly have you believing she's a goddess, if you ever asked her."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *offers a firm handshake* "Qesh, at your service." *half bows, before turning to his tray and beginning to fill his face with meat*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *notices Lyras has gone quiet and makes a weird face at her to see her reaction*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *tilts her head* "Something on my face?" *begins feeling around her mouth*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Did I get it?"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *starts laughing* "No, there is nothing on your face. I just wanted to see if you were still with us."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *checks the menu as she reaches the counter, smiling to the bartender*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Oh, sorry. Lost in space, if you'll forgive the pun. Ensuring I do not forget my cold suit requirements for an upcoming mission."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *finally slows the rate at which his mouth inflates with food long enough to speak* "Still rocking the runabout?"
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Not a problem." *mumbles* "Is there something on my face? That was priceless."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Relax, Lyr." *Takes a big slurp of his gumbo, savoring the spices* "I'm sure the Lieutenant will double and triple check every tiny thing before we launch."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Yeah, I just would prefer not to be something that fails the check is all."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "She's bucking for a promotion, I hear."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Ahhhh, I knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT! *Captain Demarcus launches up in triumph, extracting an antique coffee maker, from a storage cabinet below, and plopping it on the counter*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "What for a promotion?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Who, Lyras, or Lieutenant zh'Khiv?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *about to reply, turns instead to see what the source of the KNEW-ITs is*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *gives up and turns back* "Lyras, and bucking for, trying extra hard for; you want one."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles as she smells something familiar, jumping slightly as the Captain pops out from behind the counter* Ack!
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "You don't want a promotion?" *chuckles* "But yes, it's true."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Ahh... *Beams at the antique coffee maker, then turns to the Bajoran* Ensign... do you know how lucky you are, at this very moment?
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "They're sending you somewhere cold Lyras?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Well, I'm... rather, we are..." *gestures to Nate* "...no longer relegated only to the runabout. Now, we're joining a team, too."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Not just her!" *Chuckles, nodding at his gumbo* "Why you think I'm having coffee with my gumbo? It ain't for the taste!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *recovers slightly* That you found coffee, sir?
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I thought I recognized that smell. Ugh, coffee, dreadful liquid."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Oh, not just that I found coffee, my young Ensign. *Pats the antique coffee maker lovingly* /Un-replicated/ coffee...
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "The stuff was commonplace where I grew up. Never got much of a taste for it."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *returns to her broth*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Cheffo tries to hide this baby from me, but oh,... oh, ho ho ho. I've found it now.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the aftertaste. Now herbal tea, that's the way to go."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Well, it helps that it's warm, at least."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *shrugs* "I like it. Just needs sugar."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *giggles* Now, THAT's the stuff. I know how hard real coffee is to come by, sir. Heard more than one senior officer complain about it.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Sorry, I shouldn't judge. To each their own."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Ugh!" *Mocks a sense of disgust* "Black is the way to go!"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Know a thing or two about coffee, eh, Ensign? *Asks as he sets the contraption up on the counter*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "All the better. More sugar for me."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Not me. I'm sweet enough."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Well, for an officer." *Turning to Lyras, winking, and nudging her with an elbow*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Wow, ladies and gentlemen,... she played the *cute* card. No going back now." *laughs*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggle*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "I suppose next you'll want us to believe you're sweet and innocent, too?" *smiles*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "A Vulcan? Nooooo!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *shrugs slightly, still amused* We used to get some Captains, and above, into Sisko's now and again.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Oh, if I were to play the cute card, you wouldn't be able to resist." *she lays on thickly* "Best not, while we are eating." *she plays it off and resumes her broth, confidently*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Usually after rough days at the office, sir.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Oh, I'm SO holding you to that one. Next time we have free time, you can try your best."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Sisko's? You know Sisko's, Ensign? *Fumbling with the machine as he attempts to reassemble the antique parts*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *chuckles* "You're sounding a bit too much like me, Lyras. Am I rubbing off?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I wouldn't go that far."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *laughs*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods, smiling* My favorite place on Earth, sir. Joe Sisko makes REALLY good eats. Hopefully, next time I get to visit, I can get him to try his hand at hasperat.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Guys and gal, as fun as this is, and I thank you for that, I think I'm gonna call it a night. I hope you all have a good one and I'll see ya when I see ya."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smiles at Mira, leaning on the counter, and wagging his fingers for her to lean in as well*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *walks over and leans in, listening*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I hope it'll be soon." *smiles to the Conn officer*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Pleasure to have met you, Daish."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Always a pleasure to meet another one as handsome as I." *Pats Daish firmly on the back*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *winks at Lyras* "Be careful what you wish for."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Whispering* So we're clear, Ensign, this is going to be our little secret. I don't want Cheffo learning that I've found his hiding spot for this thing.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "He seems nice."
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *puts his bowl back in the slot to be disposed of and sees the Captain at the counter*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "How many Bolians are on the ship, anyhow?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Not enough."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Chuckles at Qesh's comment, leaning back in his seat as he sips his coffee*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "How'd you two get roped into field work?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Fumbling around with the antique coffee maker, looking up for a moment, seeing a Bolian Ensign returning an empty tray* Ensign... Qiranin, is it?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *whispers* Found what, sir? *gives a knowing shrug, feigning dumb*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *walks over to the counter and stiffens a little before speaking* "Captain, please excuse the interruption. I wanted to introduce myself."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Fumbling around with the antique coffee maker, looking up for a moment seeing a Bolian Ensign returning an empty tray* Ensign... Qiranin, is it?
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Correct sir. A pleasure to meet you."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *has her mouth full*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles as the Bolian walks up*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: With Lieutenant zh'Khiv taking command of the away mission to Rura Penthe tomorrow, I see you've been temporarily assigned to Conn for Alpha Shift. Think you're up to it, Ensign?
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *to Mira* "Hello."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *seems to be eating the garnish obliviously*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Daish* Hello.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Yes sir. I've been waiting for this for a while, sir. I won't let you down."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Fumbling with the coffee maker still* Good. There will be a meeting of the senior staff in the forward observation lounge at 0700 hours tomorrow. I'd like you to be there.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Roped into field work? The Lieutenant didn't exactly make it optional." *Shrugs, continuing with his gumbo*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Better you than me. I can't stand the cold."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "That's what the cold suits are for."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "We live in space." *Motions behind himself* "How warm you think it is out there?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Neither warm nor cold. Nothing to vibrate or lack vibration in a vacuum."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Oh, right." *nudges Lyras playfully* "I forgot: blue uniform means eggheads."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles* "Hard boiled?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *giggles softly, hearing some of the banter going on behind them*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Aye, sir. I'll be there. Thank you for including me, sir."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *rolls it off, and joins the laughter* "Touch the window. It's not cold."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at him, returning to the coffee maker* Be sure to get a good night's sleep, Ensign.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Grinning at Lyras* "I'm thinking... boiled, over hard."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *violently leaks a few droplets of broth as she strains to contain laughter at the very moment she was eating*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "Sir, once again, it was nice to make your acquaintance. With your permission, I'm going to retire for the night."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at him* See you at 0700 hours, Ensign.
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: *nods to Mira* Nice to meet you, as well. Take care!"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *sits back, and delivers a one word answer* "Scrambled."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods to Daish* You, too. Sleep well!
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *A jet of steam spurts out the side of the coffee maker* Almost... I think I've got it!
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *chuckles softly as she peruses a menu*
[24thRP] Daish Qiranin@jofen71: "One last thing, sir, if I may?" *re-assembles the coffee maker in less than a minute to perfect working order* "My roommate at the Academy had one of these. Enjoy your coffee."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I... *Stammers as the coffee maker starts pouring coffee. He quickly fumbles with an empty mug, to catch it* Well done, Ensign.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *watches, and smiles, impressed, as Daish walks off* Are we sure he's not actually an engineer?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Catches onto the new game that's being played* "OVER easy."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Hey!" *begins to laugh* "Ok, true."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: We may have to check his Starfleet record, now, won't we, Ensign? *Handing her a saucer with a cup of freshly brewed coffee*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles, nodding* Thank you, sir.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *finishes her broth, sitting back* "What to do now?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "You could finally spill the secret on your holodeck program."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "What secret?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I dunno about you, but I may have seconds!" *Scoops up the last scraps of his gumbo*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "I saw your name in a holodeck program that wasn't on the public roster."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Holodeck?" *Putting his now empty bowl back down* "Haven't had a chance to check those out yet, myself."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "My name on a holo-program? I'll have to look into that. It's not one of mine."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *turns to Nate* "Maybe we should arrange a holodeck night for a few of us. Instead of eating here, we could eat...anywhere."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Anywhere... now that's an intriguing possibility,..." *Leans back* "...but where? Risa?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Why not somewhere impossible in reality?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Romulus?" *Laughs at himself for the absurd suggestion*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Maybe. Actually, yeah, so long as we aren't restricted to Romulan foods."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "I could do Romulus. Never seen it before. Do we have any Romulan settings in the holodeck?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Romulan foods? Don't know that I'm familiar with any, besides the ale, of course."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "What's Romulan Ale like? I've never had the pleasure."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I've only had it the once. Boy, it packs a punch"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Well, everyone knows that part. What about the rest? The taste, the sensation, the experience before the knock-out-punch?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Knockout punch?" *chuckles* "It's strong, but not sudden."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: This is good, sir. *smiles*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "The taste..." *Makes a sour face* "I hear it's one of those 'acquired' things to enjoy."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *grins to Nate* "Don't remember the taste, do ya?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Glad you approve, Ensign. *Sipping from his own cup, leaning on the counter once again* Tell me, you're assigned to Lieutenant zh'Khiv's away team tomorrow?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Yes, sir.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Hey, I didn't say that... Well, you're not wrong."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles* "So the taste really doesn't matter."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "I thought you didn't drink, Lyr."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I don't, but that doesn't mean I can't be curious."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans closer* How's that shaping up?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Sounds like a challenge to me." *Winks at Qesh, nudging Lyras as he does so*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Now, boys, you wouldn't be trying to get a young core specialist intoxicated would you?" *mocks a playfully stern expression*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *leans in* Running smoothly, sir. We've a good bunch.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I do NOT sound like that!" *glares at Qesh*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Good. That's what I've heard. I'm sure you will all have exemplary performances on the mission.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *bursts into laughter* "Oh, now I know how to provoke the Lyras!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* I expect we will, too.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Sips the last of his coffee, refilling it from the machine* Mmm! Where has this thing been all this time? *Asking rhetorically*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *giggles*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *crosses her arms indignantly, giving way slowly to giggling*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes another sip of coffee*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Pushing his bowl aside* "Now, the question remains... do I get seconds, or do I get dessert?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Why not both?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Chuckles at her* "Shall I get a double order for you as well, Lyr?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Oh no, I'm full. I'm just relaxing for a bit while this settles."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Well, how about just dessert for the table, then?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I could go for that."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Looking at Qesh for a moment, then back to Lyras* "So... what'll it be?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Alas, I think it is time for me to call it a night." *Stands slowly stretching before picking up his tray* "I have some early data entry."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Coming to the table, sir?
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: You go ahead, Ensign. *Savoring his coffee* I need just one more refill.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins, nodding*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles as she walks to the table and takes a seat*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I miss anything?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles warmly as Mira joins them* "Nothing in particular. You stayed down in Engineering a while, though?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "We were discussing how egg-like Qesh's head is, possible Holodeck eating locations impossible in the real world,... and the taste of Romulan ale."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Yeah, prepping for tonight... and tomorrow.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Scrambled egg." *with that, he walks off finally*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "It's gonna be an interesting day, that's for sure."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *Nearly bumps into a random crewman in the hallway* "Sorry, buddy."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Ohh yeah.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *makes it all the way to his quarters, and into bed, before he passes out*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I like the idea of dining on the holodeck. *nods*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Yeah, but holographic food? Where's the fun in that? It's like a replicator replicating replicated food."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "So far, the leading suggestion is dining on normal food,... except on Romulus, just for something different, but no one's cemented the idea if something better pops up. Otherwise, Romulus."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "We can bring food in, or I'm sure we could convince Steven to rig a replicator to one of them. I think he said they technically can, already."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* I don't think it'd be too hard.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "The more I think about it, the more appealing this is becoming."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Well, if we got a replicator, I'd be in for an evening of holodeck dining out!"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Give a day or two to see if anyone else is interested, then let's do it!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Also, the next time we get shore leave on Earth, remind me to take you guys to New Orleans.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I've been through New Orleans. Never really soaked up the culture though."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Just was draggged to a bar by some fellow cadets."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turns to Mira, beaming from ear to ear* "N'awlins? Ya don't say?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods, giggling*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: They don't call it "Big Easy" for nothing.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes a sip of her drink*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Romulan ale, too, hm?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "They serve that in N'orleans?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *shakes her head* Not that I know of. Just remembered you mentioning it.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Oh, yeah." *giggle* "Was curious what it tasted like. Never tried it."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Well, unless there's a bar on Bourbon Street that serves it...
