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Personal Log Stardate 41579.5

Posted on 02 Aug 2021 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

“Well…part of me regrets being assigned to Gamma shift especially after what happened to the Boston recently. I requested to be assigned to a Damage Control Team for the duration of my time in this shift. Of course it seemed like an odd move for a helmsman to do that.” Joe sighed softly and rubbed his face before continuing.

“What really surprised me was seeing Chief Specialist Kala Liod on my team again. Ever since the core got knocked offline we’ve been working as hard as possible to get these repairs done. I may not have as much knowledge as your average Engineer but it’s enough to do most minor repairs.”

The Lieutenant glanced at the black dog who was currently fast asleep on the bed. He leaned back in the chair and glanced at the small computer with a sigh.

“I’ve been told that the Captain and Lieutenant T’Char managed to give us another twenty-four hours. If they were able to pull that off…we just might be able to end this whole mission peacefully. But if it comes down to the worst I’m sure the crew will be ready, I know I am. Computer…end log.”


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