Lieutenant Commander S'Ris

Name S'Ris

Position Diplomat's Aide

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Full Name S'Ris
Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 33
Date of Birth September 9, 2331

Physical Appearance

Height 1.87m
Weight 89.8kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Skintone N/A
Build Muscular
Physical Description S'Ris is tall with a muscular build, his face has kind gentle features with attentive eyes.

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Cait
Residence(s) An apartment on the 47th Floor of Paneda Building, Razot Oasis, Cait
Father Rear Admiral(LH) R'Tet
Mother Commander Torazi, MD
Spouse(s) Lieutenant(JR) R'Rala (Husband)
Children T'Seto (Son)
Other Family Captain K'Maz (Father-in-Law) M'Risela (Mother-in-Law)
Mentor(s) Vice Admiral Albert Strayer
Pets Rhylo (Earth Dog - Rottweiler)
Languages Known Caitian, English


Primary and Secondary Education Caitian Primary School #922
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy, Class of 2353
Undergraduate Fields of Study -Diplomacy
-Command Training Course
-Helmsman Training Course
Postgraduate Institution Starfleet Correspondence Education Division
Postgraduate Fields of Study -Master's Degree in Diplomacy
Doctoral Institution Starfleet Correspondence Education Division
Doctoral Fields of Study -Doctoral Degree in Diplomacy
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training -Federation Maritime Law

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'Ris is very personable and kind, he tries to keep a smile on his face as much as possible though in situations of dire seriousness he will maintain a calm and professional attitude throughout, knowing personally it will inspire those around him to keep their heads. He is very sentimental and will keep all kinds of minor things even if they aren't really all that important from an outside perspective. After his marriage to his husband R'Rala and adopting his son T'Seto, he has become a very devoted husband and father, though the strain of his position as a diplomat has made it difficult on occasion for the family.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
-Very Strong
-A Good Memory

-Back Issues
-Dislikes Ferasans

Ambitions S'Ris would like to one day become captain of his own starship so that he can be at the forefront of meeting new lifeforms and new civilizations.
Hobbies & Interests S'Ris is a amateur piano player but will spend time practicing on the holodeck or with a portable piano when he feels up to it, he has tried his best to master pieces by the Earth composer Beethoven. His other favorite past time is Caitian cinema, with his favorite director being Grenso for his use of the camera and lighting, he is also fond of the romance films of R'Sott thanks to his husband. He's not good at it but he will also paint with his son on occasion as well.

Personal History S’Ris was born in Razot City, Cait on September 9, 2331, his parents are Rear Admiral (Lower Half) R’Tet and Doctor Torazi, both members of Starfleet; R’Tet is currently serving as a Judge-Advocate-General on Earth and Torazi is serving aboard the USS Beijing as Chief Medical Officer. Being exposed to Starfleet life at a young age allowed S’Ris to gain a much better idea of what he would pursue when he one day joined the organization, one notable event would steer his chosen path to diplomacy. At age 14 while he was on board the USS Cherokee with his father, who was serving as 1st Officer, he witnessed first contact with a new species and even got to meet several of the new aliens who intrigued him with their cultures and customs, he was also intrigued at the complex diplomacy that both his father and the Captain of the Cherokee used to ensure smooth relations with the new species. This event could be considered the inspiration for S’Ris’s future advancement into diplomacy after joining Starfleet.

At age 17, with the sponsorship of the captain of the Cherokee, S’Ris entered Starfleet Academy with his majors set in diplomacy, command, and engineering. Despite him approaching his courses with great maturity and diligence, it was also the first time S’Ris was on his own, having always lived with his parents aboard starships, thus he tended to get into more than his fair share of mishaps with his Academy friends. Typically these involved the usual, pranks, sneaking alcohol where they could find it, romantic blunders; but one event that left him with a lingering injury involved a bit of Romulan Ale. While out on the town in San Francisco in his senior year at the Academy S’Ris and his friends were able to get a hold of Romulan Ale through some less than scrupulous means. After drinking the bottle dry S’Ris’s friends bet that the Caitian couldn’t climb to the roof of the dorm from the outside, he of course took this challenge and proceeded to scale the wall, but on reaching the second story he slipped and fell landing on his back. The fall damaged several vertebra but the doctors were able to heal them as best they could preventing him from having nerve damage but the injury did leave him with occasional back pain that would lead to an odd quirk of him preferring to stand over sit.