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I'm from that part of Earth. Well, not specifically, but pretty close." *Smiling at Mira* "I'm surprised you found your way to New Orleans."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins* I heard, from a friend at the Academy, that there was spicy food to be found.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Lyras* How was it?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "How was what?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The ale, silly. *chuckles*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "You an afficionado of spicy food?" *Turning towards the Bajoran*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Never had it, that's why I was curious."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Still don't know what it tastes like."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Aha.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Fills four cups of coffee, placing them on a tray, and heading over to the group at the table*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Without breaking stride, slides the tray onto the table, and settles into a seat* Okay, kids, you're getting a treat tonight. Just don't tell Cheffo.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks up and behind her, and nods, grinning*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "You'll have to forgive me, sir. I'm already filled to the brim."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Begins to stand. Then, as the Captain sits, he decides to remain sitting, though silent*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: This will be worth the later pain, trust me.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Listen to this one. *Thumbing to his right, motioning to Mira* C'mon, straight out of Chef's secret stash. REAL coffee.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *winks at Lyras*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *attempts to hide the cornered animal look in her eyes, averting her gaze downwards* "I might... it may be best if I get some rest. Big day tomorrow."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Oh, come on, Ensign. Believe me, this is a treat that you won't get very often on this ship. I've known Chef a long time, and he doesn't spring this stuff out often.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Fair enough. *smiles*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Carmen meeps into the Aft Crew Lounge, bobbing on her heels slightly as she walks*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *His face brightens seeing Carmen walk in, but not wanting to pre-empt the Captain, he doesn't speak up*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *seeing an opportunity, waves eagerly to Carmen*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *catches Nathaniel's gaze and looks behind her; she smiles and waves Carmen over*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Blushes, then smiles as she's waved over, oblivious of the red uniformed officer's identity until she gets closer*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Hiyas *Stops in her tracks* Uhm... Captain, Sir! *Stands at attention*
Carmen Duarte@GabyBee stands at attention.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: At ease, before you sprain something, Cadet. Off-duty, we're all friends here. Grab a pew.
Carmen Duarte@GabyBee stands at attention.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... sir? *Relaxes slightly, but only slightly*

» USS Boston RP Log 18

Posted on 05 Mar 2018 @ 10:44pm by Ensign Tahna Mira in Out of Character

(Original Log Date: July 28, 2016)
[Fleet] Stardate 39213.9 - 03/19/2361 - U.S.S. Boston - Ship Status: Yellow Alert, In geosynchronous orbit of Rura Penthe - Uniform of the Day, Service Uniform A
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *pokes away at the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System. Making system adjustments*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Walks over to the Vulcan engineer, noticing the computer readings* "Anything I can help you with tonight, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps a key on the EPS systems display, refreshing it*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles over to the Ensign* "Perhaps, How's your basic programming?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *yawns visibly, leaning on his console, reading a wall of text*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Computer programing? Not great, but I can rewire anything like a pro!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Including battery packs. *giggles*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *she laughs lightly* "Well nothing here needs rewiring. Just performing some operating system maintenance." *her hands flourish over the console* "Pretty dry for most"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Ah, I was wondering what this jumble was. Doesn't look like something I understand"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "If everyone understood it, I'd be out of a job" *she jests*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Chuckles at her* "Well, I'm sure Starfleet would find something for you to do, what with all that fancy Academy training."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *glances around, pausing on the Bolian for a moment, then smiles and turns to her console*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Oh I won't wait to be simply assigned, I've my own designs. I plan to work for Starfleet R&D Eventually. But for now, being in charge of a massive mobile computer core is no small pleasure."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *stands up straight, stretching a bit* "I don't know how much longer I can keep reading this stuff."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles, turning to her* "Well once you make it there, I hope you won't forget about those of us that work for a living!"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles* "Why you feel unappreciated or somethin'?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Feigns offense* "Oh me? Nooooo, never!" *Chuckles at her, smiling*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Good" *she offers him another smile, ebefore turning over her shoulder* "Hey Qesh!" *she erupts across the room* "You look like you need a distraction"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Yeah" *he answers without so much as a twitch*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Can you restart your workstation, make sure it updates?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *punches away eagerly at the console* "Anything to risk loosing this data and not have to read any more of it."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Damn"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "What?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Updated perfectly"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *laughs, turning back*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks back at Qesh* You look like you're about to fall into a boredom coma. *tries to stifle a grin*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Well put."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *dramatically pretends to catch himself nodding off repeatedly*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *wanders over, curious as to what he's reading*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: So,... what's causing you to try not to faceplant into your console?
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Captain Demarcus strolls in, Lieutenant Zyris zh'Khiv alongside, discussing the upcoming mission to Rura Penthe*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *Qesh's console is displaying tabular spreadsheets of raw sensor data, values over time for various readings. The title is off-screen as he is several pages in* "Sensor data. Trying to find ...patterns that the computer may have missed. Haven't found anything yet except how much I appreciate the slant on this console" *rubs his shoulder*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Just standard testing, ma'a-" *Cuts off as he sees the Captain enter Engineering*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Oof. *gives his shoulder a gentle, reassuring pat*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *notices Nathanial's abrupt stop, and turns to see the captain, standing at attention.*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *notices and comes to attention* Captain on deck!
Mira@n0d3stone stands at attention.
Qesh@umstudios attention's at standing.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Follows Lyras' lead* "Sir!"
Nathaniel@xalloro stands at attention.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *turns and stands to attention, seeing the Captain*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: At ease... *waving a hand, casually signalling to relax* Lieutenant zh'Khiv and I came down to check on the status of the Klingon bio-scanner that's been getting modified.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *softly grins*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks over at Lyras, wondering what that grin is, not realizing that one is slowly making its way across her own face*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Turns, looking towards the Vulcan* Ensign Lyras, I believe you've been working on the bio-scanner?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "My part in the modifications was completed this morning, ma'am. However, you are essentially correct." *her smile brightens* "All went smoothly, last I saw."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Where is the unit now?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Waits silently, observing the officers*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I believe it is in the Medical lab, undergoing final operational tests."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "However, I am not best positioned to answer that."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *attempts to quietly pop his neck, defeating a building cramp*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Chief has, or had, a couple ideas for tweaks, but I don't know if he's gotten around to trying them out.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smirks, turning towards Mira* Sounds like Rezz is giving it his usual treatment... It in the back?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Yes, sir. You might want to hurry, before he makes it disappear. *tries to stifle a smile*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: You know how he gets when he goes into "mad engineer" mode.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles* Oh, you have no idea... Lead on, Ensign.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: This way, sir.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *returns her attention to her console*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: He stashed it in here, for the time being.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods to Lyras and Nathaniel as she follows the Captain* Care to show me the modifications you applied, Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Probably figured no one would notice.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *retrieves the scanner and sets it on the portable mount the Chief built for it*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *pokes at a few buttons, before her console returns to a normal appearance, she turns* "I was performing the data mappings for the computer tie-in. Not much to show, but I'm happy to go over the configurations with you if you like."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I think Rezz learned that trick from Commander V'Rul.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: At this station?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turns back, watching Lyras work on the programming, trying to make sense of it all*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I could show you at any station, ma'am. Unless you are asking which station I used to generate the mappings, in which case I mainly used my workstation in the core."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Oh? *adjusts the mount* He known to do this kind of thing?
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Why don't you transfer it to the work area where the bio-scanner is being modified?
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles to himself* Long story, Ensign... So, this thing good to go?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *her fingertips dance across the user interface, and a set of two lists, connected by a patchwork of lines appears* "Here're the outputs from the bio-scanner, and here're the data-feeds to our sensor readouts, simple mapping of data, with a bit of filtering for accuracy." *she grins*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "It's accessible from any console, now that it's tied in."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles* Yes, sir. *taps a button to power up the device*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "All the console operator needs is to call it up." *she smiles*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Excellent. Transfer it to the work area where the bio-scanner is being modified so you can fully brief the Captain on all the modifications that have been applied.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I would be happy to, sir, if I was aware of all the modifications that have been applied."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Unfortunately, either I've been kept out of the loop, or I haven't been cleared." *looks over to Nathaniel* "You?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I can transfer it over while you brief the Lieutenant, ma'am." *Offering a suggestion to Lyras*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *listens as the device chirps softly, indicating completion of the initialization process*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Sounds like she's warmed up, sir.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Well, your knowledge will supplement Ensign Mira's.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods to Zyras* "I'm happy to offer anything I can..." *turning to Nathaniel* "...and thank you." *she smiles*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *leans against his console, resuming his data-study*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Excellent. Does your away team have a plan on how they will carry the unit once on the surface?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am" *Begins typing a transfer command on the console*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nodding to Lyras* After you.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I believe Chief was planning to install grav pods on the mount.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Any of us could do that, however. I just haven't touched the mount because he was still tinkering with it, among other things.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Too heavy to carry it?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: It's a two-person lift, sir, hence, the mount.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Well, one, if one lifts with the legs.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Inferring the Captain's line of questioning from Mira's answer as she joins the group* Could it be carried in an excursion pack holstered to the back?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Steps up, whispering to Lyras* "Program's transferred, ma'am."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *gives Nathaniel a smiling glance* "Thank you"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *shrugs slightly* Possibly, but it'd have to be a larger pack, preferably one with a stabilizer frame.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Could you rig it by tomorrow, Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I believe so, sir. *nods*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Planning on taking it for a test drive? *grins*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, it'll be nice to know who will be able to carry it before the mission departs, Ensign. *Winks at her*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Makes sense. *smiles*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: That is, unless anyone volunteers between now and then.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Volunteers, sir?" *Lyras perks up*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: To carry this thing. *taps the scanner gently*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *her expression refuses to betray whether she is surprised, or eager*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Ahh." *Widthdraws, realizing she just picked the wrong opportunity*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles a bit, looking at Lyras' eagerness*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: We're looking at rigging it for a backpack.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Well, it's not that...heavy... once it's on one's back, I suppose. I can volunteer," she states, knowing she's likely to regret it.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, we'll wait to ask for volunteers until Ensign Tahna can rig it up to carry.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *relaxes some*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* We should have some packs in storage. Modifying a frame to support more of the weight shouldn't take too much doing, if necessary.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods at Mira* Excellent, Ensign. Ensign Lyras, what are the modifications you were responsible for?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I was responsible for mapping all data from the sensor's local transceiver so that it can be interpreted by our systems sir." *She rolls this off her tongue with almost confusing speed"
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Antennae twitch, listening to Lyras* And can it be monitored from a Runabout's sensors on the ground?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Absolutely, sir." *she smiles proudly* "With ease."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *does a slight double take as the words come flying out of Lyras's mouth, almost sure she missed something, a fact she hides behind a bemused grin*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I'd like you to operate the sensor connections on this away mission, Ensign Lyras.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Thank you, sir, I'd be delighted to."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Chief Reese, I'd like you to assist the Ensign on the mission as well. She may need a number two on the Runabout.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, sir. Happy to do so."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles over to Nathaniel*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *quietly talking to himself* "Well, what do you know. I actually found something. Insignificant and meaningless, but it's something."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, if that's all, I should get back to the bridge.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I should head to the cargo bay to see about that pack.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods to Zyris as he turns to head out* Lieutenant, report when you've finished down here.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Yes, sir.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *relaxes her stance*
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: *Passes the Captain as she enters Engineering* Captain.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *steps aside to make some room for the Doctor* "Doctor" *She nods/bows-her-head respectfully*
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: *Nods briefly to Lyras* Ensign. What is the status of the bio-scanner?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Warmed up and ready sir"
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: *Steps up to it, pulling out a medical tricorder*
Soral@gabycee#6848 runs a medical diagnostic.
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: Is the unit prepared for use on the surface mission?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *gestures to Mira* "Still have to attach some features to make it easier to carry, but operationally, yes".
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: She's functionally ready. I'm going to start rigging a pack to carry it, in a little bit.
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: And what is the estimate time for completion of this task, Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: A few hours. Captain wants it ready by tomorrow.
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *walks up to a panel and logs in* "Evening."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Evening."
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: How many hours, exactly, Ensign? *Turning to Mira, quirking a Vulcan eyebrow*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *Qesh stands at his console, looking as if fighting to remain awake analysing a text wall of sensor data*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "What's the good news of the day?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "If you need help rigging the pack, I'm happy to contribute, ma'am."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Two, or three, if I need to make any modifications.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *wears a pseudo-crazy smile, and turns with a goofy expression to Gurader* "I found a rock, about the size of my head, in a ten thousand square light year area that was not accounted for by the computer's automatic analysis." *he takes a deep breath* "My excitement is overwhelming." *The sarcasm is strong with this one.*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles at Nathaniel* I could use a second set of eyes, Chief.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles back to her* "Sure, happy to lend a hand. Or a pair of eyes, as it were."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Two heads, and all.
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *deadpans* "Any alpha particles in it?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *turns to his console, then back to Gurader* "None."
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: Very well. Please report to me in Sickbay when the bio-scanner has been fully modified, Ensign.
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *smiles* "That's okay. That'd be pretty unusual in this region anyway, at least that's what I was hearing up in Astrometrics."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Yes, ma'am.
[24thRP] Soral@gabycee#6848: *Nods at Zyris* Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Oh? Sounds about right. You are looking for Alpha Particles?"
