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Stardate 41636.5 (1330 hrs | Thu. 20-Aug-2364)

Posted on 21 Aug 2021 @ 5:10pm by Lieutenant JG Carmen Duarte

|| Personal Log, Lieutenant (J.G.) Duarte Núñez, Astrometrics Specialist, Federation Starship Boston ||

The ship has just left the planeta Psaura VII today. We were there for a survey study that ended up becoming the entire week. Tirie convinced me to stay on the planeta during the nights in a tent with him. It was not so bad after the first night. The Capitán made a big campfire for the away teams at the end of each day, and Teniente Moi’ra cooked for us a dinner on unha grella that she made out of metal pieces and put over the big fire. It was a refreshment to be under stars in the sky at night, and breathing in the fresh air during the afternoons, and even Tirie was able to make some café out of the portable replicador someone brought down from the ship.

Carmen scoots forward, bringing her knees up to her chin as she sits atop the bed in her quarters

But then… Last night after we had all beamed back onto the ship, Tirie and I went to The Common and Teniente Kyr invited us to sit at his table. I do not even remember what we had to eat, because Teniente Huxley the Enxeñeiro-Xefe, eeem… Chief Engineer I guess returned to the ship from a conference at the Starbase 617, and… and Tirie and Kiyee and I heard him tell the Alférez K’Rosu that the Boston is to be soon docked for maintenance and maybe minor refit. But… but it is to be docked at Nova Galiza! I had to make Tirie confirm that he did hear the same thing as I did!

Leaning to one side, Carmen plucks a glass of a blush-beige liquid, sipping excitedly from her Albariño wine

I do not know why the ship is to be docked at Nova Galiza, though… The yards at Ferrol das Estrelas are… they are not Starfleet. I suppose they are big enough for the Boston to be docked at, but… Maybe the Teniente Huxley has a plan for how to make the maintenance at the Nova Ferrol station.

Setting her half-drunk glass of wine aside, Carmen scoots onto her stomach, resting her chin on her wrists as she looks back to her LCARS interface set on the end of her bed

Maybe… maybe if we are there long enough, I… I can maybe ask for the Capitán to give for me and Tirie a permission to visit the surface? I hope Tirie will want to go… He has not been to visit since we were at the Academia, and… it has also been so many años since I have been to visit. I sent a mensaxe on subspace to Iñaki’s ship, but… but I have not yet heard of a reply from him. If he is also to be at Nova Galiza when the Boston is to be docked I will get to meet my new nephew! And I am sure that Amalia has grown so much now! She is seven, and I have not seen her since she was so much more little!

Carmen scoots back to an upright sitting position, leaning over to grab the rest of her wine before looking back at the LCARS interface

Perhaps I should go to Tirie’s quarters and ask how to write a mensaxe for the Capitán. Tirie got permission to visit when the Boston was at Hayar major, so… maybe he should write the request again. I guess we will see… The Capitán just set course for a nearby stellar graveyard site, and I think we will end up making a study survey there. It will be a big task I am sure, and it is a rare thing to see, but… but if we can make to dock at Nova Galiza within the next week, then we will be in time for the final festas of the Gran Verán! I have not been at this festas since even years before I went to the Academia! So… maybe I should try to work to make the stellar graveyard survey go the most quickly it can. That way we will surely make to dock in time!

Excitedly scoot-wiggles off her bed, tugging her skant straight as she toggles off the LCARS interface, and skip-walks to the outer doors of her quarters


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