A Directorate's Requiem

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In late 2362 U.S.S. Boston is tasked by Starfleet Command with extracting a rogue officer, one Lieutenant Commander Tina Santori, from the Piraktan Directorate. Since accepting a position through the Officer Exchange Program, Santori had increasingly found herself at odds with the leadership of the Directorate. This culminated with her forsaking her acting position at the Ministry of Science to join with the growing rebel movement against the Piraktan state.

Now considered to be in breach of her orders and exchange assignment, Starfleet Command wishes to extract Lieutenant Commander Santori from the Piraktan homeworld with a minimum of diplomatic consequences. Keenly observing the crisis from afar, however, the Cardassian Union has noticed an opening to potentially re-organize the Piraktan Directorate into a client state, and a new potential front in the still unresolved Federation-Cardassian War.

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The Gray Twilight

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