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Stardate 40789.0

Posted on 28 May 2020 @ 8:00am by Ensign Qi'nii
Edited on 28 May 2020 @ 8:04am

"My first away mission ever and I fail. And no small failure for I lost the Commander of the U.S.S. Boston.

I was chosen to accompany the away mission against a species I know little about due to my knowledge of Aislyni systems. However, it seems they are just as paranoid as the Aislyni, my own species, for the many redundancies and the similar setups of power distribution and closed circuit storage systems. Fortunately not as xenophobic as the Indoctrinated, or we'd all be dead now.

Ensign Tirik and I were given the task to interrupt these redundancies and prevent the battery backup systems from charging to restore power to the area we needed to process. We were only partially successful. Though we were successful in the interruption, I failed to consider silent alert systems that notified Piraktan security forces to our location.

That is when I lost the Commander. Ordered to beam out, the rest of the away team returned to the U.S.S. Boston, with exception of myself, Tirik and Commander Raj. Moments from our own extraction, Piraktan forces entered the room, one of which I was able to incapacitate using venom. I was not, however, quick enough to engage the group nor grasp Commander Raj, as she was standing next to me, before the transport beam dematerialized me.

I had considered resignation, but something I remembered from lessons taught to me by T'Von, an Academy peer, changed my mind. 'Not everything can be successful if all odds are against you.' Her wisdom which helped me through the Kobiashi Maru Scenario, the 'no win' scenario.

I will get her back. I cannot allow this rescue to fail."



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