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Personal Log - Stardate 42501.0

Posted on 03 Jul 2022 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant Commander S'Ris

STARDATE 42501.0

*A somewhat tired voice speaks and in the background is some light piano music faintly heard.*

Personal log...Stardate...uh...four one

Guess I couldn't imagine how this...La'Ren business would end up today...not that I had much expectation today would be easy or anything, we expected that this disease...whose name escapes me...would be an issue but by The Sands I didn't expect...genetic engineering from some sort of alien race that may not even be around anymore. They could be even more powerful than any foe the Federation ever faced, could we ever communicate with them using diplomacy...perhaps, any race or nation powerful enough to do what they did to the La'Ren must have higher reason to avoid war. But what is done is done, we will cure this disease and help the La'Ren along to become members of the Federation...I am sure engineers will want to get a look at those singularity drives and highly advanced inertial dampeners.

Computer pause recording-


Sorry about that...someone at the door...anyway where was I, oh yeah the La'Ren, well we should be good to leave them in the hands of the capable Federation Diplomatic Corps and hopefully we will see some La'Ren in Starfleet in the next few years.

What will be different though is life on a Starship again, this time far more permanent than before...R'Rala wasn't too thrilled about it...I think he was happy we had sort of gotten settled on Starbase 209 over the past few years, but hopefully I can convince him to transfer to Boston with T'Seto. I will call tomorrow and we can discuss it a little more, at least we will be in range to have our daily calls.

Alright...heading to bed now...I would redo this log...but too tired.



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