Lieutenant JG Maximilian Nowotnik

Name Maximilian Nowotnik

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG


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24 May 2020 @ 4:12pm

Character Information

Full Name Maximilian Nowotnik
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Date of Birth 5/5/2335

Physical Appearance

Height 1,9 m
Weight 100 kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue-green
Skintone middle european
Build average

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Earth
Father Hans Nowotnik
Mother Franziska Nowotnik
Sister(s) Victoria Nowotnik
Languages Known (Native) German, English
(Fluent) Federation Standard
(Partially) Klingon, Vulcan, French


Primary and Secondary Education Archer Education Center (Leipzig, Earth)
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, California; Earth), Class of 2350
Undergraduate Fields of Study - Navigation and Flight Control
- Security (aboarded)
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training - Command training
- Enlarged basic course in first aid
- Basic cours ground weapons
- Basic cours tactical tactics and analysis
- Completed apprenticeship Logistics
- Interspecies Protocol

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lieutenant Junior Grade Maximilian Nowotnik is the current Support Craft Specialist on the Starship Boston, U.S.S., NCC-26163
He is 30 years old and is born in Germany.
Strengths & Weaknesses Max has no lack of self-confidence, although he tends to give up too fast if he thinks he can’t do the job. This laziness has impeded his career in a big way.
If a topic interests him, he can dive into it and solve the problem with all he has.
He can be outspoken, saying exactly what he thinks regardless of whether he is speaking to a friend or the Captain.
He is good at improvising.
When he is concerned about anything or has problems he overplays that with humour or cheeky comments. He finds it difficult to talk about his feelings but if he knows a person well enough he feels he can talk about anything with that person. Nevertheless, it’s difficult for him to start a conversation about feelings.
Through his father was quick-tempered (and he knows he has a bit of that characteristic too) he tends to bottle his own anger up rather than saying anything, as he fears he will react in a way he can’t control (in his life, this has happened three or four times).
Ambitions Max isn’t a Career Officer. He is, however, a good pilot and he wants to climb a few ranks and take responsibility. He is waiting for a chance to prove himself. He is interested in getting more familiar with Operations duty but for now all he wants is to fly a ship and explore space.
Hobbies & Interests Whilst at the Academy he was very sporty and was interested in a wide range of sports. Resulting from his injury, he got out of shape and is now working on getting completely fit and losing some weight.
His other interests are wide-ranging, although the most important thing for him is that he does whatever it is he’s doing with his friends.
As a special interest, the history of earth can be mentioned, especially the 19th and 20th century.
He also loves to cook (and to eat).
He has a cat

Personal History Max grew up in a small town in Central Europe. He still has both parents, and all his grandparents. His relationship with his family was, at times, distant and because of this lack of communication, became bad. His father was aggressive and quick to anger, and he struggled to express his feelings. As a result, Max closes up in difficult situations rather than communicating, because he knows he is vulnerable to the same problems his father had and doesn’t want this to show.
All his ancestors came from this region, and his grandfathers and both parents were both in Starfleet. All of his male ancestors were part of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and his father specifically worked on quality-control for the Galaxy-Class His Mother always wanted to be a nurse, and so joined Starfleet Medical.
Service Record 2349 - Joined Starfleet Acadamy
2349 - 2350 passed Courses to reach standard of knowledge of Starfleet Cadets
2350 - rebuked for damaging Property of Starfleet Acadamy
2350 - 2353 education at Starfleet Acadamy, 1 Year leave due to an injury in Zero Combat Training, Specialisation
in Navigation and Flight Control; Security
Mercur-Plate for Shuttle Pilots, 2nd Class (2353)
2353 – 2356 Study for Officer’s Career; another leave of absence due to an injury in a shuttle accident; switching
from Security Specialisation to Ops-Specialisation
Letter of Commendation for quick and prudent acting in hazardous situations (2355)
Hikaru-Sulu-Award as best Pilot in Class of (2356)
2356 - Graduation from Starfleet Acadamy
Promotion to Ensing
2356 - 2358 Transfer to Starbase OMEGA; Shuttle-Pilot for Transport and Scouting missions
2358 - Official Warning due to inappropriate behaviour towards a superior officer
2358 - Transfer to Deep Space K-7; Security-Division and Shuttle pilot cadre
2359 - Transfer to U.S.S. Boston NCC-26163 as Support Craft Pilot
2361 - Temporary Assignment Runabout Development Project at Utopia Planetia
2362 - after succesful finishing Runabout Project Promotion to Lieutenant JG and returning to
U.S.S. Boston NCC-26163