Lieutenant JG Kara Labaax

Name Kara Tari Labaax

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant JG

Last Post

Character Information

Full Name Kara Tari Labaax
Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 27
Date of Birth June 10th, 2337

Physical Appearance

Height 1.76m
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Skintone Fair

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Armstrong City, Luna
Residence(s) Leran Manev, Trill
Grenoble, France, Earth
Father Djan Labaax
Mother Tarinna Labaax
Brother(s) James Labaax
Other Family Joran Labaax (Grandfather)
Myiv Labaax (Grandmother)
Ta'el Labaax (Grandfather)
Hayla Labaax (Grandmother)
Mentor(s) Dr. Erik Jorgensen
Pets Tabby (Hedgehog)
Languages Known Trill
Federation Basic


Primary and Secondary Education Aldrin Elementary School, Armstrong High School
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy, School of Science
Undergraduate Fields of Study Xenobiology (Major)
Chemistry (Minor)
Postgraduate Institution Starfleet Academy Medical School
Postgraduate Fields of Study Doctor of Medicine
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Kings College Hospital, London
-Internship, 1-year

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kara is a relatively studious and bookish Trill. She is evidently intelligent in conversation, but often reserved and quiet. She's able to hold a broad interest in most things she comes across, though only truly holds a deep interest for few things, largely relating to her career. Her social skills are adequate enough, however, and she maintains a pleasant bedside manner. She clearly cares a deal for her patients, having a relatively easy time empathising with them. She suffers from a moderate amount of anxiety, and on occasion struggles with childhood traumas.
Strengths & Weaknesses TBD
Ambitions TBD
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Chess, Reading, Video Games, Badminton, Tennis

Interests: Neuroscience, Xenobiology, Trill History, Science Fiction Novels, Anything she can space wikipedia at 2AM.

Personal History Kara was born on Luna, in Armstrong City. Both her parents were civilian scientists working for the federation. As such she spent at times a year or more apart from one or the other, living largely with her paternal grandparents; who moved to Luna to look after Kara and her brother. Her relationship with her grandparents however, was not fantastic and not something she oft strikes up in conversation, though the trauma of her childhood is evident to those who know her well. She became interested in Medicine at an early age, having always been somewhat quiet and bookish, she'd spend a long time reading about the various species of the federation and their physiology and the physiology of the symbionts native to her own culture.

She'd become set on joining Starfleet during High School, as a way of getting away from her home life and indeed she studied toward it furiously. Sometimes too furiously, leading to several episodes of burnout during High School. Nonetheless it payed off and she found herself accepted into the School of Sciences at Starfleet Academy. Her first two years were tumultuous, she suffered from various episodes of mental health problems, leading her to almost drop out of the Academy. She would find her outlet in sport, primarily Badminton and Tennis and with a fair amount of support from classmates and the counsellors she recovered through her third and fourth years, graduating from the Academy with a Major in Xenobiology and a Minor in Chemistry.

Her next port of call was Starfleet Academy Medical School, which she had been accepted into in her final year as a Cadet. Finding her calling, she was able to mostly leave her childhood behind her and grow into the medic she desired to be. Aside from that her time at Medical School was by-in-large uneventful, something she was more than happy to accept, graduating with her class in the summer of 2363 a couple of months later she would being her 1-year internship in the Trauma Department and Kings College Hospital in London, after which she would finally be posted to the U.S.S Boston as a Junior Doctor.
Service Record 2355-2359 (Cadet, Starfleet Academy)
2359-2363 (Ensign, Starfleet Academy Medical School)
2363-2364 (Intern, Kings College Hospital)
2364-Present (Lieutenant JG, USS Boston)