Personal Log Stardate 42577.91

Posted on 31 Jul 2022 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

Upon entering his quarters the Lieutenant still dawned his "Rogue Smuggler" outfit from the recent infiltration mission to Tortoise Base. He went straight to his desk and sat down with a heavy sigh.

" a comm link to Federation Attache T'Pora Harper, resident of Apartment 14, Mariner Valley district on Mars." His heavy Texan drawl was lazier than usual as he spoke the last few words. Once the computer chimed in confirmation he straightend himself up.

He smiled then waved slightly as the half-Human, half-Vulcan woman appeared on his desk computer. "Hey hon, how's life on Mars treatin' you?"

On screen the woman perked a Vulcan eyebrow. "What are you wearing?" she asked with her eyebrow still raised.

Joe looked down and realized he still had the outfit on. "Oh, uh, it was for a...thing in the...holodeck." He winced as he rubbed his neck.

T'Pora's expression didn't change, she figured he was lying but decided not to press it. "Life on Mars is lovely this time of year. However it would be better if you were here or at least...close by." She smiled ever so slightly before returning to her neutral expression.

The thought made the helmsman lean back in his chair with a sigh. "You don't think I...rushed the you? Feel free to keep talking I'm uh gonna go change." He stood up and headed to his closet.

T'Pora replied "I do not. In fact my mother considered it a logical decision. Had you not have held the wedding at that time we would not have been able to gather everyone. Not to mention it would have been even longer till I saw you. I believe you know we both enjoyed the little time we had, the same goes for our family, friends, and your crewmates."

Joe sat down in a fresh new uniform and chuckled softly. "That was one hell of a wedding. Even though it's been what nine months? I think part of me is starting to go insane now, especially ever since Jack was born. Guess it shows that I have that longing to be with both of you."

T'Pora smiled and reached down to pick up the almost two months old Jack Harper.
"You will get to see us eventually Joseph. Your missions in deep space may be long but there's always a period where you'll return to Sol. By the time you do, this handsome boy will be much bigger." She booped the baby's nose with a finger and smiled again.

"I just hope I won't miss the day he starts walking." The helmsman laughed and leaned back in his chair.

T'Pora glanced at him. "If you do, I'll be sure to send a video. Oh by the way have you heard from your sister Tozia yet?"

Joe shook his head. "No, I might've missed her call, I've been busy lately."

"She has been transferred over to the U.S.S. Bellerophon, I believe it's a Nebula class."

"The Bellerophon eh? That'll be a good change of pace for her, working on one of Starfleet's newest ships." Joe chuckled and glanced down at the Rottweiler "Thor", who joined him by his feet.

T'Pora nodded. "Indeed, well I must be going I have to meet a few colleagues downtown. Be safe out there hmm?"

"You know I can't promise that Peaches, especially on this ship." Joe chuckled, T'Pora simply smiled with a nod then ended the comm link.

The helmsman gave Thor a scritch on the head then stood up and stretched. "Computer begin personal log for stardate 42577.91. Confirm?" The computer chirped in confirmation.

"Ever since that infiltration mission to Tortoise Base and just seeing the Nausicaans. I felt my past creep up to me once more. Of course, we were compromised but managed to get everything back under control. Had that bodyguard even raise his rifle at us there was at least an eighty percent chance I would have shot him. I think I need to talk to Lieutenant T'Char about meditation lessons."

He walked around his quarters slowly with his hands on his hips. "I've changed, that much is for certain. If I don't manage to get my hatred for Nausicaans under control again...the next encounter could be a disaster. Perhaps it would be logical to not have me assigned to a mission involving pirates next time."

Joe paused for a moment then sighed heavily. "Computer...end log."