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Personal Log Stardate 40782.4

Posted on 18 May 2020 @ 5:41pm by Ensign Joseph Harper

Well, I hope someone at Command isn't gonna chew me out for not keeping my logs updated as much as I should so here goes. Uh where do I even start...after spending a year on a ship like the Merigold, life on the Boston is much more relaxed as we're not constantly dealing with pirates. For a ship that spends most of her time on exploration missions, I can tell the Boston crew has been through a lot. Dealing with that Gorn circus ship, which by the way is the craziest thing I've heard of, was...eventful to say the least. I still have those scars on my hand from that fight with Zakasaam. Ever since I transferred, this ship and crew have become more of a...second family to me as it were.

I think I'm still feeling the effects of my father's death...even though its been a few weeks since I recieved the message from home.

*there's a small pause of silence in the recording*

Anyway...we're currently in orbit of Pirakta and as fascinating as these people can be, there's some issues that need to be sorted out. What I saw in that re education center before things went to hell, the Federation will /not/ accept these people unless that is taken care of. During our time here, I finally managed to get my hands on the Mystic for flight qualifications, which is something I've been itching for ever since I set foot in her. As a distraction I've been keeping in touch with T'Pora as much as I could. Albeit she's currently dealing with politics along the Neutral Zone so her replies are...not as consistant like normal. I do hope that one day she can transfer to a ship like the Boston, it'd certainly make me feel a whole lot better with her on board...

Computer, end log.


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