Personal Log, Stardate 41939.8

Posted on 09 Dec 2021 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG James Fox

As Tyler finished a water he had gotten from the replicator after arriving in his quarters, he spoke, "Computer, begin log."

After a pause, he continued, "Adjusting to life back on the Boston is much easier than I thought it would be. I've settled right back in to my routine. Given my new responsibilities, I have more free-time to practice my swimming on the holodeck."

He placed the glass of water on to the table, taking a look around as if he had heard something. After only a moment or two of search, he decided it was nothing.

"Computer, pause log."


The log resumed only a few minutes later. Tyler had changed out of his uniform into more comfortable sleepwear, and had set himself up on his bed with some lemonade on his nightstand.

"Computer, resume log. I've found a new program to practice my swimming in. Ensign Y'Xera recommended it to me. She's a Ritysian. They're a... semi-aquatic people from Ritys. They're almost like otters in a lot of ways, from what she's described to me. If otters also had compound eyes. Those are the ones on a lot of insects back on Earth. Anyways, she recommended I try out a program based on her world. The specific island it takes place on is called Peraxita Bay. It's set with this permanent sunset, and the water has a slight purple hue from the excess iron which causes the water to shimmer in a fascinating blend of purple and blue from Ritys' star. Add in the pink sand caused by the plethora of coral reefs that lie all across the Bay and you have a perfect setting for an evening."

He paused for a moment, looking over at his lemonade glass. It had moved a few inches to the left. He could swear it. He glanced around, trying to find the cause. This was a Starfleet vessel after all. Who knew what kinds of anomalies could be causing this. No, not the ceiling.... no, the ground was clear.... nothing out the window...

He sighed. It must have been his imagination. He returned to his story.

"I was thinking of bringing Elise there, one of these days. I'm sure she'd like it. Especially since there's a volcano you can hike up on the island. Dormant, of course. The last eruption was in.... when did she say... 1,856 Z.P. Anyways, I'll figure it out. Maybe as a birthday surprise, or for our anniversary. Regardless, I've gotten a lot of use out of that program since I've gotten back. It's the closest I've gotten to water since returning from the Academy. I do miss Earth, even if I did miss the Boston as well. I've been talking to Plunkett's son, the one who was my roommate at MIT, about the work he's been doing on the Atlantis Project in Mexico City. Since I turned it down, they found another marine biologist to fill the role. As they would, of course. There are plenty. His name is... ah why did I forget it..."

Tyler got up from the bed and made his way over to a PADD that was lying on the dresser near him. Picking it up, he glanced through it briefly.

"Ryamizard Djafar, from Bandar Lampung. He arrived in the Canary islands a few weeks ago to begin work there."

Placing the PADD down, Tyler continued.

"Anyways, the point is that it's... nice to have finally moved on from that difficult decision and to settle back in with renewed purpose. But... I'd also like to get a hold of some water soon. Or a beach. Or a pond, really. Anything that-"

Tyler had turned towards his lemonade glass and noticed it was right near the edge of the nightstand. Quickly looking around the glass for a culprit, he could not spot anything. No anomalies.... nothing. What could it be? He stared at the glass for another minute, waiting to see what would happen. As he did... he finally saw it. A small black paw reached out from behind his nightstand, attempting to slap at the glass. He quickly rushed forward to catch the lemonade glass before it fell, smiling as he did so.

"Halifax! I am drinking that!"

Halifax meowed in response. Oh, once you're called out, now you'll speak. I see how it is. He placed the glass on the nightstand, reaching around the back of it to grab at the wily cat.

"You know, it's not very nice to break people's things."

Halifax mewled in response. Yes, yes, play the victim, I see. Tyler scratched the cat's head, which seemed to please him enough to forgive Tyler for his transgression. Holding the cat close to his chest, he continued to scratch his head as he sat down on the bed.

"I think I've said my piece. Halifax is calling for my attention now, so I'll deal with him before getting some sleep. Computer, end log."

Halifax closed his eyes and purred as he rubbed his head against Tyler's hand, just as the computer stopped recording the log.