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Personal Log Stardate 40799.9

Posted on 01 Mar 2021 @ 1:01am by Ensign Joseph Harper

After having spent the past two hours cleaning up his quarters the tall Ensign grabs a half empty bottle of whiskey from his closet and opens it. He takes a swig and strolls over to the desk, sitting down with a sigh.

Upon rubbing his face, Joe glances at the PADD. "Uh...I'm not even sure where to begin with this one."

He leans back in the chair taking yet another swig of the whiskey. Joe spins around to face the bed which was currently occupied by the black Rottweiler, Thor. Luckily the dog wasn't injured during the Boston's violent spin a few hours earlier.

"Everything was going smoothly...I managed to break my record in pullups and reach one-hundred reps. Took Thor out on a walk after that and avoided another incident with Halifax. I swear that damn cat has it out for me." Joe sighs as he takes a sip of the whiskey, spinning around to face the desk and sets the bottle down.

"Then there was a promotion ceremony for Pril and Harris." Joe stares at a photo of him and his human parents, the glass was cracked from having fallen on the deck plating earlier. "You know...for a moment I thought I was next in line for a promotion. But I was reminded by my meeting with the XO that it was a little early for me." The ensign sighs and rubs the side of his face.

"Just after the pips were pinned...the Boston was thrown into a violent spin and almost overloaded the entire EPS grid. We eventually managed to recover the ship without ejecting the core." There's a small pause then a sigh. "However we did loose one crewman and several are still missing." Joe's heart sinks a little at the thought and he glances at the bottle.

"After being transferred onto the Boston I forgot what it was like to loose a fellow crewman until now. It doesn't just affect you, it affects everyone. Life can be a bitch sometimes and when it punches you hard in the end log."


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