Lieutenant JG Carmen Duarte

Name Carmen Duarte

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name Carmen María de las Nieves Duarte Núñez
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Date of Birth February 14, 2339 / Stardate 18927.9

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10" / 1.78 m
Weight 172 lbs / 78.1 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Skintone Olive
Build Curvy
Features Small tattoo, right back shoulder: A crimson Cross of Santiago, circled by the phrase "Deus non ten nada que ver con iso".
Physical Description Carmen Duarte appears as a mostly typical female Human. Her flowing blonde hair, typically styled so as to conform to Starfleet norms, is a trait of the family; all Duartes are blonde. She is of above-average height and medium build, with a curvaceous figure accentuated by some extra pounds.

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Nova Galiza
Residence(s) • Current: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth; Building 5, Room 303
• Prior: Betanzos, Nova Galiza (family's home colony)
Father Rodrigo Duarte
Mother Clayra Núñez
Brother(s) Iñaki Duarte
Mentor(s) • Professor Dennis Hartman
Languages Known • Galician
• Spanish
• Galacta (Federation Standard)
• Risian


Primary and Secondary Education Nuvia Preparatory Academy (Betanzos, Nova Galiza), Class of 2357
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, California; Earth), Class of 2361
Undergraduate Fields of Study • Astrometrics and Astrography
• Stellar Cartography
• Astrophysics
• Multidimensional Calculus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Courteous: Usually
Risk-Taking: Rarely
Ambitious: Sometimes
Curious: Often
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Nurturing: Typically
Trusting: Often
Honest: Often
Loyal: Typically
Affectionate: Often
Romantic: Typically
Flirty: Sometimes
Sympathetic: Usually
Altruistic: Generally
Optimistic: Sometimes
Observant: Generally
Logical: Rarely
Social: Usually shy
Emotions: Fairly stable
Strengths & Weaknesses Carmen is somewhat conspicuous among her colleagues as a polyglot. On duty she speaks English with fluency, though it is often interspersed with Galician vernacular - her native language, as spoken on her home colony of Nova Galiza - and occasionally in generic Spanish, as is still spoken on Earth. Duarte is also fluent in the Earth languages of German, Italian, and Latin, which she studied at Starfleet Academy. Additionally, she developed a conversational aptitude for the Risan language during her adolescence due to her family vineyard's business with the resort world.

Personal History Hailing from the colony of Nova Galiza, Carmen is the first member of her family to join Starfleet, and is currently a fourth year Cadet at Starfleet Academy.

Her ancestors trekked to Nova Galiza, a large M-class moon orbiting a purple-hued gas giant part of a binary star system in the Fries-Posnikoff Sector, in the mid-22nd Century. On Earth Galicians were renowned for their shipbuilding skills, and their elegant crafts had graced that world's oceans since ancient times, through the Age of Discovery, and throughout the 20th, 21st, and 22nd-Centuries. The Galegos Novos (New Galicians) brought these talents to their new colony world, which quickly became known for its orbital shipyards, nicknamed Ferrol das Estrelas. The Earth Cargo Service often placed orders with Nova Galiza for freighters, and through frequent trade and communication, was brought into the Federation's fold from an early date.

Galegos Novos also brought another famous talent to their colony - their vineyards. Carmen's family operated Pazo Duarte, a popular winery that often shipped their vintages to Earth, Denobula, Alpha Centauri, and many other Federation worlds. The nearby resort world of Risa was always consistently placing orders with the Duartes.

Due to the unique nature of Nova Galiza's tidal locked orbit around a gas giant, and thereafter in orbit around a binary star system, the summer and winter seasons each last six Earth years. This extreme seasonal duality results in a six-year on/off cycle for many of the planet's inhabitants. Summer is spent tending the vineyards and producing fine Galician wine, whereas winter is focused on the orbiting shipyards and shipping freighters stocked with the latest vintages to Federation worlds.

In 2355, then-sixteen year old Carmen was fortunate to have the opportunity to accompany her older brother, Iñaki, on a freighter to which he had signed on with. Since the journey was to nearby Risa, her parents allowed the excursion. The Festas do Santiago, marking the end of the six year summer, had come and passed, and winter was rapidly approaching. Carmen boarded the freighter, E.C.S. Compostela looking forward to seeing deep space for the first time. Immediately fascinated with the starcharts on the bridge, she quickly found herself seriously questioning the assumed role she was expecting in adulthood; that of inheriting her family winery.

At Risa, Carmen accompanied her family's wine shipment to the resort, and afterwards spent a two week holiday at the resort. While there, she befriended the children of a vacationing Starfleet officer, Commander Alfonso Hernandez. Commander Hernandez, a Spaniard from Earth, offered Carmen and Iñaki a tour of his ship before it departed the system. Jumping at the opportunity, they both eagerly accepted. During the tour, Hernandez told Carmen a tale that nobody on her world had ever spoken of before.

During the initial pilgrimage from Earth to Nova Galiza, a United Earth Starfleet ship, the Intrepid-class Eagle had accompanied the colony arks. Many considered this odd, as the Galegos Novos were, at the time, deeply distrustful of the United Earth government. It wasn't until they arrived at their moon that the colonists learned that the Eagle's commanding officer, one Captain Xaquelina Cuarón, was a native Galician - indeed one of the first Galicians to serve in Starfleet. The colonists were assured by Cuarón that the Eagle would make regular stops to check in on their health and safety. Thereafter the colony of Nova Galiza would slowly find its final relationship with the other spacefaring cultures of the region.

Inspired by the tale Commander Hernandez had told her, Carmen immediately transmitted her application to Starfleet Academy. If there were other Galicians in Starfleet, and there always had been, she saw it as her duty to continue that tradition. While her parents protested, Carmen reasoned with them that while she could one day return to continue her family's tradition at the vineyard, it would be wrong to give up a chance to honor her people's tradition of serving in Starfleet.

It was then a whirlwind two years of winter, applications, testing, and re-testing, before Carmen was finally offered an appointment to Starfleet Academy. She immediately accepted the offer, choosing to concentrate her studies in the Sciences Division with a specialization in Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography. Shortly thereafter, in the autumn of 2357, Carmen found herself on Earth for the very first time, a newly appointed Cadet to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record Cadet
2357-2361: Starfleet Academy

2361-2364: U.S.S. Boston, Junior Astrometrics Officer