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Behind the healthy bodies, the ordered society, the cheering crowds, the pomp and circumstance, lies an abominable cancer that will eventually spread through Piraktan society and destroy it

Scientific Description

Piraktans can be distinguished from other species from their red and scaly skin, along with their glowing eyes. However, as a species they have the ability to have many different scale colors, as seen in the Ruhansans. Through dozens of generations of eugenics, the Piraktans have increased their height and musculature to be comparable to the Klingons or the Rigelians, and to ensure a “perfect red” scale color. They have scales running down their head and over their body, as well as across their brows and nose. While the rest of their body looks like normal skin, it is in fact very small scales that are just barely noticeable. The Piraktans' defining characteristic as a species is that they only one sex and yet do not reproduce asexually. This distinction is intertwined with the Piraktans conflict with the Ruhansans, expounded upon in the History section.


Piraktan culture is intertwined with Directorate policy. All food is regulated by the Directorate, with all citizens receiving food cards of what they may eat each week, as well as exercise, leisure time, marriages, and work. Your job is decided based on a test you take at 18. This includes the lowest of citizens to even government officials, including the Director. The Piraktans also have a gladiatorial combat sport, known as Tynak. Beyond that, all festivals are celebrations of the Directorate in some form or another. All of this is meant for the Directorate to maintain control over the general population. Anyone who disobeys or works against the Directorate is sent to a re-education facility, which we do not know much about. What we do know is that everyone who leaves these facilities is completely loyal to the Directorate. They are also well known to Piraktans. In fact, some even volunteer so that they can "better serve the Directorate". Their indoctrination is especially well honed, and if we are to ever break it it would take tremendous effort on our part to unindoctrinate the population.

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