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: Doctor.
[Fleet] Soral@gabycee#6848: Hrm... Lakara? ;)
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *relaxes once again*
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: I will leave you to your task, Ensign. Expect a briefing call tomorrow at 0930.
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Me? No. Just thought you needed to think about something different for a few moments. Reset your brain before you fall asleep on your feet."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *pauses a moment, blinking, then smiles* "You've got me pegged right there."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: We'll be there.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *stands up, stretching a slight, turning to face Gurader* "Tell me, what brings you in? Surely it's more interesting."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *taps at his temple with his forefinger* "Sometimes, being Betazoid has advantages."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods to the group* I'll expect to see you all there.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am!"
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "As for what brings me in, getting an early start on the next shift. It's anti-grav lift calibration time. Yay."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *smiles* "Betazoid, huh? Then you have my envy as well, but I'm sure you already knew that." *he jokes*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Nah, I don't really poke around. Surface thoughts and feelings are hard to ignore though."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *chuckles* "Hey, root around my head all you like. I take no responsibility for any imagery that you happen to enjoy." *he speaks at slightly lowered volume*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *laughs*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *extends his hand* "Qesh. Don't believe we've met, really."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *returns the gesture* Zas Gurader.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Nathaniel* All right, Chief, let's go check out some packs. *to Lyras* You're more than welcome to come along. *smiles*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "If I can be of some use, I'm happy to join." *she refreshes her smile*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, Ensign. Where do you think we should start?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *winks*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The nearest cargo bay, I think.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Sounds good, ma'am."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "So why the search for head-sized rocks?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Off we go!
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *rolls his eyes* "Long story, let's just say I'm checking up on the computer's analytical subroutines for sensor data."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Hmmm, making sure that everything adds up. Got it."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *reads a few barrels curiously*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Hm. *looks around*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Yes. Manually." *he emphasises the word*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "What materials should we start with, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Ah, here we go.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes a look at row of neatly-arranged backpacks laying on the lower rack*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Yeahhhh. So did you lose a bet?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I was thinking composites. You know, something lightweight, but strong.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Maybe some duratanium tubing, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Whoever carries the scanner's going to need a bit of support.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Not a bad choice, Chief. *smiles*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I think I remember seeing some stored over here." *Walks towards another storage rack*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Like I was telling the Captain, it'd have to be a larger pack.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Hauls out a crate, opening it up* "Looks like a winner!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *Laughs* "Something like that."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "I annoyed the wrong superior."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Open her up, Chief. Let's see what we've got. *grins slightly*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Ah, well. That explains much. I, too, have been on the wrong side of those in authority."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *perks up* "Oh? There must be a story behind that comment."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Lifts the lid off the crate, holding it up so the two officers can see* "Right stuff, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Let's just say it involves the head of security and a bucket of the earth delicacy known as jelly beans."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *studies the contents* Looks promising.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Anything else we need, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Lyras* What do you think?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "I think....I think I'd wear it."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *looks up and smiles*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *laughs*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Did you dump them on him, or steal his bucket full?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles* A winner, indeed.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Volunteering now, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *sighs* "Yeah, might as well. Captain is involved, have to stand out to get promoted."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *shakes her head* "Wait--no, he's already got me on connections."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Melted them, actually. Poured them into a mold of a phaser."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Oh, right. I guess me too, by proxy."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "A Jelly-phaser?"
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Set to bean."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *has a slowly building chuckle*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "He wasn't amused by the idea he might have to eat his gun."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "That's not bad, not bad."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *chuckles as she listens to the banter*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Nathaniel* Any upgrade kits in there?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Well, at least we get to enjoy the comforts of a runabout." *she smiles*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *winks at Lyras*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: *turns back to the console to check the orders for the shift*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles at her* "Haven't had the pleasure of getting a look at one of them yet, myself."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *resigns himself to his data-sheets, for about five seconds, before logging out of his console abruptly* "That's all I'm going to find in there tonight."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Seems you've earned a break. Have a good evening."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Unless you need a hand with anything..." *Qesh seems to be relaxing by the second*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks in the crate for a kit for the pack*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Hm.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *holds the lid up for them to make it easier to search with both arms*
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "Nah, I'm pretty sure I'll have company for lift maintenance. Probably a cadet."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *grins* "All right. Have a good evening."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Maybe this. *finds a small case and pulls it out of the crate, popping it open*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Looks promising, ma'am."
[24thRP] Gurader@Flynt_DoubleBrook: "You, too."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *pauses outside of engineering to stretch, wondering where to go in his off time.*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Yeah, that looks like it could work. *grins*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: All right. We'll take this back and make it work.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Takes out a number of duratanium tubes* "Think five will be enough?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Five looks right."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks* I believe so.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *replaces the lid carefully* "Have everything we need, then?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Sounds like we do... *smiles* ..and back we go!
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Nods to them both* "Aye, ma'am."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *totes the pack*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Places the five duratanium tubes on the bioscanner*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *holds up the pack, examining the frame* Hm... maybe a piece or two here. *indicates a section in the middle of the pack*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Cross-wise, or diagonally?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Hm. Could go either way, though diagonal might be better if we wanted to lay a flat piece... here. *indicates a spot a little farther up*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Thoughts?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turns to Lyras* "Ma'am?"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Makes sense, if the goal is to distribute the weight evenly."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye." *Lays two of the tubes diagonally across the frame of the pack* "Think this'll do."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Okay. *watches as he lays the tubes across the pack*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Hands Nathaniel a self de-resonating molecular modulator* "You can use this to weld them together."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Yes, ma'am. Thank you." *Takes the modulator, and begins waving it over the frame*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *makes a woob-woob noise as Nathaniel welds the pieces into place*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles at Mira*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins at Lyra*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously shuffles into Engineering, carrying a number of PADDs to deliver to various officers*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *waves to Carmen as she makes her way in*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Laughs at Mira's silly sound effect as he continues to work*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ahm... *Nervously shuffles her boots, looking around nervously* Ensign Lyras?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Turns to see Carmen and smiles brightly* "Hey, Carmen!"
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimpers softly, nervously extending a hand with a PADD towards the Ensign* From uhm... Lieutenant T'Pamme.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *reaches out and takes the PADD* "Why so nervous? Is it my death certificate?"
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: No... *blushes deeply* Sorry...
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taunts* "You're sorry it's not my death certificate?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *offers Carmen a friendly smile as she holds up the pack, letting Nathaniel work*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Perks up, a bit scared* No! Sorry, no! I'm... nevermind. *Looks down, mumbling a bit meekly*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Easy, Miss Duarte. You sound like you're about to pop.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles at Carmen* "Evening, Cadet!"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *giggles playfully* "Sorry, Carmen." *She finally begins to read the PADD*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Lakara klomps into Main Engineering, making a direct line for the location of the bio-scanner*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *sighs, Looking up from the PADD* "I think I should turn in early, I want to get started on this first thing in the morning."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *looks up, sees helmet, freezes*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Stops working for a moment, seeing a Klingon approach*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Eeeep! *Squirms nervously, jumping slightly to the side as Lakara brushes past her*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: Tell me the status of your bio-scanner modifications, Starfleet.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks over as Lakara stomps into Engineering*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The scanner's ready to operate. We're just rigging something to carry it in.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Slides her sparring helmet off, clanging it down on a work station* And which of you Federations is going to carry it?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *gestures to Lyras* Ensign Lyras is going to test the pack once we're done modifying it.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Keeps working, letting one of the officers respond*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *nods* "And if you will excuse me" *She nods around the group, giving Carmen a reassuring smile*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Snorts* On Klingon ships... *Puts a hand on Carmen's back, shoving her towards the bio-scanner* A bekk is chosen to be a lab targ.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ack! *Tumbles slightly, as she's shoved into the work table*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *raises an eyebrow towards the Lady* A Klingon ship, this isn't. *Nods to Nathaniel* How's it coming, Chief?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Does a few more passes with the modulator* "Think... that's... about... it! All set to try on, ma'am!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Very well, then. *slips the pack onto her back, eying the Klingon as she does*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Unless, of course, Cadet Duarte would like to do the honors?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Eyes narrow, glaring at Mira, then pointing at Carmen* The 'Cadet' will test it.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *glares back* Just so.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I'm willing to give it a try as well"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Haven't put the scanner in it, yet.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: Then I suggest you do so now, Starfleet.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *turns to the scanner* Mind giving me a hand, Chief?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am." *Hefts the scanner, lowering it into the frame*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to Carmen, shooting Lakara a glare* This will be a little heavy.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The mods should help.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimpers, squirming a bit and holding one arm* Okay...Ahm... do I just... *Furrows her brow confusedly*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods reassuringly, connecting the front straps and adjusting them for a snug, but not uncomfortable fit*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: How is it?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles at Carmen, trying to reassure her*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimpers slightly, squirming against the straining pack* It's... *Hefts it, attempting to maintain balance* It's not too bad...
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks the pack over, checking the integrity and stability of the frame* Feels okay?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: I guess so... *Whimpers a bit* Is it supposed to be, uhm... this heavy?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Cackled to herself, observing the Cadet*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Moves to Carmen's side* "Think that's enough of a test, ma'am?" *Head turned to Mira*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: In this case, yes, hence, the tweaking. *gives Lakara a brief, "linger too much longer and I'll shoot you where you stand, connections be damned" look, then nods to Carmen*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Cackles to herself, grabbing her helmet, sliding it back on, and klomping back out of Engineering* Bring that little 'Cadet' to Rura Penthe. She may be a child, but at least she can be a beast of burden.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: You will first.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Slides out of the harness, whimpering and blushing as she wriggles the pack off*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Pats Carmen on the shoulder* "Don't worry, Cadet, I don't think that you're really being assigned to the away mission."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *still incensed* Some people should require a license to breathe. She's one.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am" *Lifts the pack back onto the work table* "If I can speak freely?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *calms, nodding* Please.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I'm not sure why the Captain allowed the Klingons in the ship in the first place. I mean, I know the mission and everything, but it just seems a bit much, ya know?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The long and short of it is, the Captain and her father, who happens to be a high-ranking and well-reputed General, are old friends.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: What stomped its way in here tonight thinks that being Daddy's Little Girl entitles her to shove us around whenever she wants.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: She's an officer of some rank, in addition to the aforementioned? Fine.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: She's our ticket to getting through Klingon space in one piece? Fine.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Little?" *Laughs at the thought* "Not the word I'd pick to describe that one, ma'am."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *chuckles mirthlessly, conceding the Chief's point*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I suppose all Klingons have an air of superiority to them, ma'am." *Finishes taking off the pack from Carmen, moving back to the work table* "But that one... it's almost like she enjoys reminding anyone of that idea."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Regardless, shoving one of MY cadets the way she did? That's the kind of thing that tends to get people sent to whatever name one uses for Hell.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *offers Carmen a reassuring smile*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Sto'Vo'Kor, ma'am. Sort of a mix of Klingon hell AND heaven."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: The way she's going, I doubt she ends up in Sto-Vo-Kor.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Do you think she's going with us to Rura Penthe?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I don't think so. Not if she can help it, anyway.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Not much warrior prowess in that one, eh?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Oh, she can fight. On the other hand, I've shot people for as much as she did to Miss Duarte.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "You've shot people, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I wasn't always a Starfleet officer, Chief. *smiles weakly*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Blushes as the two banter, helping her take the pack off*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Oh, yeah? What came before, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *helps relieve Carmen of the pack, taking one strap*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Fighting the Cardassian occupation of my homeworld.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Oh, yeah? I wouldn't mind hearing some more about that sometime, ma'am."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Well,... remind me to tell some stories, sometime. *smile widens a little*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I'm going off duty in a few, maybe I could "buy" you some Jambalaya in the Mess Hall, ma'am?"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: Aft Crew Lounge*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I'd like some. *smiles, then turns to Carmen* How about you? Coming to relax after shift?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ahm... me? *Rubbing her sore arm a bit, blushing* Relax?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turns to Carmen, smiling to reassure her* "Sure! Off duty, so we can get out of our uniforms, maybe?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Of course. It may not look like it a lot of the time, but that's what "off-duty" is for.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Besides, after the night we've just had, I suspect we could all use a break.
*****Later, in Eight-Forward*****
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Nate stands at the bar, two helpings of jambalaya waiting to be served*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Smiles as Mira enters* "Hey, evening, ma'am!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles as she smells Cajun food*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Evening, Chief. *grins*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Got that jambalaya for ya. Ever had it?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *chuckles* Are you kidding? I practically lived at Sisko's during my Academy days.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Sisko's, huh? I think I've heard of it. This is my momma's recipe. Replicated, of course."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Mmm. Smells good.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Think the Cadet is coming down?" *Picks up both bowls, motioning to sit*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *follows, nodding* I think we'll see her.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Unless she decides to turn in.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Puts both bowls on the table, leading her to sit* "I hope so!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes a seat*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Shuffles into the Aft Crew Lounge, nervously looking about for any other Cadets*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes a bowl of jambalaya, and a spoon, and digs in*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Digs in as well, smiling as Carmen walks in* "Hey, Cadet!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *perks u slightly, turns, and waves*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Erm... *Rubs an arm slightly, her hair still slightly damp from a recent shower* Hola, erm... Hi...
