Ensign R'Mossu

Name R'Mossu

Position Stellar Cartographer

Rank Ensign

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Character Information

Full Name R'Mossu
Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 27
Date of Birth May 25, 2339

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Skintone White (Fur)
Build Muscular
Features Facial stripes
Physical Description R'Mossu is fit and carries himself more like a soldier in his stance and movements; his fur is white except for the black stripes on his face and the black highlights in his beard and tail tuft.

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Stripes, Astrokitty
Homeworld Cait
Residence(s) -Ensign Quarters, Deck 8, USS Boston
-His family home in Sel'helem, Cait
Father Karuuz
Mother Casi
Sister(s) R'Tasa
Other Family Commodore K'Maso (Uncle, CPDF)
Mentor(s) Sub-Commander Hardo (Flight Instructor, CMFA)
Languages Known Caitian, English


Primary and Secondary Education Caitian Primary School #209
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy, Class of 2364
Undergraduate Fields of Study -Stellar Cartography
-Warp Core Systems Control/Maintenance
-Advanced Damage Control
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Caitian Military Flight Academy, Class of 2358
-Basic Flight Training
-Advanced Flight Training
-Electronic Countermeasures Training
-Scouting Training Group 22

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally outwardly confident if a little soft spoken, internally he is full of self doubt and fears due to past trauma; he also has difficulty adjusting his former military life with that of Starfleet's non-military culture that has lead to friction with his peers.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
-Natural pilot.
-Detail oriented.
-Physically strong.
-Thrives in high pressure situations.
-A Walking Dictionary of Random Facts

-Incredibly stubborn!
-Self doubting.
-Can be a poor team player.
-Fear of flying in a atmosphere.
Ambitions He has no particular specific ambitions as of yet, he knows he wants to hopefully advance, but advance to where is the real question. Perhaps maybe to being Chief Science Officer, maybe go for command and become Captain of his own ship.
Hobbies & Interests -Astronomy
-Earth History
-Reading in general.
-Technical sketching
-Traditional Caitian cooking.
-Collecting swords.
-The music of the Earth composer Phillip Glass.

Personal History R'Mossu was born in a small city by the Sea of Kasiin in 2339, his family ran a restaurant that served traditionally prepared Caitian food with no replicated ingredients. He worked in as a general helper for his mother until he became old enough to cook food with his father.

He attended the local Primary School where he had adequate grades. Though he could have approved R'Mossu disliked school as he was frequently bullied by a group of other kitlings for his shyness and having come out as gay to his classmates, having not expected hostility from it. As he grew older, R'Mossu stood up to his bullies and the issue went away but he would keep his orientation guarded closely until he entered Starfleet Academy. In his late teens, R'Mossu developed a love of the Caitian sport of Medo where two teams would wrestle for a ball and try to run it to a goal to score a point; it was considered a rather rough sport but by now R'Mossu had started developing a strong muscular physique which he would build as he considered potentially playing professionally when he finished school.

Inspired by his uncle, a Commodore in the Caitian Planetary Defense Force (CPDF), R'Mossu would instead enter into the military by joining the Caitian Military Flight Academy. He quickly proved a natural pilot and was fast tracked for a career in the Defense Scouts, a prestigious unit that patrolled the Cait System for threats. While there he became very good friends with his flight instructor, then Lieutenant Hardo who mentored the young R'Mossu into one of his best pilots. Once he graduated from the Flight Academy in 2358 he joined Scouting Group 9 as a Warrant Officer (equivalent to a Starfleet Ensign) flying on the Saberhawk Scout Craft as a Electronic Countermeasures Officer (ECO).

Only four months into his service, which he thoroughly enjoyed, an accident occurred. On October 8, 2358, the Saberhawk that R'Mossu was the ECO for suffered an engine failure due to improper maintenance; too low to properly recover and land the craft it crashed near the runway it had taken off from. R'Mossu was the only survivor, the pilot and co-pilot were killed on impact, but he suffered from severe injuries including both his legs being broken, a collapsed lung, and a broken left arm. He also suffered from severe PTSD as a result of the crash and it took him six months beyond the two needed for recovery in a Starfleet hospital before he flew again. He had developed a fear though of flying in atmosphere and begged his uncle to confine him to space stations; even this though did not fully solve the issue and R'Mossu's performance was unremarkable. Finally he resigned at the beginning of 2360 and went home to work in his family's restaurant.

Still wanting to travel into space but worried of the dangers in doing so with the Caitian Military, R'Mossu entered Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2360. While there he started to generally relax and act more like his normal self, though he still suffered from PTSD from his crash which he saw a counselor for. He also found a interest in Earth history as well as the music and films of humans, the incredible diversity being rather mind baffling to him. In the late 20th century composer Phillip Glass though, R'Mossu found what would be his favorite music. His studies at the academy were mainly focused in the sciences with his major being in Stellar Cartography and Astrophysics an extension of his love of astronomy as a child; he also took minors in some engineering courses specially Warp Corp Systems Management/Maintenance and Advanced Damage Control. He would typically butt up with his fellow cadets and professors due to his former military training which made him stand out in the rather non-military Starfleet, with remarks in his file of him being too "rigid" or "overly aggressive" at times.

He would graduate with good marks and with a letter of excellence from his Warp Core Course professor in the class of 2364. He was inducted as an Ensign aboard the USS Turing for his Cadet Cruise. The Turing was a Miranda Class built in 2290 and her age showed with strange creaks and squeaks when at warp, systems that were so out of date the replicators didn't have replacement parts in their database and finally a generally rather cramped crew quarters. R'Mossu though took it with stride and spent much of his time in Stellar Cartography, even when he wasn't on duty just to look through some of the free imaging telescopes at all the wonders the ship would pass. While aboard he also impressed the Chief Engineer with a suggested rework of standard damage control procedures for the ship that were more efficient.

After a year on his Training Cruise, R'Mossu arrived at Starbase Serenity where he was transferred to the not as old Ambassador Class, USS Boston as a member of Stellar Cartography.
-Starfleet Academy, Class of 2364
*203rd of 1,182 Cadets
*Perfect Attendance Award
*Letter of Excellence, Professor Camilla Barnes
-Inducted into Starfleet as an Ensign.
-Assigned to: USS Turing NCC-2993 - Miranda Class
-Position: Stellar Cartography Technician
-Notes: cited for excellence by Lieutenant SR Howard Hall, Chief Engineer, USS Turing.
-Assigned to: USS Boston NCC-26163, Ambassador Class (Pre-production type)
-Position: Stellar Cartography Technician

-Caitian Military Flight Academy, Class of 2358
*4th of 519 Cadets
-Inducted into the CPDF with the rank of Warrant Officer
-Assigned to: Scouting Group 9
-Position: Saberhawk ECO
-Accident: engine loss incident. Survived with major injuries.
-Notes: no crew fault found.
-Assigned to: Replacement Unit 50
-Assigned to: Scouting Group 9
-Position: Saberhawk ECO
-Assigned to: Scouting Group 3
-Position: Saberhawk Co-Pilot
-Resigned commission, placed on retired/reserve roster.