Lieutenant Katja Jääskeläinen

Name Katja Sohvi Jääskeläinen

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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09 Aug 2020 @ 3:37pm

Character Information

Full Name Katja Sohvi Jääskeläinen
Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan Hybrid
Age 30
Date of Birth 21/06/2333

Physical Appearance

Height 171cm
Weight 63kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Fair
Build Average
Features Small, pointy ears
Physical Description Standing at 171cm, she tends to be slightly shorter than most of her peers. She is of an average build and good shape. She otherwise looks like a typical human female in her early 20's with the exception of her evidently pointy ears.

Cultural and Family Summary

Homeworld Kittilä, Finland, Earth
Residence(s) USS Boston
Father Aatami Jääskeläinen
Mother Sohvi Jääskeläinen
Brother(s) Mikko Jääskeläinen
Sister(s) Elisabet Jääskeläinen
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Other Family Sister-in-Law: Maha Jääskeläinen
Nephew: Einár Jääskeläinen
Grandfather: Einár Aikio
Grandmother: Hanna Aikio
Grandfather: Seruk
Grandmother: Marika Jääskeläinen
6 Living Great-Grandparents
Mentor(s) TBC
Pets None
Languages Known (Native) Finnish, Northern Sam
(Fluent) Nordic Languages, Romulan (and Vulcan), Federation Basic
(Conversational) Cardassian
(Basic) Klingonese


Primary and Secondary Education Kittilän alakoulu (Age 7-12), Kittilän yläkoulu (13-16), Kittilän koulu (16-18)
Undergraduate Institution Starfleet Academy, School of Command
Undergraduate Fields of Study Major: Intelligence
Minor: Communications

Personality & Traits

General Overview Perhaps what most could say about Katja, is she does not give herself away lightly. Whether that is due to her Vulcan admixture, or simply the way her work has conditioned her can be debated. She's careful and professional, her words precise and thought through - though she is not known for beating around the bush often, preferring to get to the point. Dedicated to her craft, focused; it's often said that once she's spent enough time observing someone she could almost predict the next words that would come out of their mouths. None the less, she can be considered to have an amicable personality, rarely getting into or being the source conflict. Gifted with a large dose of patience, she remains calm while explaining concepts and intelligence. A trait that has led her to end up mentoring many a young Crewman or Ensign. Underneath it all, by those who know her well, it is simply said she cares. She cares for her work, she cares for her crew and those in her charge and she cares for the Federation and its citizens. Though like all she has her limits. She has been known to snap at those she deems to have endangered the crew, she holds loyalty to the crew and Starfleet in high regard and has expressed strong disdain for those who she deems to have betrayed either. She has also been known to be dimissive of those she deems to be loose cannons.
Strengths & Weaknesses TBD
Ambitions TBD
Hobbies & Interests TBD

Personal History TBD
Service Record 2351 - 2355 Cadet (Starfleet Academy)
2355 - 2358 Ensign (Outpost Foxtrot IV)
2358 - 2360 Lieutenant JG (Starbase 234)
2360 - 2362 Lieutenant JG (USS Damocles)
2363 - Present Lieutenant (USS Boston)