Utility Uniform

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Utility Uniform

Appropriately titled, the Starfleet Utility Uniform is the preferred duty uniform for personnel engaged in any kind of "dirty job". As such, it is a favorite uniform for Away Team members in almost all environments, as well as by engineers who often spend much of their duty shifts crawling through Jefferies Tubes and scrubbing Warp conduits. Additionally, many ships on deep space assignments (as well as Deep Space Stations) use this uniform as their daily duty uniform instead of the standard Service Uniform due to the unpredictable nature of space exploration.

The uniform consists of a black belted jumpsuit with a gray undershirt. Division colors are less prominent than on the standard Service Uniform, only being displayed across the shoulders. The uniform's open collar and looser cut make it more comfortable for duty assignments outside of an office-type environment. Unlike the Service Uniform there is no skirted variant available, due to the nature of assignments that this uniform is often worn for.

Captain Philip Demarcus and members of U.S.S. Boston's senior staff wearing Utility Uniforms welcome an engineering diagnostic team aboard to address technical issues.

Tailor Guide:

Basic Uniform

Upper: Deep Space Nine

  • ​Command: [H1/H8/A7]
  • Operations: [H1/H8/I21]
  • Science: [H1/H8/E12]
  • Badge: The Next Generation - Series [A14/A19]

    Rank: Appropriate to your character [A19]

    Lower: Deep Space Nine [H1]

    Feet: Odyssey [H1/H1/H1]

    Prescribable Items

    Pants - Female Only

  • Counselor [H1]
  • The Next Generation [H1]
  • Footwear - Female Only

  • Boot Starfleet Academy Heels [H1/H1]
  • Shoe All Good Things [H1/H1]

  • Footwear - Male Only

  • Shoe All Good Things [H1/H1]

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