Academic Service Uniform

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Academic Service Uniform

This uniform is the exclusive province of cadets and professors at Starfleet Academy, in the Earth city of San Francisco. This is the first uniform that any Starfleet officer will wear, and it sets the standard for wearing the Starfleet uniform for the rest of their career. This uniform can occasionally be seen outside of Starfleet Academy, as cadets are often sent on training exercises throughout the Alpha Quadrant, and many are assigned "midshipman cruises" during summer recess as additional training. Starfleet Academy also operates a small number of its own training starships, typically runabouts or older designs such as the Miranda-class that are no longer suitable for front line service in Starfleet.

Similar in cut to the standard duty Service Uniform, a cadet's version shares a high formal collar, and also features sewn in epaulettes on the shoulders. While similar in cut to the standard duty Service Uniform, this uniform follows several design customs from the previous generation of Starfleet uniforms that were first worn in the late 23rd Century. This can be clearly seen in the predominantly red coloring of the uniform, and the Starfleet insignia belt. Like the standard duty Service Uniform, this uniform also features a skirted variant with high heeled calf-height boots. Division coloring is shown in colored piping across the chest, with Command Division being denoted in black instead of its standard red.

A trio of energetic Starfleet Cadets debate the finer points of astrophysics on the main campus of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

Tailor Guide:

Basic Uniform

Upper: Starfleet Academy [Uniform - Jacket Loose]

  • Command: [A7//H1/A7]
  • Operations: [A7/I21/A71]
  • Science: [A7/E12/A7]
  • Badge: The Next Generation - Series [A14/A19]

    Rank: Appropriate to your character [A19]

    Lower: Loose - Starfleet Academy [Uniform - Pants Loose]

  • Command: [A7//H1]
  • Operations: [A7/I21]
  • Science: [A7/E12]
  • Feet: Shoe Starfleet Academy [H1]

    Belt: Jupiter [H1/H8/H10/A7]


    Skirt - Female Only

    Skirt - Starfleet Academy [Uniform - Skirts]

  • Command: [A7//H1/A7]
  • Operations: [A7/I21/A71]
  • Science: [A7/E12/A7]
  • Footwear - Female Only

  • Boot Starfleet Academy Heels [H1/H1]
  • Boot Kelvin Starfleet Tall [H1/H1/H1]

  • Footwear - Male Only

  • Shoe All Good Things [H1/H1]

  • ((Note: This uniform is unlocked via the C-Store for 550 Zen))

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