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Sits up, smiling at Carmen widely* "Evening, Cadet!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles at Carmen, gesturing to one of the empty seats at the table* Your pick.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Erm... is it okay? *Nervously looking about*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Of course.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "The Ensign's prerogative, of course."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods* Please.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimper softly, settling into a seat* Uhm... okay.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Wouldja like some jambalaya, Cadet?" *Waving at the two bowls*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes a bite* Mmm...
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "It's good, yeah?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Wonderful. *smiles*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Maybe, uhm... what is it?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: It's a Cajun dish. Rice, spice, seasonings, and seafood, sausage, and/or chicken.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Best bowl of delicious to be found anywhere in the quadrant, if I do say so myself!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *giggles softly*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: It, um,... I do like seafood...
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Well, let me get you a bowl!" *Stands, smiling at the two* "I hope you don't mind if it's replicated?"
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: I, er,... sounds good, sir. *Blushes, shuffling in her seat*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Sir? I work for a living, Cadet." *Laughs as he walks to a replicator*

» USS Boston RP Log 17

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 @ 8:52am by Ensign Tahna Mira in Out of Character

(Original Log Date: April 30, 2016)
[Fleet] Stardate 39211.4 - 03/18/2361 - U.S.S. Boston - Ship Status: Red Alert. Entering the Beta Penthe System - Uniform of the Day, Service Uniform A
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The Astrometrics screen was armed with every bit of information on their current mission and the ship's alert status was on the upper right and left hand corners of the display::
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Enters Astrometrics a few seconds early, silently slips to one side, reading the primary display screen*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *enters Astrometrics and logs into a nearby console; she sends her info from the command briefing to the main display*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to T'Pamme* That should be everything, ma'am.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Lieutenant zh'Khiv enters the Astrometrics Lab, slightly rushed. Heading directly for Lieutenant T'Pamme, her hand would extend with a PADD* With the Captain's regards, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Lakara, clomping in closely behind Zyris, glares slightly at each Starfleet officer, but remains silent for now*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Taking the PADD from the Lieutenant, after looking to Mira:: Thank you, Ensign. ::Then looking over the PADD from the Captain::
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *Quietly follows Lakara, observing with a strong pretense of disinterest*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: This is the Captain's final word on the upcoming mission, and it has been authorized. Our guests will be our observers.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Looking over to Lakara and Kil'desh::
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Eyes narrow, glaring at the Vulcan* We are representing the interests of the Klingon Empire, /and/ of House Lu'Kor.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Walks in silently, nodding to the officers* "Ma'am."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: If the mission goes according to the outline, you have very little to represent. ::Looking to the assembled crowd:: Questions?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Peers over to T'Pamme again, clomping closer a few steps* You still require /Klingon/ technology to maintain your datalink during this mission. I believe our representation is implied.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: None here, ma'am.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles confidently*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: But you /will/ follow our lead in this situation. Klingon planet, yes, but Federation citizen.
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Nods to Lakara, trying to parse the words more diplomatically* Yes... and I've asked Commander Egertson to assign Chief Reese, and Ensigns Shaa, Lyras, and Tahna to the shuttle to facilitate that datalink's continual transmission to the ship.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Steps forward, nodding to the Lieutenant* "Here to help in any way that I can be useful to your team, ma'am."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Looking over to Zyris:: Lieutenant, when does the Captain wish to start the mission?
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: As soon as your team is ready, Lieutenant. *Flips a second PADD around to her* I've looked over your idea, and it's a workable plan. I'll be handling the Conn on Boston. Please keep an open commlink at all times. Shuttlecraft Fiedler is standing by in Shuttlebay Two for immediate departure.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Shuttle team with me. Launch in t-minus five minutes.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am."
[24thRP] Zyris@GabyBee: *Turns on her heel, heading back out to the corridor without saying anything further, heading for the bridge*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: .>]Looks like T'Pamme fell down, went boom.[<
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: .>]Or not. =P [<
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Which one of you... ::Referring to the Klingons:: ...will be joining us?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: We are /both/ "joining" you, Federation.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well, I believe you know your way to the shuttlebay. ::Leading the way for her team for Shuttlebay 2::
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Off we go.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins* Coming, Chief?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Of course, ma'am."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Stopping at the entrance to the shuttle door:: Any concerns about your individual assignments before we board?
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Enters the shuttlebay from the starboard hatch, heading for T'Pamme* Reporting in, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *stands at the shuttle's entry panel, turns to face the Lt. She shakes her head* "No, sir."
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "What type of Klingon technology are we working with, Lieutenant?"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well. ::Looking to Kaywin:: Thank you, Ensign.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *crosses her arms, glancing about the shuttlebay*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: A transponder. It will allow us to access the Klingon astrometrics database.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Sneers slightly, looking between the Chief and Vulcan Lieutenant*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Doesn't sound too complicated, Lieutenant. Shouldn't have any troubles from me."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *holds up her toolkit* All set here, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I would expect that you would not, Chief. ::Getting the idea that the show is ready to go:: Stations, please.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Nods at Mira, smiling slightly*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *winks at Kaywin*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Turns to T'Pamme* Acknowledged, Lieutenant. *Presses a button, releasing the rear boarding hatch of the shuttlecraft*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *heads into the shuttle, making for the Engineering station*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Grabs the auxiliary console and ties into the interface systems*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Clomps into the shuttle interior, taking a firm standing position in the central area*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *logs into the Engineering console, pulling up warp and EPS systems status displays*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *takes her place behind Lakara, leaning gently on the corner of Lyras's console*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Chief, man the communications and establish the link with the transponder.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am" *He moves over to the communications station, and logs into the transponder display*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Ensign Shaa, would you prefer to take the helm?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps a button to pull up an impulse systems display*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Happy to, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::To Lyras:: Raise Operations and obtain our clearance to launch.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to T'Pamme* Propulsion and power systems nominal, ma'am.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turning back towards the officers* "Transponder connection established, ma'am."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *raises an eyebrow* "Aye, Lt." *she pulls up the comms console, and hails Operations*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *a moment later* "Operations responding, sir. We have clearance."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well. Open the shuttlebay doors, and Ensign Shaa, be ready to take us out.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Standing by, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Ensign Tahna, you are ready for sudden change in power allocation?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I am. *nods*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *takes hold of the console subtly, unsure how Federation shuttles react to inertia*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Ensign Shaa, take us out and bring us 500 meters in front of the Boston, mark 2.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: 500 meters, Mark 2, aye... *hands flourish across the console, bringing the shuttlecraft alive, and silently sliding out of Shuttlebay Two*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Walking back over to Lyras:: Prepare to shunt power to the deflector array; from here on out we're going to be clearing the way for Boston.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Chief, how is the uplink?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Stable and secure on my end, ma'am"
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taps the console in rapid-fire sprints* "Aye, sir."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Not hearing much from the Klingon guests:: You have been remarkably restrained thus far.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Peers down at the Vulcan* Do not confuse silence with restraint, Federation. A Klingon warrior knows when to speak, and when not to. For the time being, I choose not to.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *A lupine grin then curls across her lips* This, however, is something I can change, if it would suit your Federation desires...
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *simply tightens her arms, the soft crinkle of her leather gauntlets is all that can be heard as she rolls her head back a slight, with a soft grin*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: "Enjoy" your ride. ::Turning to the rest of the shuttle::
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Are we in position?
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Aye, holding five hundred meters afore Boston.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Bring the deflector to full power and start our programmed course, Mr. Shaa.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps a button to allocate full power to the deflector*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Tapping the console, activating the pre-programmed course* Following mission profile, Lieutenant, within tolerances of all parameters.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Prepare for extreme maneuvers if the situation calls.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Aye, Lieutenant. I'll be ready.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Deflector status?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Thruster power on standby. Ready to go, ma'am.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Deflector power at your disposal.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Lyras, will we be able to keep the deflector power up for the duration of the course?
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Taps the console gingerly, adjusting course when necessary*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *quickly checks her console with a swift swipe-tap-a-tap-a-tap-swipe* "Yes sir, we can, with a narrow margin for reserve."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: How is Boston doing?
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: She's keeping close formation within the deflector bubble, as far as I can discern, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *monitors the power display*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well. ::Then looking back to the Klingons, wondering if they had comment::
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *Keeps her eye on the interlink to the Boston*
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Remains standing with her arms folded across her torso, eyes fixed forward and peering out the forward viewports*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *is passively observing Lyras's console*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Taps a few commands, looking at her console a bit puzzled* Lieutenant... *Turning around to look at T'Pamme* I'm reading Boston making a roll to port at twenty-three degrees.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Looking to Nathaniel:: Chief, have you encountered our potentially hostile buoy, yet?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: Hostile buoy, ma'am?
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Bring up the visual of the Boston a monitor next to Mira::
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Yes, chief, there is a small chance that a sensor buoy will be in range to detect both of our vessels. Please keep an eye out.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am. I'll keep an open scan going for it. Do you expect we'll encounter the buoy before the ship does?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: She'll have about four and a half meters clearance at ninety-five degrees, if we do this right.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Eyes narrowed, fixated on the broad field of space out the forward viewports*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I would expect to; you will be our early warning system, Chief.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Should I roll, to align with Boston, Lieutenant?
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Affirmative, Ensign Shaa. ::Then turning to Lakara:: Do you know if this buoy is designed to detect deflector fields?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: It is designed to detect /tresspassers/ to systems that the High Council considers restricted.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I would consider that a "yes". ::To Lyras:: When the Chief detects the buoy, we will need to reduce deflector power to minimum levels.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "I have something, ma'am, but it's very faint."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Aye, sir, standing by to reduce power levels. I will track them manually to distortion levels and ride the low-end."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Thank you. ::Turning to Nathaniel:: Any chance for an ID?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *her fingers dance over the console and stand, hovering, over the last button in the sequence*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Nothing conclusive, ma'am. It just sounds like static on the lower end, but there is a pattern to it, if you filter to the extreme edge of the frequency carrier. It's crude... but effective."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Cut deflector power. ::To Kaywin:: Prepare for evasive...
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Then to Mira:: Prepare for grey mode.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Taps her console with a flourish* Aye, Lieutenant. Ready to engage maneuvering thrusters on your mark.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *compensates for the sudden power shift, her fingers flying across her console as she nods to T'Pamme* Aye, ma'am, standing by for grey mode.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *glances around as the shuttle's interior lighting dims*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Status, Chief?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Ma'am, I'm going to need at least three megajoules to maintain the commlink with Astrometrics back on the Boston."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *sets the interior lighting to "grey mode," noticing its dimming as she keeps an eye on her displays*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *relaxes as the lighting dims*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Ensign Tahna, give him the power he needs.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taps away making frequent but small adjustments*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turning around at his station* "Ma'am, I have an idea, if I may?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: On its way. *taps a button to send power to the comms console*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Go ahead, Chief.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turning to the officer behind* "Ensign Tahna, do you think you could splice a connection from an isolinear power connection into an EV suit's power pack?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *turns to face the Chief* I could probably whip something up. What'd you have in mind?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Turns back to face the Lieutenant* "Ma'am, I can splice together all eight of the shuttle's EV suit power packs. That should give us enough power to run essential systems. If Ensign Tahna and I can shunt it through the Engineering console, you could shut down all of the shuttle's power systems. We'd basically be operating the shuttle on an auxiliary-auxiliary-auxiliary battery."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::To Kaywin:: Can you maneuver with the power available?
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Taps her console, maintaining the forward course, while everything besides basic flight controls go dark*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *leaks a small chuckle, enjoying the notion*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Turns, nodding* I believe so, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Chief, get started.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Right!" *Jumps from his station, going in search of EV suits*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Moving to take the Chief's place at the Communications console, keeping an eye on the sensor contact::
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: *Walks over to Mira's station, with a bundle of EV suit power packs* "I think we better get started, Ensign."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *pulls the cover off the maintenance panel and depowers a couple nonessential connections before unplugging the cabling going to them*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I would suggest you work quickly.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods over her shoulder to Chief* Righto, Chief. Let's see what we can do. *smiles*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Over here.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Once the power is tied in, shut down all power generators.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Ensign Shaa, I do not have to remind you that you may only have one attempt at this.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Aye, Lieutenant. I'll make it count.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods to T'Pamme* Will do, ma'am.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *watches as Chief splices the power packs together*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Ready on my end."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Chief, I need you back at the Comm when ready.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Looks good, Chief. Let's see if we can't get this hooked up.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Aye, ma'am." *To Ensign Tahna* "Ready to go in your hands, Ensign."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes the power packs and splices a connection from the console. She then connects the power packs to the console and waits a moment for the packs to power up*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Lyras, making do with the reduced deflector power?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *grins as the power packs light up, setting them in a corner beneath her console as she climbs back into her seat, her fingers tapping the appropriate buttons to power down the mains, letting the packs shoulder the load*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Aye, sir. Deflectors are holding."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Has anything gotten to Boston?
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Nothing that we can detect."
