Excursion Uniform

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Excursion Uniform

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Captain Philip J. Demarcus ponders the situation while leading an away team on a strange alien world. Lieutenant Moi'ra Kilrai (background, right) is wearing the prescribable protective handwear.

Tailor Guide:

Basic Uniform

Upper: Racing Uniform

  • ​Command: [H8/H8/H8/A7]
  • Operations: [H8/H8/H8/I21]
  • Science: [H8/H8/H8/E12]
  • Badge: The Next Generation - Series [A14/A19]

    Rank: NONE

    Arm Attach Left/Right: Odyssey Excursion [H8]

    Chest Gear: Kit - Eng Technician 1 [P1/P1]

    Lower: Tucked - Odyssey Excursion [H6]

    ​Feet: Boot Odyssey Excursion [H1/H1/H1/H1]

    Belt: Kit - Sci Scientist 2 [P1/H8]

    Belt Accessory: Kit-Sci Scientist [A8]

    Hips Attach Left/Right: Odyssey Excursion [H6]

    Prescribable Items

    Hands: Gloves Paneled [H1/H1]

    --|| Racing Uniform is obtained via the C-Store for 550 Zen. Odyssey Excursion outfit pieces are obtainable from the Fleet Starbase for 8,000 dilithium and 4,000 fleet credits. ||--

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