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Stardate 42500.9 Personal Log

Posted on 02 Jul 2022 @ 10:52pm by Lieutenant JG Elise Auray

" 'Soldier'. That was the word First Standing Siathi used when he asked what my role was on this ship. I disagreed. In my mind when someone says 'soldier', thoughts of war and conflict are churned up. I immediately think of the old, uncivilized eras of Earth history.. which is unfair of course. Fortunately I did not have to explain that to him."

As Elise Auray neared the end of her daily log, she found herself also at the end of her day with a lot of energy remaining. She had swapped her uniform for loungewear and had set about cleaning her living assignment, as somehow this had been neglected. Nestor the Caracal snoozed upon the middle of the floor, either unaware of or too tired to deal with the lizardlike M. Chompers sleeping beside of him. One of the rare moments of harmony among her menagerie, likely only possible due to the lack of Halifax's presence and mischief.

"Especially since the word 'soldier' seemed to carry a more poetic and varied meaning to the cultures of Siathi's people. It is another planet I would have loved to stay and learn more with but the Boston will need to move on. And so will I, because I continue to drag my feet on obtaining the credentials needed to help forge a deeper relationship with La'Re. Or any world. If I don't change something about this, I will have to merely read about the accomplishments of others."

Continuing her tidying, Elise glanced over the walls of her quarters. Central on one wall and surrounded by images of herself and other crew members were two large framed documents. Both of them were post-secondary degrees. One had the seal of the Starfleet Academy upon it, the other was written in an entirely foreign script and had no Federation stamp to be found. Elise took a few steps toward this one, her hands on her hips as she stared directly at it. She did not understand the writing yet, but she did know what the words represented. This particular paper had practically been calling out to her for the past year, though it was too difficult to hear over the chorus of space adventure. She had been patient but the nagging ambition deep within could only be calmed with pets and prizes for so long.

"That of course is completely unacceptable and I will not have it. I declare that one day I will be the Federation Ambassador arriving in her Olympic ship to take over! It is time for me to give a hypospray to my career and it has no idea just how big of a dose may be coming. Computer! End this log, and please help me fill the application form for Ruhansa University!"

The always satisfying chortle of the computer's acknowledgement coincided with Elise collapsing backward comfortably onto her couch. She gazed fondly at the peaceful two animals still asleep on the floor before her. Not long from now, Halifax would return and the Feline-Lizard cold war would likely resume. She would need to pay much more attention to them. Until then she would answer each question as the computer requested her information one line at a time..


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