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Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu, 41481.1

Posted on 25 Jun 2021 @ 4:54pm by Ensign K'Rosu
Edited on 25 Jun 2021 @ 4:55pm

“Computer begin log…”

“It’s b-been… Interesting, th-these last few days. I’m at 61% already… I-I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. If it was the protonic weapon that did it, th-thats around 11% in 7 or so months. The r-rate may be exponential too, asymptotic at 100% of course. My joints have b-been hurting, making it sort of hard to sleep. I-I was considering b-bringing it up yesterday, but then Doctor Drakkar… I d-don’t know, he went ballistic.”

There’s a long sigh and the sound of PADD’s clacking against each other.

“Occasional headaches too, b-but I don’t know if that’s related. I can push through… It can’t l-last forever. So project updates, K-119.2 almost got a live t-test yesterday. I think next I'll t-try working on an eyepiece to pair with it, t-to scan target geometry to maximize area of effect on target. I-I’ll have to redesign the emitter matrix, i’m thinking of microservers, or magnetic flux response. Rotary? No, no too fixed… Polaric alteration to intentional inclusions in the matrix...That could work…”

Some typing into a PADD can be heard.

“K-89.2 Designs are almost complete. Osmium reactive shell for antimatter, then einsteinium-253 elemental layer 2mm thick for tracking material. Molecular half life of 20.5 solar days in standard conditions… I th-think a detectable trail can b-be maintained for a couple months, th-though chaos variable is maintained, of course… Design K-E-1.2 advanced to 1.3, complete rework of foundational material and geometries taking further inspiration from 1.1. Theoretical focal yield, 26 isotons, retric yield…”

He sighs again, and there’s more sounds of PADDs clacking together.

“3.2 isotons. Considering adjustable matrix for calibration of focal and retric yields, filing as K-E-1.3B. Will progress to 1.4 if f-found feasible…”

Five PADD’s can be heard being stacked, followed by rustling bed sheets.

“Dad might be moving t-to the Kyushu next year… Heard th-they might be needing a new chef. It m-might make it easier, if we ever g-get shore leave near the Kyushu, th-then we could all be together again. I d-don’t think I’ve s-seen mom in person in… A c-couple years now. I hope I g-get to see them soon, letters and c-calls are nice, but in person’s better… I h-hope I havn’t made Lieutenant Huxley unhappy. H-he’s seemed a bit more… Uptight? Around me. M-makes me sort of nervous… Hmm. C-computer, end log, p-please.”


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