Graduating the Academy in the Class of 2353 he would enter Starfleet as a helmsman aboard the USS Lion while continuing in post graduate studies in diplomacy to become a certified diplomat within Starfleet. He completed his further degree in diplomacy not long after becoming a Lieutenant, Junior Grade in 2356 from there, with the help of his father, he left the Lion behind to return to Earth and work more closely with Starfleet diplomats and work to earn his doctorate in diplomacy. While on Earth he met a Starfleet botanist by the name of R'Rala, a Caitian, the two got along quite well and started a relationship that quickly became romantic; the two would become engaged in 2356 and a year later would marry and shortly after adopt a five year old Caitian boy by the name of T'Seto as their son. In 2360 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Senior Grade and joined the diplomacy detachment of the staff of Vice Admiral Albert Strayer who was at the time commander of the starbases along the Cardassian border and would typically engage in low level diplomatic exchanges with the Cardassians to try ease high tensions. On a few occasions S’Ris would even conduct exchanges with the Cardassians himself earning a reputation as being fair and professional but not easily pushed around by the aggressive Cardassians. Finally in 2363 he managed to get his doctorate and moved to a position as lead diplomat for Admiral Strayer who had by this time become a close friend and mentor.

T'Seto would typically stay with him or R'Rala, though eventually R'Rala was transferred to the same Starbase as S'Ris, keeping the family together. The kitling though did not share either of his fathers' interest in Starfleet or exploration but rather took a keen interest in painting, sculpting, and even gardening in the arboretum of the Starbase. In 2364 S'Ris was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, but he now had another goal in mind for his career, the captain's chair, and to that end with the help of Admiral Strayer was assigned to various distant diplomatic assignments that would keep him aboard ship longer to gain practical experience at command. After a year of this he asked for a more permanent assignment aboard a Starship and with the recent First Contact of the La'Ren society by the USS Boston, Admiral Strayer thought it would be a good opportunity and dispatched the Caitian aboard the USS Mercy to rendezvous with Boston before it departed the La'Ren system. His first diplomatic duty aboard the ship turned out to be a bit more delicate than he expected, only hours after arriving he had to inform the La'Ren of their genetic engineering by an unknown race that had even created a disease to wipe them out. He would now settle in though as a member of the ship's crew to assist in the future diplomatic efforts the Boston might encounter, though he would have to wait several months before his family would be able to join him.
06.10.2353 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Class of 2353 - 15th in his class.
06.24.2353 - Assigned to USS Lion NCC-2887 (Excelsior Class) as helmsman.
07.12.2356 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
09.20.2356 - Assigned to Legal Division, Starfleet Command as Assistant Legal Officer.
01.10.2360 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Senior Grade.
03.24.2360 - Assigned to Starbase 209 as part of the Diplomatic Section of the Admiral's Staff.
04.22.2361 - Assigned to USS Haneda NCC-18031 (Miranda Class, Block II Type) as temporary Diplomatic Officer.
05.18.2361 - Returned to previous duties on Starbase 209.
12.29.2362 - Assigned to USS Renown NCC-2462 (Excelsior Class) as temporary Diplomatic Officer.
02.12.2363 - Returned to previous duties on Starbase 209.
05.23.2364 - Assigned to head of Diplomatic Section of the Admiral's Staff on Starbase 209.
07.21.2364 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
08.10.2364 - Assigned to USS Renown NCC-2462 (Excelsior Class) as temporary Diplomatic Officer.
09.01.2364 - Returned to previous duties on Starbase 209.
09.14.2364 - Assigned to USS Barton NCC-70113 (Olympic Class) as temporary Diplomatic Officer.
11.19.2364 - Returned to previous duties on Starbase 209.
01.15.2365 - Assigned to USS Salt Lake City NCC-52185 (Cheyenne Class) as temporary Diplomatic Officer.
03.20.2365 - Returned to previous duties on Starbase 209.
05.20.2365 - Assigned to USS Conrad NCC-985 (Oberth Class) as Acting 1st Officer.
06.02.2365 - Returned to Previous duties on Starbase 209.
07.02.2365 - Assigned to USS Boston NCC-26163, Ambassador Class (Pre-production type) as Diplomatic Officer.

01.12.2362 - Showed great skill in negotiating with the Cardiassians over the disputed border of the Kostov Sector. - Captain Myoko Taneda, commanding USS Renown.
05.24.2365 - Remained calm under high tense circumstances during the exchange of prisoners with the Cardassians and handled the Conrad without issue during the event. - Commander H.C.P. Lamb, commanding USS Conrad