Nova Galiza

Created by Lieutenant JG Carmen Duarte on 28 May 2019 @ 2:00pm

Her ancestors trekked to Nova Galiza, a large M-class moon orbiting a purple-hued gas giant part of a binary star system in the Fries-Posnikoff Sector, in the mid-22nd Century. On Earth Galicians were renowned for their shipbuilding skills, and their elegant crafts had graced that world's oceans since ancient times, through the Age of Discovery, and throughout the 20th, 21st, and 22nd-Centuries. The Galegos Novos (New Galicians) brought these talents to their new colony world, which quickly became known for its orbital shipyards, nicknamed Ferrol das Estrelas. The Earth Cargo Service often placed orders with Nova Galiza for freighters, and through frequent trade and communication, was brought into the Federation's fold from an early date. Galegos Novos also brought another famous talent to their colony - their vineyards. Carmen's family operated Pazo Duarte, a popular winery that often shipped their vintages to Earth, Denobula, Alpha Centauri, and many other Federation worlds. The nearby resort world of Risa was always consistently placing orders with the Duartes. Due to the unique nature of Nova Galiza's tidal locked orbit around a gas giant, and thereafter in orbit around a binary star system, the summer and winter seasons each last six Earth years. This extreme seasonal duality results in a six-year on/off cycle for many of the planet's inhabitants. Summer is spent tending the vineyards and producing fine Galician wine, whereas winter is focused on the orbiting shipyards and shipping freighters stocked with the latest vintages to Federation worlds.