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *double checks something, then continues without revising her statement*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *over her shoulder, smiling* Packs are running like a charm. Nicely done, Chief.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Thank you, Ensign!" *Smiles back at her, then returns to his station* "Transponder uplink remains clear."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well. ::Turning around:: Ensign Shaa, on the chief's say-so, make the maneuver.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Standing by, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: It is up to you, Chief.
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "When the buoy is within sensor distance, ma'am?"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Once you detect it, Chief.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *smirks*
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Got it!"
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Buoy on sensors, ma'am!"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Signal the turn to Boston, Chief. Ensign Shaa!
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Signaling the Boston now, ma'am."
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: "Engaging in evasive maneuvers, Beta Five."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The reduced power to the Inertial Dampeners was enough to nearly enough to stumble the Lieutenant::
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *braces against her console*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Watching the Boston on the auxiliary monitor::
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Taps her console, engaging maneuvering thrusters in rapid sequence* Sensor buoy has been nudged out of position, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Makes a single snort, keeping her gaze fixed forward*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Nudged, Ensign? Explain.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Compensating. *adjusts the dampening field strangth*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: When the deflector field moved the asteroid debris from our flight path, the rolling motion of the shuttlecraft forced it out of position.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: The hole should be large enough for the Boston to get through, undetected.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Any sign that it has sent out a signal?
[24thRP] Nathaniel@xalloro: "Nothing, ma'am." *He scans his console again to make sure* "Nothing."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Bring us back to full power. Deflectors to maximum. Resume our previous course.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Aye, Lieutenant. *Taps the flight controls, re-aligning the flight path*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *leans over to clean up from splicing, replacing the splicing tool and closing her toolkit, returning it to its former stowage in the corner opposite the power packs*
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *taps away at the console* "Deflectors now at maximum, sir."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Lyras, please signal Boston that the "coast is clear".
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: "Boston acknowledges, sir."
[Fleet] Kaywin@GabyBee: peeps need to head off soonsies?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps a few buttons, restoring main power and transferring the load from the power packs*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Resuming main power.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Then approaching the Klingons:: Provided there are no more obstacles, it will be clear from here to Rura Penthe.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: So it would seem, Federation. You have shown us the "weakness" in our defensive net. Believe me, it will be corrected.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Were you here to be certain that we could pass the net?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: If that is how you wish to interpret my House's presence here, so be it.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Would be it be presumptuous of me to say that your House set up the net?
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: That would imply that House Lu'Kor has sole province over the world of Rura Penthe.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: No, it would imply that the work was handed to your House, and, in the end, the Federation cracked your defenses.
[24thRP] Lakara@gabycee#6848: *Eyes narrow at the Vulcan* That remains to be proven, Federation. You still have to leave the Beta Penthe system alive... *A lupine grin curls across her lips*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I assure you that Boston is capable of escaping the system.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Enterprise-A certainly did.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Turning back to the shuttlecrew:: Well done, everyone.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks over her shoulder, smiling*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: That was fun.
[24thRP] Lyras@digitalmagick: *smiles softly down at her console*
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: *Smiles to herself, tapping a few commands* Shall I request docking clearance back on Boston, Lieutenant?
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Once we have cleared the asteroid field, Ensign, proceed.
[24thRP] Kaywin@GabyBee: Clearing it now, Lieutenant.

» USS Boston RP Log 16

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 @ 8:13am by Ensign Tahna Mira in Out of Character

(Original Log Date: April 3, 2016)
[Fleet] Stardate 39204.6- 03/15/2361 - U.S.S. Boston - Ship Status: Yellow Alert, under auxiliary power; I.K.S. Soykirim Escort - Uniform of the Day, Service Uniform A
[24thRP] Gaby@GabyBee: (( I'll do a "previously on..." here for our Klingon guest star's benefit ))
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( Okay ))
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The map of the Pente system was on the main monitor. The remnants of the of concussion couldn't be visibly seen, but the after effects were yet to be observed.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *looks up from his console which is filled with raw sensor data. Peers a moment at the map, then returns his eyes to his console*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The beeping from her console was non-stop, the course the Boston was going to take was plotted and had been set in stone for a while:: Simulation 114...
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps a key, bringing up a display on system approaches, checking the map every so often*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Looking over the two tenants of her astrometrics lab::
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Walking over to them both:: Status?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *glances over to the Lieutenant* "Data has finished importing into the database, Just waiting on data constraints to finish optimizing anything effected"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Do you foresee the need to change our pre-planned course? ::Looking over to Steven's monitor closely::
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *glances at T'Pamme* Navigational approaches data is coming in as we speak, ma'am.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *points to two lines on his display* "I've filed two minor course corrections to avoid debris, however nothing significant"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Will the course corrections take us into range of any known sensor beacons?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *appears briefly uncertain, glances to his display, then shakes his head* "No, the corrections are a matter of tens of meters, well outside any beacon sensor range"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Except maybe this one. *taps a key, magnifying a particular beacon and transferring the image to the main display*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well, update the course into the computer and inform me of any other deviations from it. Be certain to get the confirmation from the helm.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Belay that, Cadet. ::Then looking over to the screen:: Type of beacon, Ensign?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Near as I can tell, it's a standard Type K-4 sensor drone, long-range, tied into at least three of their listening posts, including Morska.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: What do we have on Morska? ::Unaware that the Enterprise-A encountered them on the rescue of Kirk from Rura Penthe::
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *taps another button, pulling up the latest data on Morska and overlaying it to the side of the map*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: In 2293, the Constitution refit-class USS Enterprise faked a Klingon-language transmission, to Morska, during a not-exactly-authorized rescue mission to Rura Penthe.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Fascinating...
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ...so there is no other course correction available?
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( BTW if anyone wants to get in the mood tonight, here's a fun hour long Klingon music compilation: ))
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h93pWMD_zk ))
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ((Sorry, Wrestlemania is on. LOL))
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: We could sneak by it if we make a slight adjustment to starboard...here. *taps a button, displaying the calculated change*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Relay the coordinates to the computer. I am due for a staff meeting in a few moments.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Aye, ma'am. *taps a button to relay the adjustment to the computer and, thereby, the helm*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Correction sent.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *relaxes slightly, returning his attention to his console*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I want you two to continue your calculations, if there is any other danger, alert me immediately.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods to T'Pamme* Of course.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Aye, sir."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *looks at the chronometer*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( BTW, note to all, ICly use the non-bridge door to the conference room when entering/exiting ))
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Well, it won't be long until our guests to arrive. I ended up pulling transporter duty, so I'll need to head over before too long.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "I can remain and complete the calculations."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Very well, Cadet. This is a high-level meeting, but you are authorized to contact me with any significant changes.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods to Steven* Don't hesitate to call one of your fellow cadets, or one of us, if you need a hand. *heads off to the transporter room*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Understood, and thank you, sir."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *nods to each with a soft smile*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I am headed up.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( Lighting's not great for screenshots here :/ ))
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Moments later, T'Pamme arrived from the non-bridge entrance of the conference room::
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Pauses in her pacing footsteps, snarling slightly as T'Pamme enters the Conference Room*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *walks calmly into the conference room. Stepping to the captain's side without a word*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Giving Lakara her respect by addressing her:: Ma'am. ::Then looking to Demarcus:: Captain.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: * enters the transporter room and taps a button to ascertain transporter systems and incoming stream status*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Then in following:: Commander.
[24thRP] Gaby@GabyBee: *The console in Transporter Room Five would chirp, indicating an incoming message from I.K.S. Soykirim*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Soykirim, this is Boston, go ahead.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns, noticing the presence of Commander V'Rul* Chipper, what's the news?
[24thRP] Gaby@GabyBee: =/\= Klingon Battlecruiser Soykirim. We have two special /guests/ for your Captain. Beam them aboard when you are ready.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: =/\= Preparing to transport, Soykirim. Stand by.
[24thRP] Gaby@GabyBee: *The Klingon channel closes, merely leaving a blinking indicator tab on the LCARS console showing the Soykirim's transporter standing by*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: =/\= Initiating transport... now. *runs three fingers up the console screen as the transporter glimmers brilliantly. After a few seconds, two figures appear before her*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Ships systems continuing to come online captain. Recent reports sugest primary systems are considered stable and will be considered fully restored pending final analasys."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *stands the transporter down*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "nuqneH. Where is your captain? Am I to arrive with no honors?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Folds his arms across his chest, nodding pensively* Has Engineering been able to bring any auxiliary systems back online yet?
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *steps forward on the transporter pad, eyeing the Ensign*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: =/\= Ensign Tahna to Captain Demarcus. Our special guests have arrived.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Most of them sir, a few are still pending"
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Eyes narrow, peering down at T'Pamme* Is there something I can help you with, Lieutenant? *Sneering slightly at her rank*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "choquvmoH or tuquvmoH? Ghobe'! I am already insulted by the lack of tact."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at V'Rul again, then interrupted by his combadge* Guests, Ensign? Please clarify.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "SoHvaD buSHa' ghaH"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Welcome aboard. I am Ensign Tahna Mira, and I am your escort to the conference.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: *nods*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Approaching Lakara:: Despite our past difficulties, I do look forward to working with you to resolve this matter.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Escort then, underling, and let me ask the Captain himself why we were not received with some dignity."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: And what matter would you be referring to, Lieutenant?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: I'll have you there shortly, sir, if you'll follow me.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: This /is/ a rescue mission, is it not?
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: Perhaps for you. To me, it is merely an assignment to be completed.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "This is my welcome? An underling and then a Vulcan."
---A few minutes later---
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *emerges from the side entrance with their guests*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *Approaches Lakara, and stands to her side, mentioniing a brief status report quietly into her ear. Her eyes about the room*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Looking from Lakara to Kathagh:: Honorable General, welcome to the Boston.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Perhaps today is a good day to....wait. I was met with no reception on the transporter pad. Does my station require no respect?"
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Nods briefly at Kil'desh* Suvwl' yan...
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: If you will allow me, General...
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns, seeing Lu'Kor enter the conference room, Captain Demarcus approaches* Old friend, it is good to see you!
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "By all means. You are allowed what you please on your ship, clearly."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Ahhhh, captain. choquvmoH."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *stands aside as the captain walks up*
[Emotes] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Qapla', Kathagh!
Demarcus@gabycee#6848 salutes Kathagh with respect.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Yet, I find myself ...at odds with the hospitality. Did your crew not know who was due? If this were any other ship and you any other man, I would feed them to my targs."
[Emotes] Kathagh@Saboreth: Qapla', Demarcus!
Kathagh@Saboreth salutes Demarcus with respect.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: General, may I present Captain Demarcus, commanding the Boston and Commander V'Rul, First Officer.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at Lu'Kor* Qapla', General. I apologize for the haste in the transporter room this evening. As you can tell, we are still repairing our ship, and I was needed here, consulting of course with your lovely daughter. *Nodding towards Lakara*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: nuqnEH."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Yes, I've seen you've had a glorious battle. Did my daughter serve you well? Surely her kills are stacked ten high."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Yes, Lakara. The beauty of Melor, the ferocity of Kahless. I am a proud father. Though I wish she had stayed in the Empire, where her talents could truly bloom."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles* A battle... of sorts. *Nods at him assuredly* Of course your daughter has proven to be immeasurably helpful in all of our trials while in Klingon space.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "I had no doubts. Though the political subterfuges to continue to grant you operation here has been distasteful."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Political subterfuges, old friend? *Quirks an eyebrow in curiosity*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Not every house is a friend of the Federation. Those of us giving you the benefit of the doubt have been....questioned, on occasion. By whispered words or the tips of a blade."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "I could put a name to your troubles, if my daughter has not already: Ghek'ten."
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *bristles to the name*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods slowly* That has been your daughter's foresightful guess as well, General, which is all the more reason we should get our scientist out of Rura Penthe as soon as possible, to more clearly expose your rivals of their suspected Romulan dealings.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Approaches slowly, letting the two elder officers continue*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Would that it could be so simple. You realize if I help you circumvent security on Rura Penthe...I would not be well regarded in the High Council."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "In some eyes, it would be tantamount to treason."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smiles slightly* Old friend, you surprise me. I would never ask such a direct favor from a sitting Council member. My Astrometrics Officer here, Lieutenant T'Pamme, has determined that there is a way the Boston can approach Rura Penthe without tripping KDF security beacons. A security flaw that... I am sure the Council will greatly reward you from pointing out at next month's session.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "....now, that does intrigue me. Our enemies have buried their secrets deep in snow and shadow. There would be much honor exposing their doings if the proof was unquestionable.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Pointing out the flaw and framing it as a deliberate oversight to allow the coming and going of Romulans, for example...."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::To Demarcus and Kathagh:: I do not know the nature of the security flaws, Captain and General, but I will point them out.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods again at Lu'Kor* Indeed, old friend. However, in this case, the flaw lies in the outer region of the Beta Penthe system. Lieutenant T'Pamme can brief you on the full summary.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Begin, Vulcan."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smiles, leaning back against the table, arms crossed across his chest, watching pensively*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Computer, display navigational program currently in the ship's computer labeled T'Pamme Rura One.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: With your leave, sir, I will return to Astrometrics, unless you have further need of me.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I'd like you to stay so that General Lu'Kor may be escorted throughout the ship at his pleasure, Ensign. I believe you are part of the Lieutenant's team, anyway, are you not?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Yes, sir.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at the Bajoran* She may need your assistance with briefing her plan.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Of course, sir. *nods briefly*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Klomps through the group, taking a place to observe the briefing screen* I, too, am curious what /security flaws/ the Lieutenant thinks she may have discovered.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *turns to the briefing*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *Follows Lukara, observing the display*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Indeed, daughter. I want to see how the Federation's ingenuity unlocks our tightest prison."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: General, Captain. ::The Computer having pulled up the preplanned course:: The outermost asteroid field is generally regarded as too dense for Boston and similarly-sized starships to pass through safely; using a modified warp field and shuttlecraft from the Boston, we intended to clear a path through the field. ::The simulation starts with a press of a button:: It is our intention to push obstacles far enough away from the Boston to avoid collsions. The drawback, however, is the use of the warp field will render the Boston's navigational deflector useless for the duration.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "So there is still risk in approaching Rura Penthe. That is gratifying from our point of view, all the same."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: This is a foolish thing to even /attempt/ running. A D-12 can't maneuver through that field, let alone a bloated Federation starship like this one!
