Chief Specialist Lytha Taitt

Name Lytha Taitt

Position Nurse

Rank Chief Specialist


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Character Information

Full Name Lytha Taitt
Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 31
Date of Birth May 9th, 2332, Stardate 12713.14

Physical Appearance

Height 1.6 meters
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Grey/Silver
Skintone Babyblue
Build Slim
Features None noteworthy
Physical Description A slim but sturdy Bolian

Cultural and Family Summary

Nickname(s) Ly
Alias(s) None
Homeworld Bolarus IX
Residence(s) U.S.S. Boston
Father Ardon Taitt [deceased]
Mother Aladra Taitt [deceased]
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Other Family None
Mentor(s) Veterinary Dimana Peneva [deceased]
Doctor Lora Spasova
Pets Komak [Donkey, Provadia Petting Zoo]
Languages Known Bolian, English, Bulgarian


Primary and Secondary Education Homeschooling, Provadia Interactive Zoo [informal training]
Undergraduate Institution Provadia Biology Academy
Undergraduate Fields of Study Exobiology, Zoology
Postgraduate Institution Federation Medical Academy, Starfleet Technical Services Academy
Postgraduate Fields of Study Medical Nurse, Starfleet Enlisted Training
Doctoral Institution N/A
Doctoral Fields of Study N/A
Post-doctoral Institution N/A
Post-doctoral Fields of Study N/A
Additional or Miscellaneous Education or Training [Work in Progress]

Personality & Traits

General Overview [Work in Progress]
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Great bedside manners
- Respectful to authority and seniority
- Pride
- Organizational skills
- Creative
- Quick thinker

- Bad liar
- Low self esteem
- Positive facade isn't indestructible
Ambitions One of her main ambitions is to one day become a fully certified doctor, and possibly open a hospital of her own. Another idea that crossed her mind was bringing awareness to the young generations on the topic of joining Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Working and taking care of animals.
Exploring new animals in natural habitats.
Casual poker player.

Personal History Lytha was born on Bolarus 9 to the banker Ardon Taitt and his wife, Starfleet operations officer Aladra Taitt. From birth on, the next several years Lytha lived and grew up in one of the underwater cities on the Bolian homeworld, surrounded by marine life. As she grew older, she'd often accompany her father or mother on trips to Earth, where either of the two, or both, had business. When there, Lytha managed to convince her parents to leave her at farms or other animal focused institutions easily. With her parents so busy and not often having time for their daughter, the young girl grew to like the animal kingdom on both Earth and Bolarus 9.

Once she hit puberty, her mother was beginning to push Lytha into a career in Starfleet, even Engineering. Aladra figured that as her daughter, Lytha must also love the same things she did. However she completely failed to see what her daughter really wanted, which caused a rift to form between the two. After her father fell ill, Lytha took the opportunity to leave her home, getting on the first transport she could find to Earth. Once there, she volunteered to help out on several of the petting zoos, finding herself a position. As she became more independant, she began to learn more and more about the organizations involved in the zoos, eventually exploring the option of becoming a veterinary.

After several years of studies, she got a veterinary degree, allowing her to become a lot more central in the community of the zoo network she worked within. From there on, Lytha grew not just as a vet, but also as a person, feeling herself becoming more important and surrounding herself with friends from her new workplace. However, soon all of that went to waste when a powergrid failure set the zoo ablaze, killing dozens of the animals and additionally claiming the lives of her two best coworkers and friends. Unable to help them, this event pushed Lytha to seek new options and began a study for nurse. Years of time went into this study, but her dedication to never again being in the situation where she couldn't help a friend, or person, helped her get through the studies without too many issues. Working at a local hospital for several years in east Bulgaria, she received word from home. Her mother had finally tracked her down and contacted her ...

The first contact from her mother wasn't what she'd wanted. The conversation started with her mother passing blame, then telling her Starfleet would have been a much better option. Eventually, the point of her father came up. Several years ago, he'd passed away to the illness that Lytha used as cover to run away. The news hit hard and the young Bolian needed time to process it. Weeks after that initial contact, Lytha and Aladra finally met again The visit wouldn't last long, however, as Aladra pushed Lytha more than ever to now join Starfleet. After a major argument between the two, Lytha said she'd only ever join Starfleet if her mother would die as well. 4 months later, exactly that happened.

True to her word, Lytha decided to enlist into Starfleet. Not so much out of guilt, but because at this point it was her own decision, not the forceful hand of her family that pushed her in that direction. Added to that, she wanted to know what made Starfleet such an interesting concept that her mother would force her into service. Having completed the Starfleet Enlistment training on Mars, she was assigned to Starbase Hanscom. There, for several years, she functioned as a nurse, assisting in countless operations and procedures. Helping the others, being assistant in healing them and getting them back on their feet, Lytha gained an appreciation for Starfleet she'd never had. With the loads of experience, she finally took the step to find a post on a starship. As it so happened, the U.S.S. Boston had just arrived at her Starbase. Though the medical staff wasn't too happy with her leaving, they approved her transfer and Lytha was assigned to the Boston, her first tour ever on a starship.
Service Record January 2348 / Stardate 27148.8 - Veterinary aid at Provadia Interactive Zoo [2 years]

March 2350 / Stardate 29129.8 - Veterinary at Provadia Interactive Zoo [5 years]

July 2355 / Stardate 33994.5 - Nurse at Varna Hospital [4 years]

November 2359 / Stardate 37976.8 - Training at Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars [1 year]

November 2360 / Stardate 38896.9 - Nurse at Starbase Hanscom [3 years]

January 2363 / Stardate 40903.1 - Nurse aboard U.S.S. Boston [Ongoing]