Lieutenant JG Sesenek T'Suk'tchol

Name Sesenek T'Suk'tchol

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Full Name S'gn T'Suk'tchol Sesenek
Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 65
Date of Birth 22/10/2298

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93m
Weight 81kg
Hair Color Black with grey tints
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Ivory-tan
Build Slim
Features Sesenek is greying prematurely, and keeps his hair at a significantly shorter length than most Vulcans of his ethnic group. He has a disfiguring scar over the lower left hand side of his face. His voice is breathy and cracked, suggesting past laryngeal trauma.

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Sen
Homeworld Vulcan
Residence(s) None on file
Father Senek (Textile artist, b. 2251)
Mother T'Sha'ti (Acoustic engineer, b. 2251)
Spouse(s) T'Kelek (Pharmacologist, b. 2298, m. 2326, d. 2351), Esk Harjil (Construction worker, b. 2301, m. 2335, d. 2351)
Children Shenet (Step-son, b. 2336, d. 2351)
Tiral (Daughter, b. 2338, d. 2351)
Languages Known Vulcan (Standard), Vulcan (Han-Shir), Vulcan (High Golic), Cardassian (Hebitian), Federation Standard (Galacta), English (U.K.)


Undergraduate Institution Han-Shir Central University of Medical Science
Undergraduate Fields of Study Medicine (Endocrine)
Postgraduate Institution Go'an Postgraduate Institute of Science
Postgraduate Fields of Study Endocrinology, pharmacology
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training Shi'Kahr College of Xenopsychiatry, 2356-2357 (Foundational Certificate in Counselling for Medical Professionals)
Shi'Kahr College of Xenopsychiatry, 2357 (GCert in Crisis Intervention Counselling for Medical Professionals)
Attended Starfleet Academy, 2359-2363 (Medical track)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though largely reclusive and dedicated to his work, Sesenek comes across as quietly affable, and has a compassionate bedside manner. During leave, he is known to disappear for long periods of time without telling anyone where he is going, although he never reports in late. It has been suggested that he is probably holed up in a library somewhere.

Prior to the attack on Beloti IV, Sesenek had been confident, unconventional, and outspoken. Little evidence of this former personality remains.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sesenek is highly risk-averse. It was also noted during his Starfleet training that he has difficulty trusting others. He has a tendency to withdraw from social interaction for no apparent reason. His Starfleet psychological assessment notes a lurking self-destructive streak, and places him in a high-risk group for developing orthorexia or related disorders. However, he is compassionate, patient and measured, with a cultivated attitude of acceptance toward life as a whole.
Hobbies & Interests Sesenek runs, trains regularly in defensive martial arts, and has been known to cook on occasion. His primary focus, however, is on his work. It could be said that his hobby is not having hobbies.

Personal History Sesenek was born on Vulcan, but emigrated to Beloti IV with his wife several years after graduating from medical school, where he specialized in endocrinology with a minor in pharmacological medicine. In 2335, they married a Cardassian refugee named Harjil, a laypriest of the Oralian Way, who would eventually father Sesenek's stepson and unborn stepdaughter.

He worked as a civilian endocrinologist until 2351, when the Cardassian military launched an attack on the outpost - perhaps provoked, or even enabled, by the Oralian refugees living amongst its population. His spouses and children perished in the conflict, and Sesenek sustained significant mistreatment at the hands of Cardassian troops before Federation forces prevailed.

Sesenek returned to Vulcan, alone, and worked as a hospital consultant until 2359, when he left to join Starfleet. His career in the Academy was largely unremarkable, with the exception of one minor demerit for attending a social gathering at which hallucinogenic substances were used. He served aboard the USS Cariad as a cadet and was assigned to the USS Boston following his graduation.

Prior to the attack, Beloti IV was home to a population of Cardassian refugees who had been driven out of the Union as a result of religious persecution. Perhaps due to this previous exposure to Cardassian culture - and despite the heavy toll he would later incur at Cardassian hands - Sesenek converted to the Oralian Way shortly after the loss of his family. Although this fact is known to Starfleet, Sesenek does not generally discuss his religious practices with others.

Medical History:
2351: Treated for extensive abrasions, traumatic brain injury (hypoxia), laryngeal and tracheal cartilage fractures, corneal laceration, three broken ribs, multiple sites of soft tissue damage and a viral infection on retrieval by Federation forces. Some laryngeal nerve damage and epidermal scarring remains, but regenerative treatment was declined by the patient on the grounds of being unnecessary. Patient was remanded to psychiatric care and provided with counselling.
2352: Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and admitted to Shi'Kahr University psychiatric unit for treatment.
2353: Discharged for outpatient follow-up.
2355: Diagnosed with chronic pulmonary dysfunction, cause unknown but benign.
2359: Cleared for Starfleet service after extensive assessment.
2364: Placed on psychological monitoring after sustained weight loss. Should situation not improve, it is recommended that patient be placed on medical leave and given a formal diagnosis of ARFID.
Service Record 2363: Assigned to USS Boston as a Junior Doctor (Lieutenant J.G.)