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Personal Log Stardate 40934.35

Posted on 09 Aug 2020 @ 6:25pm by Ensign Joseph Harper

“So, gamma shift, honestly it ain’t that bad so far. Got put on a damage control team which compiled of me and a few of the enlisted personnel. It got a little intense when the Boston came under attack by Orions.”

Joe sighs as he stares out the window of his quarters. Of course he longs to be on the bridge again but he decided to mix things up and take a break from his normal routine.

“Working with the lower deckers has put things into a different perspective for me. Not a lot of people outside of Starfleet know or think about these folks. It's always wanting to sign up for the Academy and become an officer. “

He rubs his chin thinking of those on his team.

“Chief Specialist Kala Liod, a trill woman who has been in the service for almost seven years now, invited me to join the rest of the team for poker night. I’ve decided to take up her offer, if we’re going to work together then I should learn about my fellow crew.”

The ensign kneels down to scratch Thor on his head and smiles.

“I admit I ain’t exactly the best at poker and I’ve been told Specialist Roland Ježek is quite the player. Then there’s Crewman’s Lachlan and Marie Baker. Brother and sister, those two are inseparable even in danger.”

Joe stands up and walks over to his closet. He opens it and grabs an unopened bottle of Irish whiskey.

“Well I think this would be perfect for the end log.”


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