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Personal Log Stardate 41863.04

Posted on 12 Nov 2021 @ 1:05am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

"You know, there's two things in this Milky Way of ours that scares me the most. That's loosing everyone I care about, and the idea of me becoming a father. The ladder has just recently come true..."

The tall helmsman sighed heavily, his hands clasped behind his back as he stared out the window of his quarters. Joe's eyes attempted to follow each star that zoomed by with the Boston traveling at warp 7 enroute to Starbase 74. A long journey alone that was over 350 light years. Even after announcing it to his fellow crewmates Joe was still in shock. The glass of Ganymede Gin didn't seem to help him during Pizza Night.

"I still have yet to talk to the Captain and XO about possibly allowing T'Pora to stay on the Boston. I believe, the reason I haven't done so is...because my gut is already telling me what the answer would be. Perhaps I just need to hear the answer from them...I don't know. I will say that, Peaches and I, have gotten used to the long distance relationship over the seven years we've been together."

Joe looked over at his bed to see Thor fast asleep and sighed softly before returning his gaze to the window.

"However we did come up with the idea of taking turns in raising the child. T'Pora will take care of him or her for the first couple years then it will be my turn and so on. Part of me thinks that the environment of a starship isn't exactly...the best place to raise a kid. Especially on a ship like the Boston and all the crazy missions we have. But I suppose it could be a lot worse."

He pauses to take his combadge off and goes to set it on his desk before removing his uniform. The helmsman proceedes to prepare himself for bed. Upon exiting the Washroom, Joe then glanced at a picture of him and T'Pora on their wedding day.

"I'm now starting to wonder what type of father I am going to be. In the end...I think I'll more or less turn out to be like my old man, perhaps even better than he was. I have exactly 11 months to prepare my self for this challenge of life. A few months before the due date we'll find out what gender and species the child is. If I had to bet...I'd say the child is going to be Human. Computer...end log..."


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