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Personal Log Stardate 40446.38

Posted on 21 Dec 2020 @ 11:59pm by Ensign Joseph Harper

Wearing nothing but a grey tank top and black gym shorts, the tall Ensign stood near the window looking out at the skyhook. His hands were clasped behind his back as his mind wondered. Joe sighed as he turned to face his bed that was occupied by the black Rottweiler. Thor glanced up at his owner and scrambled off the bed trotting over to Joe. The tall human knelt down and ruffled the dog's head then stood back up glancing at the skyhook.

"I ain't gonna lie...this past month was rough. First we had to deal with Cardassian Voles, and then that damn Cyclone. Of course I understood why we had to go in, someone was in distress and we answered the call. The ones we rescued were called Nomads that went by the names of C'LeaO and C'LeaT."

Joe knelt down to scratch Thor's head again and walked over to his desk. He picked up the newly acquired model of a 22nd-Century Shuttlepod and set if on the shelf. The model sat next to a collection of other Earth vehicles of the past. Other models ranged from the Saturn V, to an old 1979 Harley Davidson FEXF Shovelhead. Joe chuckled as he remembered getting to drive that motorbike at his Grandparent's museum before the academy. His gaze returned to the skyhook once more.

"The events that went on during our time in the Cyclone experience to say the least. Our encounter with these Elachi caused many problems including us almost loosing T'Char. However that is behind us now, what lies ahead I do not know."

As the Ensign walks over to sit on his bed, Thor follows suit. He grabs a PADD from the side table and scrolls through the messages. He stops upon seeing a recent one from T'Pora and smiles.

"Even though it's a bit early, I might take this chance to get Peaches her birthday present." Joe sighs heavily "July 16th in layman's terms...and to be specific...Stardate 40539.51."

He swings his feet over onto the bed and stares at the ceiling. "Computer...access playlist Harper One, track 13, and end log."

Tighten Up by The Black Keys begins playing as the log ends.


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