Captain's Log, Stardate 40789.9

Posted on 24 May 2020 @ 10:39am by Captain Philip Demarcus

Mission: The Gray Twilight
Location: U.S.S. Boston
Timeline: December 6, 2362

Events are starting to spin out of control. Rapidly. During yesterday’s away team operation, Commander Jaya Raj was abducted by what I can only now assume are Piraktan Internal Security forces loyal to elements within the Directorate other than Director Bentrel. Who or what those entities are still remains a mystery to us. However, Bentrel /did/ provide us with coordinates for what he supposedly identified as the crash site for Mr. Grenkat’s shuttle. Lieutenant Kilrai has confirmed the coordinates as authentic, but I’m still skeptical, given our recent history with the Directorate. Still, I’ve authorized a runabout operation to scout the coordinates high in the mountains of Pirakta’s northern continent. If they can verify there is indeed wreckage matching the description of Mr. Grenkat’s shuttle, the runabout may land so that an away team may make the final authentication...