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Stardate 40792.37, Dec 7th 7:30

Posted on 24 May 2020 @ 4:12pm by Lieutenant JG Maximilian Nowotnik

|| Personal Log, Lieutentant Nowotnik, Support Craft Specialist, Federation Starship Boston ||

Night Shifts ... *groans while opening the zipper of his Service Uniform and sinks in his seat* I will never really like them. Especially when I can't take part on any missions. But I don't want to sound ungrateful. Who would have thought that I would be on active bridge duty when asked 3 years ago? Me neither...
I know it is a great chance to gain Bridge expericence and the shifts worked very well. Although letting the Boston traverse through Planetary Rings isn't a very challenging task it is a very rare and beautiful sight. Definetely something I'll look back at thankfully.

*Leans forward to take his glass of Gin Tonic he got from the replicator and takes a nip*

But ...

*Forrow his brow*

To know my collegues and friends were in danger with myself staying aboard doesn't let me feel very good. In a strange way guilty... Don't know who are the Counselors aboard but maybe I should talk with one of them. Or I should hit up Carmen for a talk but I don't think I should bother her with that. Especially knowing she was down there, too.

I really hope we can bring Commander Raj back. I don't even know her ... *nips on his drink getting out of his seat, starts to wandering in his quarter* That brings me to my other hope: join a team to help bringing the XO back .

*a small pause*

But that's not in my hands

|| End log ||


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