Lieutenant Commander Zekru Krelossi

Name Zekru Krelossi

Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Full Name Zekru Krelossi
Gender Male
Species Saurian
Date of Birth March 3, 2327

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 250
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Black
Skintone Salmon
Build Athletic
Features Spotted brown scales on the top and back of his head, extending down the back of his neck. Scaly, like a lizard. Enigmatic half-smile due to the construction of his facial features, like most Saurians.

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Sauria (Psi Serpentis IV)
Residence(s) Basileus Distillers, M'Tezir City, Sauria
Father Gokmesse Krelossi
Mother Sitai Krelossi


Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Computer Systems Design
Postgraduate Institution University of Alpha Centauri
Postgraduate Fields of Study Master of Subspace Physics
Doctoral Institution Vulcan Science Academy
Doctoral Fields of Study Subspace Fields in Computer Design
Post-doctoral Institution Starfleet Command School
Post-doctoral Fields of Study Starship Command, Diplomacy, Tactics - In Progress

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saurians are generally considered to be a cheerful, friendly people - the enigmatic half-smile that their faces bear due to the shape of their skull builds upon the impression, as well as their reputation for hospitality and enjoyment of a good time. In this way, Zekru is much like any other Saurian that one may encounter.

Even though he is friendly, Zekru has a highly analytical mind, honed by his years in the sciences. While he has great appreciation for Vulcans and their logic, he has not pursued their mental disciplines as they tend to be a bit too stuffy for his tastes. Science and joy are not incompatible, in his mind. His early upbringing helps him remain cool and collected under pressure, as well as his 22 years of Starfleet service and training.

He is relatively new to a command role, having only taken up the role of second officer aboard the Zephyr a little more than three and a half years ago. Though he passed the bridge officer's exam with flying colors, and he aspires to the command of his own vessel someday, he has not yet been tested in that role - the majority of his career being spent either planetside or within previously-explored Federation territory. He's had encounters with pirates and raiders, but no serious threats - especially while he was in a command role. His command style is relatively relaxed - he doesn't ask for excessive formality while on-duty, nor does he expect it outside of emergencies. His expectation is that duties are attended to and work is handled in a timely fashion; if it is not, correction will be attempted in a gentle manner before moving to more formal actions.

He was transferred to Boston after requesting that Captain V'les (Vulcan, age 147) of the Zephyr arrange to find him a position aboard an explorer-type starship. Zekru's relative inexperience with command led V'les to guide him toward an older, but still capable ship, rather than one of the new Nebula- or Galaxy-class starships - so that he may continue to grow and learn before being thrust into the deepest space assignments where the strangest things tend to happen.

Having trained as a scientist, Zekru attempts to stay current on the developments of the day in the computer sciences and FTL communications spaces. This involves maintaining a working knowledge of subspace theory, along with keeping abreast of the latest developments. Positronics and organic computing are special interests ever since his days at the Daystrom Institute, although he is not actively working to crack the secrets of Noonian Soong's work as others are at Daystrom. As powerful as the technology seems, judging by the performance of the sole Soong-type android, the difficulty in replicating the success of Lieutenant Commander Data has convinced Zekru that the immediate future of computing for the Federation and Starfleet will be found in bio-neural circuitry and moving away from traditional isolinear systems. That said, with his transfer to the command branch, his time for the sciences will be limited by other duties.

Zekru is an accomplished musician, having taken Vulcan lute lessons when he was a sprog, but he has a great appreciation for a wide variety of music from Andorian blues to Bre'ellan sky-singing to Klingon opera. He has committed to memory the lyrics to the Warrior's Anthem from the Klingon Empire, should he ever have an opportunity to serve as an exchange officer with the Klingon Defense Force.
Strengths & Weaknesses Highly analytical mind
Eidetic memory
Relatively inexperienced in command roles
Ambitions To be the farthest traveled Saurian in the history of the species, as most Saurians tend to stay very close to home.
Hobbies & Interests Accomplished Vulcan lute player
Music affeciando - special interest in Andorian blue, Bre'ellan sky-singing, and Klingon opera
Enjoys singing the Warrior's Anthem from the Klingon Empire
Organic Computing

Personal History A native Saurian, Zekru was born into a family of privilege as his family were the owners of Basileus Distillers, one of the oldest and highly recognized vintners and producers of Saurian Brandy. In the days before Sauria unified, they were the exclusive suppliers to the monarchs of M'Tezir. Even by 2327's standards, Basileus was considered one of the finest producers of Saurian brandy on Sauria.