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: The General is correct. ::The Simulation paused for a moment to a point where a last-minute course correction was entered::
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Do not underestimate the cunning of Captain Damarcus, daughter. I do not ally myself with fools."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Looks towards Lu'Kor* Father, I do not think the Captain a fool... *Looks back towards Lieutenant T'Pamme*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "...but only a fool would dare this venture, thus you spoke. I have confidence that the captain isn't one. I suppose we'll find out soon enough."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: I must point out this part of the run. A projected course direction gives a slight risk of being detected by this object. ::Rendering the sensor buoy on the screen:: Do either one of you know of it?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: *crosses his arms and looks to his daughter with a raised eyebrow*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Motions towards the screen, waving her hand off* Just a security sensor buoy, what of it?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Are you sure?"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: From what we have gathered, ::The map expands to the three listening posts that the buoy reports to:: these three listening posts could be alerted to our presence.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: So, then, how do you plan on circumventing them, Lieutenant? *Peers over back to the Vulcan*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::She gestured to Mira:: Ensign, I believe you had the solution to our dilemma.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *nods to T'Pamme* The course correction, and, it occurs to me, an adjustment in the ship's posture.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: In other words, we go in sideways.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Looks over to T'Pamme* If I'm remembering correctly, Lieutenant, you said that this plan relies on a thruster maneuver developed by E.C.S. pilots?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "You plan to fly this ship sideways?"
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "There is the cunning I promised you, daughter. MajQa'!"
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The question got her to look at the Captain:: That is correct. Cadet Duarte's experience.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Ah, yes... the one working with you in Astrometrics?
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Yes, sir.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles to himself* I may have to find the Cadet in Eight-Forward sometime. I always learn a new trick when I talk to an E.C.S. pilot...
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: If we can avoid tripping this buoy, it will be, as you humans call it "Smooth Sailing".
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "You have clever hands indeed in your crew, old man. I hope they are up to the task. There will be no margin for error."
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: The Vulcan is correct.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at Lu'kor's "old man" comment, giving him a visible once over with his own eyes* Well, you know what they say about clever hands, old friend...
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "I know what we used to say about them over bloodwine and synthale. Hah!!!"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles inwardly, remaining outwardly attentive*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Rolls her eyes, turning her attention from her father* And what makes you so sure an Earth pilot would know how to slip through an asteroid field of this composition?!
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Well, that brings me to my next point, Lakara. You will remain here and assist this crew, in whatever way you can manage."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Her look went directly to Lakara as the computer ended the simulation and went back to it's normal display::
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Consider yourself an official liaison of our House, investigating the treachery of our enemies."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Careful, old friend... Claire is aboard ship. *winks at him*
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Claire! Ah, but Claire must have a brave heart to come near a Klingon daughter!"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at him, nodding to T'Pamme* Proceed, Lieutenant.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Yes, you will stay, Lakara. You will represent our House, and when we need to out the Romulan treachery, you will help me take the High Council floor."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: (( I think my Lakara tab just crashed ))
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Astrometrics is continuing to monitor the situation in the field. Should anything arise, we will inform Command immediately.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: ((Or she can abruptly cease to exist. >_< ))
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: (( Yup, standby ))
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: ((It's okay, I have a spare...))
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: (( Relogging Lakara ))
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turns to Lu'Kor* Our House's liaison, father? What of Soykirim?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: There are many sons and daughters on Soykirim. It will do fine. You will remain here. You are better for us here than on Soykirim, and you know this."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Growls at him slightly* There will be no further escort by the battlecruiser?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Oh, there will be. We will provide what support we can. Discreetly."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: That ends the briefing I have, Captain, General.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Eyes narrow, but she knows not to argue with her father, at least in front of Starfleet...* As you command, father.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Thank you, Vulcan. You were most informative. I must be getting back to matters on my ship in the meantime. I am satisfied with the leadership and plotting we've done here.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Claps his hands together loudly, but only once* Good! Thank you, Lieutenant!
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Moving from the monitor and beside Mira, waiting for further orders::
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns towards Lu'Kor* Oh, you've got to be going off that soon? I could have Chef send up one of the barrels of bloodwine I've got in storage. I've got a '47, even.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Ahhh, '47! That is a compelling vintage. Perhaps after I finish some business on my ship. Let's say I want to make sure it's secure for our purposes."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at him* Still concerned about House Ghek'ten, old friend?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "They didn't get where they are now by being noble, I warn you that. I know of two spies on the ship I've allowed to feed misinformation to Ghek'ten. As of now, they are no longer needed."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well... What business you conduct on your Great House's flagship is for you to determine, old friend, but perhaps they would be more useful as... unwilling double agents back on the Capital, no?
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: "Given what we're about to risk, I'd rather not leave them to their own devices. We cannot have our rivals become too confident, lest it reflect poorly on me in the long run."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Peers at Captain Demarcus* A double agent is a most... dishonorable act, Captain.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: And they will be killed without honor. Once the deck is washed clean, I may return for wine. Until next time, Captain. An honor as always, and my best regards to Claire."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, I may "only" be Human, but what better way to topple a dishonorable House than with the unwitting dishonorable actions of their own minions.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: While I may respect your ways, this is a Klingon matter. I need to silence the whispers, lest the men think I am weak. It will be done."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at Lu'Kor* Qapla' old friend! And, likewise, tell the lovely Lady Lu'Kor of my best wishes.
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Qapla', old friend. This will be a bold venture indeed!
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: Farewell, and keep your blades sharp.
[Emotes] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Qapla', Kathagh!
Demarcus@gabycee#6848 salutes Kathagh with respect.
[Emotes] Kathagh@Saboreth: Qapla', Demarcus!
Kathagh@Saboreth salutes Demarcus with respect.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *watches the farewell*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( Thanks for coming out to guest star!!! ))
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *watches Lakara*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: .>]Good stuff. =) [<
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: ((Thanks. Hope I did well. :) I'm going to have to put 'son of Lu'kor" in my character bio now... :P ))
[24thRP] Kathagh@Saboreth: ((Thanks for having me, guys!))
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: (( Heh... :P ))
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: .>] =D [<
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turning towards the two senior officers* Captain... if my father wishes me to remain aboard as continuing Liaison Officer, my adjutant will need quarters. *Nodding to Kil'desh*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *stands tall*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "I can see to that, sir"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at the Vulcan* Thanks, Chipper. I think Deck Eight would be a good spot? *Winking at him*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Has been standing there respectfully for the senior officers to dismiss them::
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *considers for a moment until he finds understanding* "Aye, captain." *he nods to Demarcus, before turning to Kil'desh* "If you will follow me..."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::As yet, the first one of the shift to arrive, which was HIGHLY unusual::
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *Leads Kil'desh to the aft lounge after quickly arranging her quarters and showing her how to find them*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The sound of a very lightly sipped soup could be heard::
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *turns to Kil'desh* "The aft lounge, where we socialize, or consume food in groups."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *gestures to the replicators* "If you are hung-" *stops, noticing Lakara's approach*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Commander." *nodding respectfully to Lakara*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Klomps in, overhearing the Commander's words to Kil'desh* We are familiar with your Human eating rituals, Commander.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *turns to face her Commander* "Sir."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *To Kil'desh* Please tell me you brought some fresh Gagh along with you...
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Her quiet meal was interrupted by the others walking in::
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "Only one crate, sir, but they are impressively fresh."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Snarls slightly* Then, we will save it for when we have something to celebrate!
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Approaches the group* You'll need some good Bloodwine, if that's your proclivity to live Gagh, Lady Lakara.
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Arching her eyebrows as the senior officers from both ships took stage near her table. She stopped eating for a minute to pay them attention::
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Cackles at the Captain* Pah! Do not tempt me, Captain Demarcus. Tonight, I must force myself to eat some of your /Human/ food.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turns towards the counter, trying to find something Klingon-edible among the offerings tonight*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns towards V'Rul* Yes... and with replicators offline still, what looks good tonight, Chipper?
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *walks between the captain and his first officer, to Lakara's side, curious as to the food options*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *watches Kil'desh, then responds to the Captain* "I am not aware of the popularity statistics of the various food items, Captain. If you wish, I can certainly begin a study."
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Her eyeballs gazed to V'Rul, wondering how much Human interaction he's really had::
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles* You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to your attempts at finding a sense of humor, Chipper, but please keep on trying. It does make for a pleasant distraction.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "You did make it an order, Captain."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Yes... eighteen years ago.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *reaches out to grab some food from a bowl, shoveling it into her mouth to test if it's edible*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turns to Kil'desh curiously, snorting as she eats*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "While you repeatedly point that out, may I remind the Captain that you have yet to rescind the order, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well... that much is true... *Turning, heading behind the country to investigate what Chef's sent down from Eight-Forward tonight*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Didn't realize that the pair had that much of a history::
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *raises an eyebrow, then turns his attention to his appetite*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *fills a soup-bowl with Plomeek*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Collecting her bowl of plomeek, T'Pamme went to put her meal away::
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Shuffles around behind the counter* Let's see... French Onion, Beef and bean chili, Gazpacho, and of course... *Pausing at the pot of Plomeek*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *pulls his bowl to safety*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles* I'll follow your belly on this one, Chipper. *Ladles a bowl for himself, grabbing a dinner roll from a platter as he moves out from behind the counter*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Begins to quietly dismiss herself from the lounge::
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *watches the others as she continues to eat the one thing she seems to like: chicken*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *takes his Plomeek and spoon, choosing a seat at one of the larger tables*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: That bird carcass looks as if it's been out in the sun for days...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods to T'Pamme as he walk in* Ma'am.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Slides into a seat opposite V'Rul, silently joining him in a dining ritual they have performed together hundreds, if not thousands, of times.*
[24thRP] T'Pamme@Glenn_Wrongjas: Cadet. ::As the only word she uttered the entire time in the lounge and she proceeded to leave::
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "It is dry, without flavor, except for this seasoning."
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *rubs her fingertips together, where some of the red seasoning has rubbed off*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Peers at it, touching it gingerly with a finger* Why these Humans insist on letting their food go to rot like this...
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *silently sips, as he sits up and looks to the Captain*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "Perhaps it's an insult to the animal. It may be that, one day, the Humans were hunted by these tiny creatures."
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *she slurs a slight, speaking with her mouth half full*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Cackles at her adjutant* A tiny, flightless bird... You may be right. Humans would run for cover!
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *walks over to the counter, standing in line behind the Klingon ladies*
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Muttering to himself:: (w) T'Pamme is needing to relax just a little bit.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *grunts with a smirk as she makes her Commander laugh*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *walks up and takes a look at the menu*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *slowly finishes his soup, then nods to the Captain* "If I may sir, I'd like to return to the bridge to assist in repairs"
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *stands, awaiting the captain's response*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Picks up a chunk of chicken meat, crumbling it in her fingers and letting it drop back on the platter* Who would eat... this?
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *glances behind her, noticing Tirik* "Might this one?"
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *points to the ensign to Lakara's aside*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Hang on just a minute, Chipper. I still haven't heard your frank opinion of our Klingon hosts... *Keeping his voice low and soft*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: ((*cadet))
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turns to the Cadet* Well at least THIS one isn't Human! *Cackles, slapping Tirik on the back*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *raises an eyebrow slightly, a slight smile crossing his face*
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::Walking into the lounge, having passed T'Pamme on the way in:: Doesn't that woman /ever/ smile?
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *leans down to the captain's ear* "You know my opinion on Commander Lakara, Captain. Her Adjutant seems irritable, yet pragmatic. Otherwise, typical, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans back in his seat slightly, crossing his arms across his chest* I know she is a tough cookie, Chipper, but Lu'Kor /is/ an old friend...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *looks at the chicken* Personally, I take mine freshly-shot, but already cooked works, too, ma'am.
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: Don't tell me the replicators are /still/ offline...
