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Personal Log, Ensign K'Rosu 41892.5

Posted on 24 Nov 2021 @ 8:25pm by Ensign K'Rosu

“That… That evolutionsbremse! D-dünnbrettbohrer! The front page?! For a a-symbiotic power cell?!”

K’Rosu stomps around his bedroom fuming. A PADD rests face down on the floor, having remained there since K’Rosu tossed it against his chair.

“Meritorious s-service! A breakthrough in m-mobile weapons endurance! Blödsinn! Months! He’s had m-months in his comfy office at SRD and he has the gall t-to post that to the journal?!”

K’Rosu growls as he completes another circle around the room, balling and relaxing his fists.

“V-verdammt erbsenzähler at th-the academy, ‘~Oh, I th-think you meant f-for that frequency t-to be 125.27, n-not .22~’... Of c-course, the j-journal calls that ‘minute attention to detail’... I’d l-like to see him th-throw together a sympathetic tachyon emitter array with whatever th-the ship’s industrials c-can throw together in a c-couple weeks…”

K’Rosu plops down onto his bed with an angered sigh, working to relax his instinctive snarl. He sloppily picks up a PADD from a small stack on his nightstand and glances over it, only to toss it away on the bed a few moments later.

“He w-wouldn’t know innovation if it j-jumped out of an induction m-matrix…” He grumbled, his previous anger now turning to a mix of pain and guilt.

“Th-three hundred and fifteen… Th-that’s how many ideas I’ve j-jotted down, f-from anti-stealth mines t-to personal c-combat suits. Of c-course, I c-can’t go past m-maybe a holographic p-prototype, t-too busy with actual work… W-well, that or I d-don’t have the clearance to build any of th-these… W-well, the ones that could work… I’m l-lucky if I c-can get a physical p-prototype built once every other m-month, j-just to later collect d-dust… He and his t-team want to test a m-micronic adjustment of a ph-phaser array, they g-get a starship so f-fast that…”

He goes silent another moment, then sighs, shaking his head. He slouches down, resting his elbows on his knees, and head hung.

“I sh-should apply for that security c-clearance again… At l-least then I can s-see what we’re working on… S-still couldn’t build much f-for real, b-but at least I c-can feel like I’m r-really helping do what I s-signed up for… Th-though I see it now… ‘After c-careful review we have decided you do not require greater informational clearance than you currently have’...”

K’Rosu lays back in his bed, clenching his teeth. He closes his eyes, resting an arm over his face.

“P-put him in anything b-but the l-latest and greatest and he’d b-be completely lost… He’d t-take a week off f-for a s-sprained finger...L-like to see him need t-to handle some r-real stress…” He grumbles out as he drifts off to sleep.


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