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Surprised by a Human beverage

Posted on 24 Jan 2021 @ 8:53pm by Lieutenant JG Saddahk
Edited on 28 Jan 2021 @ 4:19pm

Saddahk had just showered after an extended workout in the morning. He'd run his usual simulated obstacle course but had increased to 1.3 standard G to push himself a bit. Part of it was to keep himself sharp but also to punish himself a bit for his error in judgement last night. He was still pacing a bit in his quarters, not quite ready to let go of the previous night's events.

"Computer- begin Personal Log. Lieutenant Saddahk, USS Boston, Stardate 41413.3.
I spent some time with my new crewmates but wildly miscalculated. I was a bit put off by the friction between two officers and excused myself to another portion of the bar. I had been intrigued by a 'Manhattan' and wanted to sample more. I tried samples- the 'Rusty Nail' was a bit underwhelming but the 'Long Island' was quite interesting. I ordered a full sized Long Island and the bartender was kind enough to include real alcohol in it. The smell and taste of the drink completely obscures the flavors of alcohol and I drank it as if it were Moba smoothie. Apparently there are a *number* of different alcohols in that beverage, all with various masking flavors over them. I was quickly inebriated and became chatty.
I hope my directness with Lt. Moi'ra will not harm our working relationship. Or with anyone else for that matter. I haven't made an error like that in several years; hardly the time to slip up just being posted to a new ship.
On the bright side, it appeared Joe Harper was amused. Perhaps I will still be able to get him to share his preferred drinks with me as I learn more about human mixology.
End log."

He grit his teeth slightly, closing his eyes. He exhaled and inhaled several times, then opened his eyes and dressed for duty. No undoing the past, so best to move forward.


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