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Cackles at the Cadet again, slightly louder* Freshly shot! Now THIS is a Federation I can toast a mug of Bloodwine with!
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *looks curiously over to the Red uniformed Starfleet* "Do you /have/... any freshly shot aboard?"
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: I guess that answers my question.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "I understand sir, and I do not protest, I simply answer honestly"
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: You can eat all your burnt avian carcass you like, Federation. I will return to my quarters...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods at the compliment, then shakes his head to the adjutant* I doubt it, and I don't think I could get away with taking one to the holodeck and shutting the safeties off.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Slaps the remainder of the chicken she had in her hand back on the platter*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *To Lakara* "Will you be needing me any further tonight, Commander?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods pensively at V'Rul* ...and you know I appreciate your honesty, Chipper. Always have, always will, but Klingons are a tough nut to crack, and you can't always do that with simple honesty and logic.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "So it would seem, Captain."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Turns to Kil'desh* I will leave you to stuff your face with more of this burnt avian carcass, if you like... *Cackling at her adjutant as she walks out*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *glances over to the Klingons* "To their credit, they do appear to be behaving well with the crew, for now."
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *watches Lakara leave, then tries the Chicken once again, before giving up on it and trying the next option*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *looks at the chicken, then checks the menu* Hm.
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: ::The Doctor, frustrated by the fact the replicator is still offline, even in the lounge:: Back to the quarters for rations...
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *To Tirik* "Do you have anything live to eat?"
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *shakes his head* Best it gets here is 'rare.'
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *nods*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "And what is Rare here, then?" *gestures at the available foods*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *is visibly unfamillar with human foods*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Let's see. *looks*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *follows Tirik's gaze curiously*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: The menu doesn't exactly apply tonight, since the replicators are down, but the bird's usually done spicy.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Walks nervously down the corridor, nodding slightly to the Bajoran* Uhm... Doctor...
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: Unless you're ready to deal with the replicators offline, Cadet, I wouldn't go in there.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *tastes the seasoning still stuck to one of her fingers* "The seasoning is palatable; the meat is only just. What is the green water?"
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimpers slightly* They are?! But... is there anything to eat?
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: The Klingons are talking about some burnt birds, and I thought I smelled a hint of soup in there. The Plomeek, in particular.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *looks to the Captain expentantly*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Green water?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ohhh... Soup? I think I've had that before. It's uhm... it's all right, I guess.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *points to the soup*
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: If it's fine with you, Cadet, then help yourself. I'm sitting on a stack of rations from the outage. I'm going to get one of those.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously shuffles her boots* Uhm... yes, sir. Sorry for bothering you.
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Oh! Plomeek, I think. It's a Vulcan soup. Usually takes more than one try, if you're NOT Vulcan.
[24thRP] Uhidan@Glenn_Wrongjas: It's not a bother, Cadet. Enjoy your meal.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Thank you, sir. Good night.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *wrinkles her nose* "Ugh, I'd sooner try the half rotten meat" *She grabs a chunk of chicken with her bare hand, shoving it on her plate*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously enters the Aft Crew Lounge, whimpering softly to herself*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *wrinkles her nose at the soup* "I'll stick to the burnt bird meat" *She grabs a hand-ful with her bare, semi-gloved hand, dropping it on her plate just gently enough to be inaudible*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles at Carmen as she walks in*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Smiles, seeing Tirik brightens her face somewhat, but nervously stays away, noticing the Klingon*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Finishing his own soup, Captain Demarcus slides out of his seat, patting V'Rul on the shoulder and turning back towards the counter*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Sir?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: That was good Plomeek, even for Chef.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *glances down to his own empty bowl* "It was adequate."
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: So, soup, or bird... *ponders*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Heads back towards the counter* A glowing endorsement if I've ever heard one. *Noticing Carmen* Something wrong, Cadet?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Eh, bird tonight.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *she wipes her mouth on her glove before heading to a seat with a plateful of bird and a water ration*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *orders a boneless chicken breast*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *grabs a seat in the center, leans back comfortably and eyes everyone at random*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Shuffles her boots nervously* Uhm... Captain... *Turning to V'Rul* Commander...
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *places his empty bowl back behind the counter int he kitchen then returns to see him speaking with the Cadet*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Cadet." *nodding to Carmen*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... sirs... sorry, if I'm in your way... *Sheepishly steps aside, trying to look towards Tirik*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *waves Carmen over*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *notices the 3 meters of space between himself and the Captain, then looks back to the Cadet* "You are in no one's way Cadet"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smirks at V'Rul, turning to Carmen* Duarte, right?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... yes, sir.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *grunts as she eats*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *orders a glass of water as the bartender lays his tray on the counter*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Jerks his head towards the counter* I've been meaning to find a chance to talk with you a bit. C'mon, I'll buy you dinner.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... Me? Buy dinner, sir?
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Just a figure of speech, Cadet. C'mon. *Heads to the counter*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods, smiling at Carmen* I'd take the Captain up on it. Not every day...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *lets the last linger*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously walks around V'Rul, looking between the floor and Tirik*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at Tirik* Cadet... *Searching for a name*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *takes the glass of water and sets it on his tray, then looks to the Captain* Bajn, sir.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *stands at the end of the counter*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Looks at Tirik's tray* What's good tonight, Cadet Bajn?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Looks like either chicken, or plomeek, I think?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I got the boneless.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns to Carmen, noticing her standing a bit away from the counter* How's some boneless chicken breast sound, Cadet?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... *Nervously looks between Tirik, V'Rul, and the Captain* I think that's fine, uhm... sir...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods reassuringly at Carmen*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *a bone falls to her plate with an abrupt clank; she obliviously keeps eating*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Carves a few slices of chicken, plating them up, then taking the tray and a glass of water, heading towards an empty table*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Chipper. *Nods at V'Rul, motioning him to follow*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: One of the Klingons was curious as to what we had on hand, so we took a look.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Erm... *Nervously shuffles her boots, as she follows*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles as everyone does the shuffle*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Slides the tray onto the table, and takes the seat opposite*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Your chicken, Cadet.
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *takes a seat across from V'Rul*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously slides into the chair, looking down and trying to smooth her skirt as she settles in*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *Quietly sits next to his Captain*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *glances around the room, finishing the last of her chicken*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: So... Bajn, Duarte. I've gotten some pretty positive reports from the Cadet Cruise instructors that include both of your names.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turning to V'Rul* Wouldn't you say, Commander?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *listens as he takes a sip of water*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *nods solumnly* "I've heard nothing but positive, sir."
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Looks to Tirik and back at the senior officers quietly, nervously poking at her chicken*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I've been lucky to have instructors who make it easy, sir. I suspect it's the same for Cadet Duarte.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *unaware of human customs, she orally vents gastrointestinal build-up before standing to return her plate*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Whimpers softly to herself, nodding in agreement* Great instructors, right, yeah...
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles as Kil'desh belches*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *heads for the door*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: How have you both enjoyed life at the Academy?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *looks at Carmen* You first.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... *Nervously looks over to Tirik* Me?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* Sure. *winks*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... it's been great, sir. I think I really like this Cadet Cruise the most... *Continues to poke at her chicken*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "If you will excuse me, captain?"
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Turning to Tirik, waiting for his turn*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at V'Rul, still listening to the Cadets* Of course, Chipper..
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods to V'Rul* Sir.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *walks into the Aft Lounge, stretching appearing to just be waking up*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *stands and heads for the door*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I liked the Warp Systems courses. Marathon, too.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Ohhh? You're a marathon type, Bajn?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *Steven walks into the aft lounge, clapping Qesh on the back as he passes* "Hey, Qesh."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *orders a boneless chicken breast*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* Yes, sir. I've gotten closer every year.
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Feeling pretty good about getting over the hump this time. *takes a bite of chicken*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *grins* "Hey, Steve. I was just working up the nerve to see what's on the menu."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: "Not exactly a run-of-the-mill selection."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Thumbs his chin idly* Over the hump? Have you not finished in the past?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *smiles* "They have chicken, I'm happy." *samples the seasoning* "Cajun Chicken, not bad."
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Not first, sir. *grins as he takes a sip of water*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *takes his plate to find a seat, noticing the Captain. He takes a deep breath, then sets course for the table*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Mind if I join you?" *He openly addresses the table*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Looking over to the new arrival* Ah... Cadet... Wells, was it?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *grins as he notices Steven walking up*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *nods confidently to the Captain* "Aye, Captain."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Yeah, park it! Cadet Bajn here was just telling us about his triumphant attempts at the Academy Marathon.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Slides over one seat*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *takes a seat*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* I was telling the Captain that I'm feeling good about my chances of winning it this time around.
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *chuckles, taking a bowl of Plomeek* "I don't know. The soup's really not b-" *notices Steven has left to take a seat already* "...not as bad as talking to myself."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "I believe he will win. It's his nature: he wins things." *smirks to Tirik*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles, taking another bite of chicken*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: You don't do so shabbily, yourself. *to Steven*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Someone notices." *he laughs, trying the chicken, and smiling even brighter* "Best news of the day: the survival food is excellent."
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *takes his bowl, and looks to the congregation, debating if he should join them*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *laughs*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *internally is feeling proud of his ability to seem comfortable in the captain's presence*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously plays with her food, poking at the chicken with her fork*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods at Steven* Chef does a good job on short notice... If there ever was a chef who could, Eight-Forward's a lucky place.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Quite so, sir. I haven't gone hungry on this ship."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *smiles, taking a bite*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *chooses a seat and sits to sip his soup silently, solo*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: So tell me, Cadet Bajn,... are you planning on competing in the marathon this year?
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *slurps*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Yes, sir. Been getting in some runs between shifts.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smiles at Tirik* Oh, yeah? What's your best time so far?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Two thirty-five, sir.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods* Not bad!
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns to Steven* The other Cadets were just sharing how they were enjoying the Academy, Cadet Wells.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Were they? I hope I didn't miss any good stories."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, perhaps you have some of your own?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles, looking over at Carmen*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *Smiles* "A great many, sir. I've been living the dream in Starfleet."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Oh, really? And how's that, exactly?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *listens as he takes another bite of chicken*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Before Starfleet, I was just the local technology enthusiast, repairing computer systems for family members who can't make heads or tails of an isolinear chip."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Starfleet has trained me, given me skills I couldn't have learned without, taken me to the stars, given me new friends and the chance to eat some Cajun chicken in a starship, with a Captain."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *he nods with a grin to the Captain*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *...as he takes a bite*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Took the words right out of my head. *chuckles*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *flashes a grin to Tirik as he chews his food*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at Steven* Oh, you'll get used to it all some day, I promise. And therein is the true nature of what being a Starfleet officer is all about. Whenever you find yourself getting used to something, that is exactly when you realize there is something new and exciting to get used to.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *smiling and nodding to the captain* "Precisely as I said: living the dream..."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *trains on a slight* "...and I can only dream of the day where I become used to growing and learning new things."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I suppose that is one way of putting it, Cadet Wells. *Chuckles at him, turning to them all* Have you given any thought to your paths after graduation?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *nods, his mouth again too full to further respond*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *finishes his soup, picks up his bowl as he stands, and heads for the counter*
[24thRP] Qesh@umstudios: *plucks a bit of chicken, popping it into his mouth as he drops off his empty bowl, heading for the door*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Timidly shuffles in her seat, smoothing her skirt and waiting for the others to answer*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *swallows* "I have it down to two options."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Nods, and listens to Steven*
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *walks in, heading directly for the counter, and takes a small plate full of chicken*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "It's either focus on Command, or stick to Engineering. I seem to have scored exceptionally well in both, thus far, and they are both enticing to me."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans in, looking directly at Steven* Tell me, Cadet Wells, which one do you WANT?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *Looks the captain in the eye, and without hesitation, says* "Command, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Without blinking* Then pursue Engineering.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *Genuinely curious* "Sir?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans back, chuckling slightly to himself* I've been all around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants... and I'll say this: If everyone always did just what they wanted to do, why bother exploring at all?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *listens, taking a bite of chicken, followed by a sip of water*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I want to meet interesting societies and cultures. I want to meet interesting people, and I can promise you... the most interesting people I ever meet are the ones that do more than simply what they WANT to do.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *crosses his arms and sits back in his seat* More than what I /want/ to do... I could become an Admiral."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: If you have a talent that has developed in your person, independent of you wanting it to be there, then you owe it to yourself to pursue that talent with all the fervor that you can muster.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "And what if my talent is for learning new skills, when I've set my mind upon them?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at him, waving his ambition off* Believe me, Cadet. Once you've been serving on starships for a few years, you'll never /want/ to be an admiral.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "I don't want to be an admiral, that's more than I want. I want... I want to captain a starship."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans in again* Then don't you think you'd be doing your future command a disservice if you /don't/ pursue Engineering? *Leans back again, talking a bit more animated now with his hands on the table* Believe me, Cadet, Boston is my second command. If I could turn back the clock, and serve as an Engineer earlier in my career, I'd do it in an instant.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *rubs his chin* "I would trade with that former you, then, sir, for I've become quite an engineer, if I'm allowed a moment of immodesty. Yet, I've plenty to learn in command. It's a better challenge, I think, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at Steven for a moment* You know, Cadet,... After serving for a few years, even an Engineer will start to learn how to command other Engineers.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "A start is wonderful, but it is exactly that: a start. Command path focuses quite a bit more on exactly what I'm after."
