U.S.S. Boston

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U.S.S. Boston

Operator: Starfleet Deep Space Exploratory Corps

Commissioned: 2324

Class: Ambassador-class Starship

Registry: NCC-26163

Assignment: Deep space exploration

Commanding Officer: Captain Philip J. Demarcus

It is 2362, and the Federation starship Boston has seen nearly four decades of continuous service in Starfleet. Entering service in 2324, she is one of four pre-production models of what would eventually become the Ambassador-class, the premier line of exploratory starships of the 24th century’s second quarter. Currently under the command of Captain Philip J. Demarcus, U.S.S. Boston continues to serve Starfleet in its primary mission of space exploration, while also providing an autonomous platform for full execution of Federation policy in remote corners of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Taking shape at the dawn of the 24th century, the quartet of ships that comprise the sub-class to which the Boston belongs were one of the most ambitious projects Starfleet had ever attempted up to that time. Having learned valuable lessons from refitting the Excelsior-class away from its original “great experiment”, Federation engineers opted for an Ambassador-class design based around a conventional warp core; albeit a significantly upgraded system. Other ship systems, however, were highly experimental for the time. The Boston and her three sister ships were the first to feature many systems now considered standard on Starfleet vessels, such as contiguous phaser strips, fusion-powered RCS thrusters, isolinear computer circuitry, ...

Captain #1: Keriata Rei Wetere

#1 2324-2338 #2 2338-2350 #3 2350-2358 #4 2358-present <-- Demarcus