Full Dress Uniform

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Full Dress Uniform

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Captain Philip Demarcus and members of U.S.S. Boston's crew welcome an alien dignitary aboard for a conference. All officers are wearing the prescribable uniform belt, while Captain Demarcus's trousers feature the command-level gold trim.

Tailor Guide:

Basic Uniform

Upper: Odyssey Dress

  • ​Command: [A7/H1/H1/I17]
  • Operations: [I21/H1/H1/I17]
  • Science: [E12/H1/H1/I17]
  • Badge: The Next Generation - Series [A14/A19]

    Rank: Appropriate to your character [A18]

    Lower: Loose - The Next Generation [H1]

    Feet: Odyssey [H1/H1/H1]

    Belt: Jupiter [H1/H8/H10/Divisional Color]

    Prescribable Items

    Pants - Female Only

  • Counselor [H1]
  • The Next Generation [H1]
  • Footwear - Female Only

  • Boot Starfleet Academy Heels [H1/H1]
  • Shoe All Good Things [H1/H1]

  • Footwear - Male Only

  • Shoe All Good Things [H1/H1]

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