RP Recap - 8/8/2020

Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:33pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Location: System KJ-80248
Timeline: Stardate 40931.4
Tags: RP Recap

After locating a massive shipment of illicit bio-mimetic gel in a warehouse in the Kohol District of Maltabra City on Farius Prime, the covert away team returned to U.S.S. Boston via the gunship shuttlecraft ‘Rocinante’. However, a corrupt official with the Farian Port Authority tipped off a band of Orion smugglers based on the falsified export manifest the away team had submitted claiming the ‘Rocinante’ to be carrying a cargo of highly valuable medical supplies. The Orion smugglers were able to track the gunship shuttlecraft to the nearby uninhabited star syste at KJ-80248 where they launched their attack.

Though expecting a simple boarding operation against a smaller craft, the three Orion raider spacecraft quickly realized their errors in reconnaissance when they were confronted with Ambassador-class starship U.S.S. Boston upon entering the system. A brief skirmish ensued with one raider temporarily disabled, and the two others held at bay by the expert piloting skills of Lieutenant Elli Vos, and the new quad-phaser firing techniques spearheaded by Lieutenant Elise Auray.

The Orions, still intent on seizing some booty from their target, managed to beam a small boarding party aboard the Boston. Having anticipated their target to be the bio-mimetic gel, Lieutenant Miriodere had assembled extra Security teams in Cargo Bay Eight, and quickly dispatched them to eject the Orion boarding party from the ship. They were met in Sickbay by Doctor H’Rilla, and Security Officers T’Rena and Jori, who quickly dispatched two Orions, and incapacitated a third who was taken into custody.

Upon interrogation, this Orion provided information on criminal activity within the Kohol District of Maltabra City which should prove critical in upcoming covert mission operations on Farius Prime...