Piraktan Directorate

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Behind the healthy bodies, the ordered society, the cheering crowds, the pomp and circumstance, lies an abominable cancer that will eventually spread through Pirakta and destroy it


There is not a lot of information on pre-Directorate history on Pirakta. What we do know about pre-Directorate history is that it was much like Earth pre-WW2. The Piraktan people had hundreds of different cultures, languages, nation-states, and political structures. Then, due to a dispute over land that we are still not sure of, Pirakta was thrust into a world war. The Directorate claims that the conflict came about due to a referendum in the rural but food-rich region of Oulain being fraught with fraud and vote manipulation, causing both sides to claim ownership. However, in our opinion, this may very well be an anti-democracy fabrication by the Directorate after the fact and more research into the matter is required. Regardless of how it started, the war has come to be known simply as the Unification. For our purposes, we refer to it as the Piraktan Great War, and henceforth in this document as simply the Great War. We do not know exactly when the war began, as the Directorate is very keen on making their rule appear to be ancient. However, based on what little archaeological evidence we have, we estimate that the war lasted from around 1536 to 1552. The Great War ravaged the Piraktans, with the main conflict lasting from 1536 to 1543. During that time period, the Piraktan people had wiped out large swathes of their food sources. The Directorate, first limited to the southernmost portion of Iratha continent, managed to stay out of the war during the first 4 years of the conflict. However, to “ensure the future safety of the Piraktan people”, the Directorate entered the war as a third side and, within 3 years, managed to occupy the other major powers in the war. For the next 9 years, the Directorate continued on its road to global domination, and by 1552 had control over the entire planet’s population. Following this, they began their campaign of eugenics and persecution against its own population.

War Against Beings

Most of what we know of pre-Directorate society we know from the Ruhansans, and can extrapolate what exactly the Directorate did to reach their current status. Based on the diversity of the Ruhansans versus the similarity of the Piraktans, we can assume that their eugenics policy included eliminating other ethnicities. They have committed cultural genocide against all other cultures on the planet, with everyone on Pirakta speaking the same language and having the same culture. Their eugenics policy also includes the elimination of anyone with physical or mental handicaps. Most importantly to the geopolitical situation of Pirakta, they have also systematically persecuted Ruhansans. Ruhansans are just as much Piraktans as Piraktans are. The one thing that sets them apart from the rest of the population is that they are unable to reproduce. They also have, as strange as it may seem to us, two sexes. Or at least, the appearance of what we would define as male and female. However, as they appear to be something that is inherent to the Piraktan population, as they are not restrained by generations or ethnicities and can pop up at any point, the Directorate has instead decided to send the Ruhansans to a mining world nearby to mine their raw materials.

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