Ensign Zh'illa K'Aba

Name Zh'illa A'LRuz K'Aba

Position Medical Technician

Rank Ensign

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Character Information

Full Name Zh'Illa A'Lruz K'Aba
Gender Female
Species Kerrian
Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 170.6 lbs
Hair Color No Hair
Eye Color Pure jet black/reflective
Skintone light blue
Build Petite
Features a always moist scale skin,her body and head has a few fins,small webbing in between her fingers that goes to the middle of it,on her neck there are also gills
Physical Description A small petite anphibian women,her fins,gills and scales all have the same color,a phisycal comparasion would be the character "Abe Sapien" from the "Hellboy" Franchise

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Kerria


Personality & Traits

General Overview a childish naive woman,always happy
Strengths & Weaknesses her strenght is also her weakness,her weak heart as in her emotions get the best of her,it helps..but also hinders her from time to time
Ambitions Use the help starfleet has given her to find a ancient legend machine built by the Kerrians known as the Revivor,to ressurect her kind and start again anew in another planet
Hobbies & Interests Genetic studies,knowing more how other races work on the inside as in cells and organs and things like that out of pure curiosity

Personal History Born from the planet kerria,a waterfileld planet with moistured and wet terrain,their people,the kerrians,were a fantasticly intelligent race,beign able to mix up technology,bioscience and religion into their constructions and machines,years ago they were able to build a machine that could ressurect any being or plant,well,it would´ve worked and would´ve been built until the Cardassians came,the kerrians were driven to the break of extinction,but there were survivors,in fact,Zh'Illa is only one of a few survivors,the kerrians were anphibian like,but more aquatic focused,with gills that could make them breathe underwater and a small nose with a pair of lungs as well for surface breathing,she entered the starfleet academy as a way to study and to try to revive her kinds knowledge as a starfleet xenobiologist and medic,now Starfleet gave her a chance to have her as part of a official crew in the U.S.S Boston,from that day foward,Zh'Illa went around the universe with her newfound crew