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Personal Log Stardate 41535.6

Posted on 15 Jul 2021 @ 1:18am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

The night sky above the Spring Valley Museum of Air and Space was almost crystal clear with few clouds in sight. One could say the conditions were perfect for flying. With the canopy closed, Joe could only hear the muffled wine of the F-4 Phantom II's engines at idle power. He looked at the single, nine thousand foot long runway that lied ahead of him. After being told the results during his recent visit to Sickbay, it was clear that his liver condition has indeed gotten worse. The helmsman was unable to sleep and needed a distraction on the holodeck. Joe quickly ran through a pre-takeoff checklist then increased the throttle to full MIL power. Once the airspeed came alive, he shoved the throttle to afterburner forcing him into the seat.

As V1 passed, Joe pulled the stick back before going into an unrestricted climb. The helmsman looked back as the ground left him. He then performed a sharp Immelmann manuever, groaning in pain as the g-forces creeped up on him. The old Phantom was leveled off at fifteen thousand feet and her pilot leaned his head back. Joe felt his heart pumping from the adrenaline and sighed heavily. He straightend up and looked around at the clear night sky over Las Vegas. Flying gave him a sense of freedom.

While cruising at fifteen thousand feet for the past thirty minutes, Joe felt the discomfort in his upper right abdomen once more. He groaned softly and sputtered a few curses in andorian. "Computer...end program." Joe sighed as everything around him turned back into the normal yellow grid of the holodeck. Still dawned in full flight gear he turned to exit the holodeck and went straight to his quarters.


"You know perhaps you shouldn't have taken that bottle from Uncle Ch'kaar" Joe laughed at his younger stepsister who sported gold technical coveralls. After spending time on the holodeck, he decided to give her a call as it's been sometime.

"Would you have taken that bottle Tozia? Last time I were drunk." The lieutenant smirked.

The young, pale blue andorian engineer stuck her tongue out. "I blame that on you JJ. Ended up getting that habit of yours at the academy. But unlike you I only reserve it for parties." Her voice had a clear tone of sassiness.

Joe shook his head with a smile and sighed. "How's life on the USS Kilimanjaro?" The human leaned forward on his desk with a curious look.

Tozia sighed. "Honestly? Kinda boring now...Kato and I broke up since he couldn't really balance relantionship and career. This old bucket of bolts is hanging near the Neutral Zone. I hear all the excitment is on the Boston?"

"Excitment is one way to put it. We do tend to get some pretty crazy missions." Joe laughed. Tozia's antennae perked up slightly and she smirked.

"If that's so...I may just end up transfering to the Boston."

The helmsman rolled his eyes. "Oh boy...I don't think the crew can handle two Harpers on the same ship. Let alone you and your sassiness."

"Hey my sassiness is at least bearable by most of my friends here. Besides think of all the fun we'd have!" Tozia leaned back in her chair and folded her arms.

Joe chuckled. "I suppose it would be fun having you around...but it'll be a while before we can get to a good place for a transfer I think. Just let me know if your actually going to consider that alright? I'll have to warn the skipper ahead of time." He smirked as Tozia stuck her tongue out again.

The helmsman sighed, he glanced back out the window before turning his gaze to Tozia. After letting out a soft sigh the andorian smiled. "Hey JJ? I'm glad you called. It's always nice to hear from you and the rest of the family. Being away from them especially mom is...tough."

Joe nodded at that. "I know, that's why we both need to stay sharp and do what needs to be done. Remember the lessons father taught us. Stay safe out there okay?"

"I will brother...or at least try to. I'll let you know if I make that transfer decision." Tozia winked after saying that and ended the call. Joe sighed and stood up from his chair to get ready for the next shift thus ending the log.


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