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Personal Log Stardate 41658.35

Posted on 29 Aug 2021 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant JG Joseph Harper

"I find my self still overwhelmed with excitment of finding out the fact that the starship Eagle, NCC-14, this day. The very ship that one of my ancestors served on during the early years of Starfleet and the birth of the Federation. Walking around the old vessel experience. It was almost like she's just been built, the people of Nova Galiza have done an amazing job keeping the Eagle in pristine condition."

The helmsman spins around in his chair to look out the window of his quarters which happened to give him a view of the old NX class in the berth next to the Boston. He put his hands behind his head and smiled.

"I will admit the approach into this place was not like your average Starfleet shipyard. The fact that they don't berth ships as large as the Boston here made me a little concerned about our parking space. Had I made any slight turning movement we would've slapped the side of the dock. Thankfully...we had a harbor pilot, who happened to be Carmen's brother, guide me in. Honestly without him I probably would've scratched the paint."

Joe lets out a soft sigh as he continues to stare at the old vessel.

"Nova Galiza is turning out to be better than I expected. The dancing, the food, the people, all of them are amazing. During our tour on the Eagle we managed to get the computer working thanks to Lieutenant Kilrai. Upon further discovery we found an encrypted log from the Eagle's captain. Turns out they helped settle Nova Galiza and provided a cache of weapons that's buried in the ground. Luckily coordinates were attached to the log and we've been given the green light to search for them. I certainly look forward to that..."

He glances at Thor who is looking up at him, clearly wanting attention. Joe leans down to scritch Thor's head. He then grabs a small tennis ball on his desk and tosses it lightly across his quarters. As the black dog goes after the ball, Joe leaned back in his chair.

"It seems I'm gonna have to make a call to not just my eldest step-sister, but also my grandparents. They'll be thrilled to hear about this. a comm line to Zyvia Zh'zovek and end log."

The computer chirps and the log ends...


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