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Stardate 40789.0 (2362-Dec-5 | 2330 hours)

Posted on 23 May 2020 @ 5:28pm by Ensign Carmen Duarte
Edited on 24 May 2020 @ 10:40am

|| Personal Log, Ensign Duarte Núñez, Junior Astrometrics Specialist, Federation Starship Boston ||

It happened... again. This time it was Commander Raj. She was taken by Piraktans. I guess their Internal Security forces? I'm not sure, I beamed back to the ship with the first team, and Tirie said he couldn't make out their uniforms as he was transporting back up. But he knows he saw them take Commander Raj, and she definitely didn't make it back to the ship with the rest of us. Why is it always when I'm on an away mission with the First Officer... Commander V'Rul with the Cardassians, Commander Hunter with the Kloxoel, and now Commander Raj with the Piraktans. I must be like a bad luck charm for First Officers...

Carmen brings her knees up to her chest, leaning forward as she pours a bottle of Albariño wine

And I really liked this First Officer this time...

Tirie says we'll get her back, and I know he's probably right but... then what if she leaves right after. Like the two times before. Before this mission I was thinking she might actually like me, and I even got transferred to bridge duty when she's in command of Alpha Shift. And now she's gone...

Sniffles softly as she tilts the wine glass back, sipping as she shuffles in her armchair

I wonder if she'll think because I beamed out with Security Officer T'Rena that somehow we were the reason she got captured? I had a phaser with me, and T'Rena had one of those big Type III phaser rifles, so maybe we could have put up a fight and gotten her back? That would have been easier than trying to infiltrate wherever she's being held now...

Sipping her wine again, then refilling the glass, she scrolls the LCARS interface briefly, before leaning back again

Earlier this night Tirie and I were in The Common. I convinced him I wanted something to eat, but I guess after the whole mess with the away mission, neither of us really had any appetite. So we just hung out for a while.

Moi'ra was there, uhm...

Computer, strike that.

Lieutenant Kilrai was there. She even tried to offer the Piraktan Director one of Madame Taka's milkshakes, but I guess she ended up drinking them both. They were talking for a while, though. Neither Tirie nor I could really hear much, but I think at a few points they were almost arguing maybe? I don't know, I guess I should have gotten in his face a bit, after the position he's put us in?

I'm sure the Captain has a plan to get this all taken care of, on top of the whole mission with Lieutenant Commander Santori, and preventing the Cardassians from turning Pirakta into a client state and... Shlak be de be trafia... Was this what Iñaki warned me about before I left the freighter to join the Academy? Ever since I got assigned to the Boston we've been at the center of one alien crisis after another. We've gotten to do a lot of exploring, and visiting strange new worlds, but... there's always some hot spot or conflict that we get dragged into as Starfleet. Maybe Iñaki was right.

Downs the last of her glass of wine, popping the cork into the half-emptied bottle, before sliding it into a storage cubby beside her bed

Maybe I'll ask what Tirie thinks. I'm sure he's going to be gung ho to join the rescue mission for Commander Raj. He's always like that. I wish I could be.

We'll see.

Toggles the LCARS interface to end the log, as she slides into bed, covering herself all the way up to head and face in blankets


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