Ensign Andrew Kennedy

Name Andrew Daniel Kennedy

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Last Post

Character Information

Full Name Andrew Daniel Kennedy
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24
Date of Birth 7th Jan 2341

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11" (1.81m)
Weight 9stone, 20oz (58kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skintone White
Build Athletic

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) None
Alias(s) Andy
Homeworld Earth
Residence(s) The Liberties, Dublin, Ireland
Father William Kennedy (Willy)
Mother Kathrine Kennedy née Kelly (Kitty)
Brother(s) Maurice
Sister(s) Josephine (Jo)
Una - deceased
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Other Family Patrick Farrell (Uncle)
Brigid Farrell née Kelly (Aunt)
Joseph Farrell (Cousin)
Pets None
Languages Known English


Primary and Secondary Education Saint Cronin's National School (Primary); Institute of Education (Secondary)
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Strategy and Tactics; Basic Leadership; Tactical Analysis
Postgraduate Institution Starfleet Academy
Postgraduate Fields of Study Advanced Tactical Training
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Basic Hand to Hand Combat
Phaser and Weapons Training
Studying for: Command Training Program; Command and Control, Tactical Analysis and Theory

Personality & Traits

General Overview A sincere but shy individual. He's eager to please and tries to take the initiative wherever and whenever he can. His gung-ho attitude may get him into trouble though, on occasion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Focused - He approaches each task with laser like focus, and
seldom rests until it is done.
Takes initiative - He sees what needs to be done and does it.

Weaknesses: Somewhat shy - He doesn't flourish in social situations, and
often secludes himself in a corner at parties and gatherings.
Workaholic - Is often more comfortable working than taking time
off. This often leads to burnout and irritability.
Overthinking - He sometimes misses the simple solutions in
favor of the more complicated ones.
Ambitions Wishes to attend Starfleet Command school.
He ultimately aims to reach the rank of captain and have his own command. He wants to captain a long-term exploration mission, like the Enterprise of old.
Hobbies & Interests Singing/Playing guitar
Acting (on occasion)
Video games
Battle simulations

Personal History Born in Holles Street Maternity Hospital, Dublin in 2341. He grew up in the Liberties the third of four children - one brother, Maurice (the youngest) and two sisters, Jo (the eldest) and Una. When Andy was 6, Una died of xenopolycythemia - a blood disease that took her within a year.

However, Andy's childhood was a good one, and though he mourned his sister's passing, he was a happy child who did well in school.

Growing up, he worked in his parent's pub, called 'Kennedy's', although that was not the first pub in Dublin to bear that name.

When he was 11, his aunt Brigid and uncle Patrick took him to San Francisco with his cousin Joseph. It was a trip he never forgot. He saw the impressive sprawl of Starfleet Academy and the view of Earth Spacedock in the sky filled him with the desire to join Starfleet.

When he was 18, Andrew enrolled into the Academy. He would do well - he wasn't brilliant, but he was very good at tactical analysis and strategy. He graduated in 2363, eight in his class. He took a further two years studying for his postgrad; Advanced Tactical Training. He took the foundation course for Command and control, when a posting came up for the U.S.S Boston, which he decided to take. He had, he figured, had enough of academia. For now. He still continues his studies in pursuance of his dreams to become a captain one day.
Service Record Starfleet Academy; graduated - 2363

U.S.S. Boston; posted - 2365; Tactical Officer