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* They call him/her Chief for a reason.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans back, folding his arms and tapping his chin with a single finger pensively* Tell me, Cadet,... have you had a chance to meet Commander V'Rul since coming aboard ship?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *tilts his head to the side* "I have, very briefly, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Do you, perhaps, know the Commander's background in Starfleet, Cadet?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "He has not shared that with me." *he shakes his head, smiling as he listens*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, there's my point, Cadet. The First Officer of this starship, one of Starfleet's shooting stars in the Command Division, was my former Chief Engineer.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *takes her plate of chicken and re-takes her seat from earlier*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *grins* "So you're saying I should pursue engineering, and latch onto someone into command... If I may be so bold as to ask, how does he then make the jump from Commander to Captain, with no command training, and a background only in engineering?"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Who ever said anything about a background in /only/ Engineering, Cadet?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Wouldn't that risk losing focus sir?"
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *resumes her eat-grunting*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Nervously plays with her chicken, taking a small bite*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: That's up to you to manage, Cadet. *Moving his glance to Tirik* And you, Cadet Bajn?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *raises his eyebrow in surprise, but does not respond further, choosing instead to nod as if understanding*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I'm the guy who likes to have fun AND get the job done.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Quirks an eyebrow at Tirik* Cadet?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *ponders his words*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: In other words, I like an environment like I've found in Engineering. Good people and hard workers all, plus they know how to have fun.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *elbows Tirk with a grin* "..and fun we have had."
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *chuckles, nodding knowingly* Right?
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Yes... I've heard all of the security reports about Commander Dlett's... diversions, but you'd agree he keeps an efficient crew operating the Matter/Antimatter Reactor?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* Very much so, sir.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Sounds like you've been enjoying serving your Cadet Cruise in Engineering?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: It's been a... what's the human term?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *ponders briefly, then:* ..blast. *grins*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *chuckles softly*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Yes... forgive me a moment, Cadet... but I am unfamiliar with your people. Please educate me?
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *has slowly begun listening in, slowing in her consumption of burnt bird meat*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Hayari, sir. We call the 51 Pegasi system home. It's a little off the beaten path, but we send a few cadets to the Academy every decade.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Hayari... yes. Of course. *Leans back in his seat, stroking his moustache* 51 Pegasi is a system I've always wanted to visit. Binary, isn't it?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Yes, sir. We live on the fourth planet. It shares a trojan orbit with a smaller planetoid.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Ah, right, of course... One of the unique binary systems that consists of a star, and an exoplanet with its own gravity.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Perks up slightly* A unique binary system?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I think that's the scientist talking. *smiles*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *winks at Carmen*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Quirks her head to her side, looking at Tirik a bit owl-y*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: At least, it sounds like a scientist.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Erm... me?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *nods* "You."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Chuckles at the pair, turning to Carmen* You're familiar with the system as well, Cadet?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Erm... *Deflates slightly, looking to Tirik*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: Cadets Duarte, Wells, and I all hang out quite a bit. She's asked me about home a few times.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Oh, is that so? *Amusedly leans back in his seat, studying the three*
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *smiles* She really likes Astrometrics, too.
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Oh? Astrometrics, Cadet?
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Uhm... me, Captain? *Nervously looks down, smoothing her skirt*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *hides his smile behind the last of his chicken before popping it into his mouth*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Yes, Cadet. *Nods, looking towards her*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ahm... Astrometrics, me... Sir? Sí, claro. Er... Yes. *Nervously looks down, trying to adjust her skirt again*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: You don't have to be nervous around me, Cadet. I'm not the Academy Commandant.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: "To them, you might as well be."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, it's been an enlightening evening, Cadets. I do hope that the three of you consider applying for a post on the Boston after your graduation from the Academy.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "I already have the forms prepared, sir."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Looks over to Steven* Oh, have you, Cadet?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "I came to the conclusion that I want to continue here, if I've the option, about three weeks ago."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Leans back, folding his arms across his chest* In what capacity, Cadet?
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I'd like to start here, too, sir.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *looks at the captain with a blank expression, which slowly leaks, and fades into a smile* "Systems Engineer."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Smirks at Steven, winking at him slightly* And how'd I know you'd have already made the choice to stick with Engineering?
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *chuckles, merely smiling in response*
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: Ahm... *Shuffles in her seat nervously* I didn't know we could apply for a posting this early, Captain.
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *chuckles* Had you pegged from the word "go."
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *looking over to Carmen* "Technically can't apply yet, but you can fill out the forms, so all you do is press the send button when it's time."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Well, you can't officially apply until you've received your Starfleet officer's commission, but, as Cadet Wells has shown, you /can/ prepare the transfer requests beforehand.
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *nods* Been filling mine out, too.
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *pats Tirik on the shoulder* "Knew it!"
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: *grins*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "Wouldn't it be amazing if we all got posted here again?"
[24thRP] Tirik@n0d3stone: I'm not at all opposed.
[24thRP] Carmen Duarte@GabyBee: *Bobs in her seat slightly excited* You think we could all get it? *Then realizes the Captain is still present* Uhm... sir.
[24thRP] Kil'desh@umstudios: *picks up her empty plate, disposes of it randomly on the bar, and walks out the door*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: *grins*
[24thRP] Steven@digitalmagick: "So long as we all try, there is always a chance."

» USS Boston RP Log 15

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 @ 6:28am by Ensign Tahna Mira in Out of Character

(Original Log Date: March 20, 2016)
[Fleet] Stardate 38254.3 - 03/05/2361 - U.S.S. Boston - Ship Status: Approaching Klingon Space; Under I.K.S. Soykirim Escort - Uniform of the Day, Service Uniform A
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Yes Captain" *he turns to Silur* "You are familiar with the Shield control systems protocol?" *he walks past her to a wall console*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I am. For the time being, some functions will be diminished, but we will see what is available to us."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Taps a few more commands on the console* Captain Demarcus, I require your sensor security clearance.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Perhaps you can locate a non-essential secondary system, possessing ODN routes between the primary core and shield operations stations. I'll do the same with locations adjacent to the secondary core."
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "Nam-tor stor ya'shakhuv, Khart-lan. Nam-tor ri'fundik, ki'gla-tor nash-veh. I'll assume that task, Commander."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Very well, Commander. *Nods to Lakara, then manually inputs his command codes into the LCARS interface*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *walks in with a box of new isolinear chips and sets it on the floor, next to the near console on the right*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *nods to Silur, and turns to the console, bringing up an interactive master systems display, and tracing pathways while slipping through a list of sub-systems*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: *sets to her work, fingers blazing rather quickly across the readouts- someone's quite comfortable at this*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *pulls the stool closer to the console, his gaze unbreaking from the console*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *opens the following, in order: the console system access panel, the box of replacement chips, and her toolkit, removing a tricorder from it as she prepares to replace the corroded ones in the panel*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Gravity control systems have an almost untouched ODN set. We should be able to borrow from them for shield control."
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "Quite acceptable, I agree."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "How long would it take to reconfigure the interconnects to route through this subsystem?"
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I can perform that momentarily. Stand by."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Very good, Ensign."
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "The process is complete."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *plays his fingers over the console* "Forward shields responding. Ventral shields responding. Aft shields...not responding."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *goes about replacing the bad chips in the panel, scanning the replacements with her tricorder to test their integrity before inserting them*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *dancing his fingers across the console* "Check to ensure that the connection to aft shields is holding, Ensign."
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I am detecting an unspecified error at Junction B, Subsection Two. Attempting to bypass."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *watches Silur*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: *Silur's left eyebrow almost arches up to her hairline* "Intriguing.."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *tests and replaces the last of the chips in the first console, closing the door as it lights up*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *facing Silur* "Report, Ensign."
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I am locked out. It appears aft shield control has been manually routed to a console at the catwalk of the port nacelle. Isolating the console now." *A station is indicated on a readout before her*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *picks up the box of chips and her toolkit, and moves to the next console, laying her equipment down on the other side of the chair from its previous place*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "The console could be severed from the network. We might also attempt to learn the identity of the one responsible."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *stands from his stool, moving it out of the way for Mira, as he steps over to Silur* "I agree, Ensign. Where do you recommend we begin?"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *smiles as she opens the panel on the next console, pulling her tricorder out to scan the chips therein*
[24thRP] Gaby@GabyBee: [Suddenly, Silur's console would begin chirping with a proximity alert from sensors]
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I'm establishing a trace. It would seem a~hm?"
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "Commander, your attention."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Taps the console aggressively, pounding several commands now that she has command access to activate various subroutines*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *raises an eyebrow as the console chirps*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *Turns his attention to follow Silur's gaze onto her console* "Captain, we have a proximity alert!"
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: I'm aware of that, old friend... *Tilting his head up slowly to the main viewer, acting as an ersatz viewscreen, with a Klingon Bird of Prey in full view.*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *reroutes power around the bad chips in the console she's working on, as not all the chips were affected by the recent 'infection'*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *Glances to the viewscreen, and turns his attention back to Silur* "Thank you, Ensign. Returning to our investigation."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *glances back to the viewscreen a moment, looking the ship over before focusing on the task at hand*
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: Captain Demarcus, this is NOT a House Lu'Kor vessel... *Tapping her console, activating the Klingon transceiver that was integrated into the Astrometrics computers two weeks prior*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *removes the bad chips, replacing them as she tests new chips. She returns power routing to normal as a final test, smiling as the new chips hold up*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "I've established a trace. Credentials were changed via a PADD routed through a replicator in the Mess Hall, though the alteration is not a crew member on file. Proceeding."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *moves her equipment over, nodding to V'rul* Everything's ready on this one, sir, if you need to move over.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Check the user identifier against automation and command relay systems."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Commander V'Rul... how long until you have access to shields systems?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Aye, sir.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Forward and Ventral Shields already on-line sir. We are currently investigating an unusual issue implimenting a new control routing for the Aft shields. I estimate up to thirty minutes captain"
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *to console* Computer, run automated and command relay systems identification checks: Tahna Mira, Ensign.
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "It appears the responsible credentialing belong to Crewman Gambeson."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *Computer* All systems nominal.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: Investigate later, Mate. If we've got forward shields, RAISE THEM!
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *turns to Silur* "You can do it faster than I can. Raise the forward shields."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Aggressively taps several more commands* Captain Demarcus, I believe this Bird of Prey belongs to House Dur'Zu... They are using an older transponder code, but it matches for their warriors' transmissions.
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: *SIlur flips to shield integrity control* "Fore shields at sixty percent and rising."
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "We have forward shields, Captain. Ventral shields at Standby."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Do they have any seats on the High Council? *Questions Lakara, then turns to V'Rul* Faster would be better...
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *turning back to Silur* "Put off investigating. Can we bypass the console?"
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: Not in many years, Captain. Dur'Zu has been a lesser House for many years now. They are mostly concerned with taking whatever scraps House Duras will toss them.
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "If we bypass the console, Crewman Gambeson will know she has been discovered. Recommend a security team be sent to the port nacelle catwalk to apprehend her."
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *To Silur* Don't assume ill intent, Ensign. Just lock it down and re-route the shields. *Turning back to Lakara* And what about their connections with House Ghek'ten?
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "Yes, Captain. Rerouting."
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *takes her equipment to the other side of the room*
[24thRP] Silur@Sbutler373: "Aft shields at 35%, rising."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: They are blood enemies. It is well known within the Empire that House Ghek'ten secretly collaborates with Romulans. Even Dur'Zu knows dishonor when he sees it.
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *logs into the console next to V'Rul and Silur, pulling up a shield systems display*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *reroutes power through the forward and aft auxiliary shield buffers*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: Interesting... what is the Bird of Prey's status?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: Reinforcing forward and aft shields.
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: It's an old D12. They will rely on their speed and maneuverability, if they decide to attack, but there is no honor in attacking a defenseless target. Dur'Zu is likely just curious what a /Federation/ starship is doing within the Imperial borders.
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: *turns to face the Astrometrics main display*
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *heads back to the other side of the room, going back to replacing bad chips*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "Shields nearly at full strength Captain, our next priority?"
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: *Aggressively taps at the console a few more commands, overlaying the Klingon transciever readout on the main viewer*
[24thRP] Demarcus@gabycee#6848: *Turns towards the pair of Vulcans* I think we don't have too many options here. We need to hail that Bird of Prey, but I don't want to go in blind. Suggestions?
[24thRP] Mira@n0d3stone: *replaces chips as she listens to the conversation behind her*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "I suggest using the Transporter positioning sensors to scan the contents of their bridge. The resolution will be poor, but we may gain valuable information prior to contact, and, as it is a passive scan, it should not raise any concerns."
[24thRP] Lakara@GabyBee: Can you do that from here, Chipper? *Raises one hand to his chin, tapping it pensively*
[24thRP] V'Rul@digitalmagick: "I believe so Captain" *he steps over to the console aside the captain*

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