As a son of Gokmesse Krelossi and his primary spouse Sitai, Zekru was afforded relatively more privilege than other, younger hatchlings. As he was not the eldest son, he was also afforded more freedom in deciding what he wanted to be as he became older. He had an affinity for music as a sprog, taking lessons on the Vulcan lute between the ages of 3 and 6, and that translated into superior mathematical ability and an interest in the sciences. It was an invitation that his father recieved to the official opening of Starbase 515 in 2334 that helped determine his path. Civilian transports were luxurious, and not everyone had one, but they were nothing in the eyes of the almost mature Saurian compared to the massive hulk of the starship Valdemar occupying the same orbit as his father's ship.

In 2337, after reaching the age of maturity, Zekru applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Being Saurian gave him certain advantages: he could could operate in a variety of environments so long as oxygen was present, but as was the same with most reptiloids, the cold was a deadly enemy. He was on the track team, a member of a Vulcan lute quartet, and excelled in his classes. He decided to specialize in computer systems design, designing FTL communications circuits for isolinear computer systems. Ultimately, he graduated 10th of a class of 481 in 2341.

As a commissioned officer, Zekru's first posting was to the Daystrom Institute Annex in Okinawa, conducting further research into positronics (now that the first Soong-type android had been accepted to the Academy) and the first iterations of bio-neural circuitry. However, he wanted to serve aboard a starship, and transferred to the Oberth-class USS Roykirk (NCC-641) in 2346 after earning his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade rather than continuing on to the new Daystrom Annex on Galor IV.

Service aboard a dedicated science ship, even one as old as the Roykirk, was more suited to Zekru's style. However, scientific inquiry aboard such a small ship was generally limited to planetary surveys in well-established sectors where the charts were being filled in. In 2350, when he promoted to full Lieutenant, he transferred to the Springfield-class USS Zephyr (NCC-57260), which was involved in Starfleet's overall exploration push into the Alpha Quadrant past Sauria and Denobula toward First Federation territory. In 2355, he was appointed as the Chief Science Officer aboard the Zephyr. In 2360, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and asked to do double duty as the ship's second officer and the chief science officer. He passed the bridge officer exam to take this position, and found that command duties were agreeable to him.

His service continued aboard the Zephyr until early 2364 until he was selected for a position aboard the Ambassador-class starship USS Boston (NCC-26163), which had just returned from the Shaya Shi’kwai region of space on an exploratory mission. To become Captain Demarcus' second officer, he transferred to the command branch of service. In that way, he could further his career as an explorer - and one day be the captain of a vessel pushing the edges of the frontier.
Service Record August 2337: Entered Starfleet Academy
May 2341: Graduated 10th of 481, Starfleet Academy
June 2341: Assigned to Daystrom Institute Annex, Okinawa, Japan. Research focus into positronic and organic computing
June 2346: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
June 2346: Assigned USS Roykirk, NCC-641 (Oberth-class) as Science Officer
January 2350: Promoted to Lieutenant
May 2350: Assigned USS Zephyr, NCC-57260 (Springfield-class) as Science Officer
October 2355: Appointed Chief Science Officer, USS Zephyr
February 2360: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
February 2360: Appointed Second Officer, USS Zephyr, in addition to Chief Science Officer duties
Feburary 2360: Passed bridge officer's exam, assumed Second Officer role
May 2364: Assigned USS Boston, NCC-26163 (Ambassador-class) as Second Officer