Lieutenant JG Rozhal Pril

Name Rozhal Pril

Position Xenolinguistics Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name Rozhal Pril
Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 28
Date of Birth Stardate 15976.47 (28th November 2335, Terran Calendar)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75m
Weight 66kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Fair
Build Fairly slender
Features Trill spots from head to foot.
Physical Description Pril is of fairly average height - not particularly tall, nor particularly short. She prefers to keep her long dark hair tied back so as not to get in the way when working. Her interest in skiing and snowboarding aside, Rozhal isn't incredibly sporty but appreciates the need to keep herself 'in shape'. She therefore makes sure that she eats healthily, rarely eating meat and maintaining a fairly athletic physique.

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Roz
Homeworld Trill
Residence(s) Vrans, Trill
Father Enrak Pril
Mother Temzia Pril
Brother(s) Jaed Pril, Faro Pril
Mentor(s) Professor Setheleyis th'Rasdeth
Languages Known Fluent:
•Galacta (Federation Standard)
•Terran (English)

•Terran (Spanish)

•Terran (German)


Primary and Secondary Education Aya'lieh District Educational Institute (Vrans; Trill), Class of 2353
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, California; Earth), Class of 2357
Undergraduate Fields of Study •Astrophysics
•Stellar Cartography
•Subspace Mechanics
•Xenolinguistics (Stardate 32883.93)
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Advanced Xenolinguistics (Stardate 40109.6)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rozhal has a generally friendly demeanour and as such, has a wide circle of friends aboard the Boston. She can, however, have nervous moments, lacking confidence in herself when it comes to important tasks. This can cause her to panic a little from time to time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being a pacifist, Rozhal believes strongly in the power of diplomacy. By having joined Starfleet, she realises that diplomacy is not able to solve everything, yet she still holds strong ideals. This can prove to be both a strength and a weakness: She is often able to talk her way out of problems, but if that doesn't work, she finds it hard to opt for a more radical solution. Another issue she faces is that sometimes she has a loss of concentration in a task if it doesn't directly interest her. She is, however, improving on this.
Ambitions Rozhal is not in Starfleet to make it to Admiral one day, but does want to be able to make a large difference in peoples' lives. She has recently been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade as the Boston's Xenolinguistics Specialist, and perhaps longer-term would quite like to make the rank of Full Lieutenant.
Hobbies & Interests Her passion for languages exempt, Rozhal is interested in history and music, specifically interstellar politics and the Trill Neo-Classical period, respectively. Furthermore, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and snow sports, having spent many winters on the slopes. Aged 14, she won a regional junior snowboarding championship. Rozhal enjoys cooking but is not particularly good at it, often burning her creations.

Personal History Rozhal Pril was born on stardate 16552.08 to Enrak and Temzia Pril in Vrans, a large city on the Trill homeworld's southern continent. She is the youngest of three siblings, having two elder brothers. Her father is an archaeological scientist and her mother is an artist, neither having had anything to do with Starfleet. She had always had an aptitude for languages, having made an effort to learn Terran English before even considering leaving Trill. Upon leaving lower education with very good grades on stardate 32182.54, Rozhal was unsure of where to proceed, but was persuaded by her tutors to apply to Starfleet. There, they said, her current talents could develop whilst she would also gain new skills. On stardate 32159.25, Rozhal signed up to the Academy to study Astrophysics, one of her strongest areas in school.

Cadet Pril was known amongst her classmates for being a fun-loving student, who sometimes struggled with concentration, but ultimately pulled through. In the second semester of her first year, Rozhal selected Xenolinguistics as her elective course, the history of linguistic development throughout the galaxy having particularly piqued her interest. This soon developed into more than just a hobby, and her tutors for both Astrophysics and Xenolinguistics encouraged her to add it to her full-time studies as a part of her program. Rozhal sometimes struggled with the workload, but her mentor, Professor Setheleyis th'Rasdeth, helped her to organise her time more efficiently, allowing her to just about manage both.

The next three years passed somewhat quickly, with Pril not having trouble finding friends, resulting from her being a keen member of various Academy musical ensembles. Whilst at the Academy, she also developed an interest in amateur theatre, performing in 4 separate shows during her time there. It is worth noting that, during this time, Pril's concentration improved as her priorities shifted away from just having fun and more towards achieving good grades.

Upon graduation, Ensign Pril was assigned to the U.S.S. Sagittarius under Captain Bashligm Ghev as Science Officer, finding the small size of the crew and the short-range, mundane mission somewhat limiting. Part of this assignment was an eight-month survey of comets in the Beta Quadrant. After completing the survey, Pril was issued with transfer orders as Starfleet felt her communicational skills were not being put to use efficiently enough.

In late 2359, Pril was posted to Starbase 371 - a key outpost during the height of the Cardassian Border Wars - as Junior Science Officer. Pril found this not only more challenging, but more interesting too, as she was able to meet people from all areas of Starfleet, and all parts of the Federation whilst there. It was also an opportunity for her to demonstrate her linguistic prowess and studies of subspace mechanics, helping to decode encrypted messages in coordination with Starfleet Intelligence, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

After a year aboard Starbase 371, Ensign Pril was transferred back to active space duty aboard the U.S.S. Boston in preparation for the ship's mission in the Payez Expanse. Originally assigned as Junior Science Officer, Pril's role in a key diplomatic function with the Legirq Commonwealth earnt her the notice of Captain Demarcus, who encouraged further cultivation and usage of her Xenolinguistics qualification.

Following the Payez mission and the Boston's return to Earth for refit in early 2362, Pril enrolled on a two-month Advanced Xenolinguistics course to finish the qualification she began five years previously. After sitting the required examinations, Pril chose to complete the practical element of the course on Hayara, working on the translation of an ancient language there. On stardate 40304.59, upon her return from the successful project, Pril was transferred from Science to Communications as a Xenolinguistics Specialist aboard the Boston.
Service Record 32166.93 - Application accepted to Starfleet Academy
32335.00 - Began attendance of Starfleet Academy, studying Astrophysics
32883.93 - On recommendation from tutors, Xenolinguistics added as a secondary qualification
35689.66 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy, assigned to U.S.S. Sagittarius as Science Officer
38092.03 - Posted to Starbase 371 as Junior Science Officer, pending reassignment
39673.60 - Reassigned to U.S.S. Boston as Junior Science Officer
40109.60 - Enrolled in Advanced Xenolinguistics course during refit of U.S.S. Boston
40304.59 - Reassigned to Communications Department as Xenolinguistics Specialist aboard U.S.S. Boston
40799.20 - Promotion to rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade