"A ship in harbor is safe; but that is not what ships are built for"

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» RP Recap - 8/8/2020

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:33pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

After locating a massive shipment of illicit bio-mimetic gel in a warehouse in the Kohol District of Maltabra City on Farius Prime, the covert away team returned to U.S.S. Boston via the gunship shuttlecraft ‘Rocinante’. However, a corrupt official with the Farian Port Authority tipped off a band of Orion…

» Captain's Log, Stardate 40931.4

Mission: Mistaken Plunder
Posted on 10 Aug 2020 @ 5:32pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

--|| Captain’s Log, Stardate 40931.4 ||--

After some close calls on Farius Prime, with the away team narrowly avoiding detection by rogue Federation scientists, and then by the Farian Port Authority, I think it is prudent for us to lay low for some time before attempting further covert operations in…

» U.S.S. Boston RP Recap - 5/24/2020

Mission: The Gray Twilight
Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 6:39pm by Captain Philip Demarcus

Following the abortive mission to investigate Lieutenant Commander Tina Santori’s apartment in the Piraktan capital city of Piret, Captain Philip Demarcus was left with a rapidly deteriorating crisis to resolve. While the away team had been successful in gleaning pertinent information as to the rogue Starfleet officer’s whereabouts, Piraktan Internal…

» Captain's Log, Stardate 40789.9

Mission: The Gray Twilight
Posted on 24 May 2020 @ 10:39am by Captain Philip Demarcus

Events are starting to spin out of control. Rapidly. During yesterday’s away team operation, Commander Jaya Raj was abducted by what I can only now assume are Piraktan Internal Security forces loyal to elements within the Directorate other than Director Bentrel. Who or what those entities are still remains a…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log Stardate 41658.35

Posted on 29 Aug 2021 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

"I find my self still overwhelmed with excitment of finding out the fact that the starship Eagle, NCC-14, exists...to this day. The very ship that one of my ancestors served on during the early years of Starfleet and the birth of the Federation. Walking around the old vessel was...an experience.…

» Personal Log, Stardate 41638.9

Posted on 21 Aug 2021 @ 10:47pm by Lieutenant JG Rozhal Pril

This is ridiculous. It’s one thing deploying satellites and doing planetary surveys and resupplying colonies. It’s another thing entirely to be sent into an unknown ship, completely unprepared, and be subjected to a horribly disconcerting and disorientating environment entirely against your will. What makes it even worse is that my…

» Stardate 41636.5 (1330 hrs | Thu. 20-Aug-2364)

Posted on 21 Aug 2021 @ 5:10pm by Lieutenant JG Carmen Duarte

|| Personal Log, Lieutenant (J.G.) Duarte Núñez, Astrometrics Specialist, Federation Starship Boston ||

The ship has just left the planeta Psaura VII today. We were there for a survey study that ended up becoming the entire week. Tirie convinced me to stay on the planeta during the nights in a…

» Personal Log Stardate 41629.3

Posted on 17 Aug 2021 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

Upon entering his tent near the main campsite on Psaura VII the helmsman sighed heavily as he lazily tossed the PADD down on the ground. Just recently a family from, not his step-mother's side but his human mother's side, got into contact with him. The member in question was his…

» Fragments

Posted on 03 Aug 2021 @ 11:28am by Lieutenant Commander Zekru Krelossi

"Personal log, Stardate 41581.5. Lieutenant Commander... well, I suppose that's in question now, isn't it? Zekru Krelossi recording."

"I have spent the last several hours reviewing logs recorded by... me. Ship's logs. Personal logs. Mission reports. It's my face, it's my voice, it's my mannerisms and expressions, but I remember…