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Captain's Log, Stardate 40931.4

Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:32pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Location: System KJ-80248
Timeline: Stardate 40931.4
Tags: Captain's Logs

--|| Captain’s Log, Stardate 40931.4 ||--

After some close calls on Farius Prime, with the away team narrowly avoiding detection by rogue Federation scientists, and then by the Farian Port Authority, I think it is prudent for us to lay low for some time before attempting further covert operations in Maltabra City. I’ve ordered the Boston to enter orbit of a nearby uninhabited M-class world in the JB-973 system to conduct routine planetary scans. Who knows, I might even authorize some away teams to head down to the surface and stretch their legs. Provided Medical and Security give their clearances, of course.

Meanwhile, Commander Raj brought a very intriguing connection to my attention: Apparently the criminal activity with regards to the bio-mimetic gel has somehow crossed wires with a music festival taking place in Maltabra City, on Farius. We’re uncertain exactly how the two are related, but Commander Raj was able to retrieve five VIP passes to the event, and I am considering authorizing a covert team to utilize them…


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