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Personal Log Stardate 41629.3

Posted on 17 Aug 2021 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper
Edited on 17 Aug 2021 @ 11:49pm

Upon entering his tent near the main campsite on Psaura VII the helmsman sighed heavily as he lazily tossed the PADD down on the ground. Just recently a family from, not his step-mother's side but his human mother's side, got into contact with him. The member in question was his Aunt...Evelyn Campbell, the only sister of the long dead Commander Jodie C. Harper.

As Joe sat on his sleeping bag he leaned forward to pick up the PADD. He scrolled through the wall of texts and sighed, it was clear the short reunion wasn't pleasent.

"Why now of all times..." Joe muttered softly. He then glanced at the red circle on the top right of his screen.
He kept his voice low as he started the log.

"You know...I remember my father telling stories about how my aunt and my human mother would get into arguments. I only saw my aunt twice in my lifetime. The last visit, she got into a fight with my father about blaming him for my mother's death on the old Georgiou class, U.S.S. Aladdin."

The lieutenant layed flat on his back and looked up at the roof of the tent. "She never knew the full story on the Aladdin's destruction and why it was attacked by Nausicaans. I can understand her mother was the only family she had when they were growing up. According to what my father has said in the past...the two were inseperable until she joined Starfleet."

He glanced at the texts before looking out to see the campfire still going down near the path. "I was aware my aunt was considered...troublesome but I didn't really pay attention to her until recently when she decided to pass the blame on to me. Talk about holding a grudge. Sometimes I wish I had the ability and training to control my emotions in the way that Vulcans do. I thought about telling my aunt the truth of the Aladdin's destruction but figured that would just make the situation worse. Instead I simply told her that it was time to move on just like I have...and I know that takes a while for some folks...end log."


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