Shore Leave Jacket

Created by Lieutenant JG Carmen Duarte on 31 Aug 2021 @ 5:00pm

Shore Leave Jacket

This jacket represents a simple and practical option for all U.S.S. Boston personnel participating in shore leave opportunities. Although the wearing of standard duty uniforms is authorized for all personnel while on shore leave, or during general off-duty activities, many crewpersons wish to wear attire that is more fitting with a civilian atmosphere they may be visiting, while still retaining a cohesive sartorial aesthetic that exhibits restrained pride in Starfleet, and the starship Boston specifically. For this reason Captain Philip J. Demarcus has had the Shore Leave Jackets issued to all personnel, to be worn over appropriate civilian clothing.

Made from brown synthetic-leather, with Starfleet insignia emblazoned on each shoulder, the Shore Leave Jacket is appropriate for most weather conditions encountered on Class M worlds on which U.S.S. Boston personnel might participate in shore leave activities. Combadges are encouraged to be worn with the jacket, to facilitate communication between shore leave participants. Additionally, U.S.S. Boston ballcaps are authorized as an optional component with this outfit, for those crewpersons wishing to display pride in both Starfleet, and the starship Boston.

Four officers from U.S.S. Boston explore an open air marketplace while visiting a friendly alien world for shore leave.

Tailor Guide:

Basic Outfit

Upper: Survival Jacket - Open [S5/Shirt Variable/S6/S5][/p>

Undershirt/Accessory: Starfleet Patch [C6/K19/A7]

Badge: The Next Generation - Series [A14/A19]

Lower: Wearer's Discretion

Feet: Wearer's Discretion

Prescribable Items

Belt: Wearer's Discretion

Earrings: Wearer's Discretion

Head Covering: Baseball Titans (ICly a U.S.S. Boston ballcap)